10+ Jungle House Ideas for Minecraft you will love!

Like most of the biomes in Minecraft, the Jungle is quite a rarity and beauty. From sky-scrapping trees to the lush greenery and wild animals. We will give you the best guides on surviving this beautiful but deadly biome in Minecraft! From treehouses up to modern jungle hotels! You'll never run out of ideas!

Jungle Minecraft House Ideas

Ultimate Floating Treehouse

Have you ever dreamed of living on a floating island? Well, of course, this building offers a floating house but not only that! It's within a jungle biome. The ultimate floating treehouse, as they call it, provides its inhabitant with various survival mechanism tools. The elevated view gives you the advantage of scouting nearby hostile mobs and locating precious items. It's all made with jungle wood and cobblestones, a perfect build for those ready to farm! So try it out now! Watch Tutorial

Modern Jungle Treehouse on Mountain Side

Do you want to make a house that looks modern on the side of a mountain while benefiting from towering jungle trees? Then this timelapse video is for you! Be inspired by how amazing this trendy treehouse is and take your creativity to the next level. Watch and learn new ideas from this clip now. Watch Video

A Very Simple Jungle House

Here's a lovely, neat small jungle house to inspire your next build! It's a straightforward house, and it will surely be gorgeous with some customization and decoration. The immense jungle creates a vivid contrast with the stripped jungle wood, creating a beautiful and appealing house for the eye. You can watch the time-lapse of the build in the link below. Watch Video

One Chunk Jungle Treehouse

Here's a simple yet elegant-looking tree house that maximizes the usage of jungle wood. This build pushes you to broaden your imagination and let your creativity do the customization since it's a one-chunk build. Coupled with the roof made of trees, making it an open treehouse build. This might be the primitive-looking tree house you need in your survival world! Would you test it out? Watch Tutorial

Jungle Housing Build

This next build screams assurance and peaceful vibes! Not only it's warm to the eyes, but the usage of different woods also adds contrast to the build. The farm utility is a plus in this small yet compact housing, so you don't have to worry about your food supplies! The jungle biome is fantastic. Test this build now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Jungle Housing Build

Aesthetic Survival Jungle House

Now this next build emphasizes the usage of jungle wood and takes advantage of the beautiful world-generated jungle forest as its background! Bamboos are reaching the sky proud and firm! This build is truly a wonder. It offers a large and spacious area, perfect for storing and customization! Well-lit to outshine the moonlight. This house will not only give you warmth, but it also cancels out the spawn of hostile night mobs! So try it out now! Watch Tutorial

Jungle Modern Mansion

Good day modern enthusiast! Welcome to this beautiful jungle mansion featuring contemporary aesthetics. Made from different wood blocks and mossy cobblestones, it's the perfect contrast for your jungle biome! Check it out. I'm sure you'll love it! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Jungle Modern Mansion

Swamp Jungle House

Want to make a jungle house right above the shallow waters? Look no further! This build utilizes the use of sandstones and jungle wood. A preferable choice for those who are tired of making tree houses while wanting their survival base to be elevated. Perfect for those who are looking for some contrast in their survival builds! Check it out now and see feel the warmth this house brings! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Swamp Jungle House

Jungle Starter House

So you just started a new world in survival mode and spawned at the center of a jungle biome. You'll need to be prepared for the night! Here's a simple survival house for you that fits aesthetically with your surroundings, and not only that, you'll be able to employ surrounding blocks to your build! Would you test it out now? Watch Tutorial
More Details: Jungle Starter House

Jungle Utility House

While most jungle houses are perched high up in the trees, this compact build offers a new approach. Designed to protect your hard-earned equipment and resources, this house is perfect for those who want to stay close to the ground. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Jungle Utility House

Spanish Colonial Hotel In The Jungle

Turning a little bit to the history, we will introduce you to the Spanish Colonial Hotel. This hotel is one of the best Minecraft house ideas with ancient architecture. The roof of this building is built based on the shape of the tower - moving up vertically.

This building still has the significance of a Spanish house with the base being built of stone brick, the wall is a combination of white terracotta blocks and brick blocks. To make this hotel more charming, we believe you should set the room inside the house simply and decorate it with several lanterns!

Watch tutorial

Jungle Tree House

The tree houses must be mentioned while discussing the infamous tall houses in Minecraft. The materials needed to build the house are just wooden blocks of different types (mostly oak planks) and some fences. And when it comes to building a treehouse in Minecraft, you will need a lot of leaves!

The biggest advantage when living in the treehouse is you don't need to worry about hostile mobs. So feel free to setup all of your necessary rooms like the storage room to store your stuff, the smelting room with a furnace and some light sources to make it cozy, and so on!

Watch Tutorial

More Details: Jungle Tree House

Jungle Tree House

This is considered a safe place to live, as well as an aesthetically impressive building. First, you need to destroy a part of the trunk and build the platform using jungle slabs. Then you will make a small house using variations of jungle wood.

The jungle log pillar, the wall is made of stripped jungle logs, the entrance is a jungle door and the window is a jungle trapdoor. The pyramidal roof is made from a jungle slab. One important thing for a tree house is safety, you can use a jungle fence and jungle fence gate for railing. Don't forget to add some torches for lighting.

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