20+ Cool Minecraft Spruce Wood House Ideas+ & Tutorial


Spruce wood is one of the most popular wood types in Minecraft and today, we will show you the list of 20+ stunning Minecraft spruce wood house ideas so you can just follow along to build yourself a lovely spruce house! Those builds are compiled mostly from Reddit and Youtube.

Minecraft Spruce Wood House

Although mangrove wood is the newest wood type in Minecraft. Most Minecraft players still love spruce and use them almost in every single build. Do you know why? Because the color of spruce wood is just too good compared to normal oak wood and a darker version like dark oak wood.

On top of that, spruce wood is the second easy wood type to farm in survival mode in Minecraft. Those reasons are just enough to use spruce wood in your houses, right? And without waiting any longer, let's take a look at those awesome Minecraft spruce wood house ideas!

Top 20+ Good-Looking Minecraft Spruce Wood House Designs

Spruce Wood Starter House

Like an on-ground version of a small treehouse, this wooden house will crave into your heart instantly! Just by looking at the overall of the house, you can see the attractiveness of the layout and the depth it brings. Flowers, crops, and water are also play important role in this design!

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Slope Spruce House

By combining two small spruce houses together, you can create a lovely slope shape like this building. You can store all essentials in one building such as the bed, anvil, or brewing stand while using the other house to build a massive storage room.

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More Details: Slope Spruce House

3 Level Starter Spruce House

You saw double houses in Minecraft, right? But how about a triple layers starter house? To be honest, this design is one of the best Minecraft house ideas if you're about to make your friends surprise! The aesthetics of the spruce stairs and cobblestone stairs is just awesome. And look how naturally each layer stack on each other!

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Modern Spruce Survival House

Taking inspiration from other Minecraft modern houses, this specific design uses the box shape and stacks them up together to create an interesting shape for your house building. The exterior is quite simple to follow with some stripped oak logs and stripped spruce logs on top, you can place some buttons on the box's corner to decorate it even further. And for the interior, watch the video tutorial below for a detailed guide!

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Perfect Minecraft Spruce Starter House

Half of the list, and you've come to the perfect Minecraft spruce wood house design! You're not wrong, this is perfect, but it's not on top of the list due to many reasons. But let's take a look at the block palette of this build, they blend so well with each other and all of them are easy to get. The shape and everything else just makes this build look perfect to the eyes.

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Easy Survival Spruce House

Looking complicated at first, but when you're done with half an hour, you just need to replica another half and you will have yourself a great Minecraft survival house. This design is completely symmetrical and the only hard part is the middle roof. Otherwise, you just need to place some spruce blocks and there you go!

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Large Spruce Mansion

This is an upgraded version of the idea above. As you can see, this design is slightly bigger and has more details like plants and flowers. With more space, you can literally build an enchanting room on those second floors without any problems. The rest of the block pallet is the same with cobblestone for the roof and the trim and stripped spruce log for the wall.

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More Details: Large Spruce Mansion

Medieval Small Spruce House

Well, it's quite normal to see any medieval buildings use spruce wood. And when they do, they did a good job to create a medieval vibe. With a smaller base and the second floor being slightly bigger with oak blocks to create a hanging effect, this build so far is our favorite Minecraft spruce wood house idea!

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Aesthetic Ancient Spruce House

Another medieval build with spruce planks and other common materials. As you can tell by its high and detailed roof, this one is definitely a house you see in every medieval movie. The texture mixing on the wall and roof is insane by using cobblestone and andesite together. You can see how the builder uses spruce logs, fences, trapdoors, and even barrels to create depth for the wall.

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Simple Taiga Starter House

We're all started somewhere. Whether it's oak, birch, or spruce, a wooden starter house is what you first think of, to be honest. If you're lucky to find an old-growth taiga biome - where you can find giant spruce trees, mossy cobblestones, and podzols - this Minecraft spruce wood house design is for you!

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Medieval House with Tower

Unlike other spruce builds, this medieval house uses dark oak woods for the trim and fills the rest of the roof with spruce stairs and spruce planks. The details of the house are not significantly built but you can still feel how good it is. We mean, look at the horse stable, the lying logs, and the small porch at the front with a cute dog.

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Four Sides Spruce Wood Starter House

Assuming you love symmetrical houses and have found yourself a small taiga biome. It's time to build the four sides spruce house. With a simple design and resources required, you can literally build this in the early game without any problems.

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Survival Japanese Spruce House

While most other spruce houses use campfires and cobblestone for the roof, this particular design uses Blackstone and lanterns to create a Japanese feeling. However, it lacks a little curvy at the end of every roof corner. Overall, this build looks mysterious and natural with the oak leaves around!

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Small Spruce Survival House

This design features a floored spruce house with a medium farm on the first floor, where you can grow and harvest your crops for food. The farm is also surrounded by fences so no mobs can harm your crops. With some lanterns and two more gate fences at the main entrance, this house is mostly secure!

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Minecraft Spruce Winter Cabin

Not every building in Minecraft can tell the story and by that, we mean most people build the house because they want it to look the way they need, right? And it's not the same for this spruce winter cabin! Even though it's small, this shelter is fantastic because of the details and story it brings. You can see how the snow lying on the roof, or the area around the lantern and chimney does not have any snow at all! Realistic, isn't it?

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Spruce Wooden Cabin

Not all Minecraft spruce houses only use spruce wood. In contrast, they use other woods like dark oak and oak planks for more differences between each part of the house. And this particular design uses 100% spruce wood as you can see in the column, the spruce stairs on the roof, or the spruce slabs on the side. And please forget about the stone bricks chimney since it's a separate part.

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More Details: Spruce Wooden Cabin

Ultimate Spruce Survival House

This is a cool Minecraft house idea for new players since it contains pretty much anything you want! A house with a crafting table, a smelting and storage room, a farm with fully grown crops, a barn to raise passive animals, and the entrance to the mine for mining minerals. All fit together in a small house surrounded by spruce fences and spruce trapdoors.

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Budget Spruce Starter House

Another small spruce starter house with two floors and a farm on the first floor. However, this one is kinda budgetable, which means you don't have that many resources and space to work with. And to maximize the spruce wood usage, you should turn most spruce logs into planks, stairs, slabs, and fences.

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Easy Symmetrical Spruce House

This large house is totally built using spruce wood as you can see by looking at the pillar, the wall, or even the roof. Stone blocks and other greeny blocks are used to decorate the exterior and therefore, this house creates a good feeling of being home after some long and dangerous adventures.

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Cozy Compact Spruce House With Porch

In case you're wondering how can you build a compact spruce house with a porch, this design will give you the answer! By taking advantage of every possible space, a one-block wide porch is created by a simple idea. However, this specific house is super tiny and may not have enough space for you to build any interiors!

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Spruce Mansion (Two-Player Survival House)

A mini version of a train station in Minecraft, this two-player spruce mansion retains all of the features from previous builds such as the big and symmetrical shape, a front porch with steady supports, and the details of the balcony. All create a super details build but with a straightforward structure.

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Basic Spruce Wood House

We're getting close to the big-scale spruce houses! Despite the fact this design is big, this one is so low on the list because it's kinda plain and does not have so many details on the wall and roof. However, if you need a quick blueprint or inspiration, this may be a good simple house to follow since you can decorate it later.

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Spruce Survival Base with Farm

With birch wood planks for the stairs and flooring of the second floor, this specific house literally uses most wood blocks and blends them in ingeniously, especially for the oak stairs and stone bricks on the roof. You have the berry and wheat farm on the left side, along with the smelting room right next to it. On the right side are all other crop farms and a horse stable.

On the second floor, you have your main home and an animal pen right next to it. Living in this survival base and you will immerse in the coziness. Who needs a large modern house?

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How to Build a Minecraft Spruce Wood House

We choose the small medieval for the tutorial since it looks super good and the size is sufficient to live in. Also, all the materials are easy to get in the early game so you can use this as your starter base if possible.

You will need those resources:

  • 30 Oak Logs
  • 75 Stripped Oak Logs
  • 54 Stripped Spruce Wood
  • 16 Spruce Planks
  • 94 Spruce Stairs
  • 28 Spruce Slabs
  • 6 Spruce Fence
  • 7 Spruce Fence Gate
  • 48 Spruce Trapdoors
  • 11 Spruce Sign
  • 18 Spruce Buttons
  • 93 Cobblestone
  • 12 Cobblestone Stairs
  • 10 Cobblestone Slabs
  • 3 Cobblestone Wall
  • 2 Oak Doors
  • 19 Lectern
  • 11 Glass Panes
  • 10 Leaves
  • 10 Azalea Leaves
  • 5 Azalea
  • 5 Flowering Azalea
  • 8 Flower Pot
  • 8 Flowers of any Kind
  • 20 Candles
  • 4 Glow Berries
  • 4 String
  • 2 Chain
  • 2 Lanterns
  • 6 Torches

Step 1: Build the First Floor

Start things off by creating the layout of 7x5 with cobblestone. Leave one block in the middle for the front door. And fill the floor with spruce planks.

Build up 3 more blocks using cobblestone, then fill the top and the middle column with cobblestone too. Remember to leave 2 blocks to place the door later.

Create a spruce trim around the cobblestone box by interleaving spruce stairs and spruce slabs. Place the stairs in the center and wrap them around the box.

Then use spruce trapdoors and place them in every corner and the block has the spruce stairs on top. Place an oak door and some azalea leaves. You will have something like this on the front side.

Continue using this technique to decorate the remaining sides. Here's the left side.

And the backside.

Finally, on the right side, more flowering azalea leaves for this particular side.

Now go back to the left side, and start building the 2 blocks wide stairs with cobblestone stairs. Remember to place one more block upside down right behind the original stairs, and continue making your way up to 4 blocks tall. At this point, use cobblestone slabs to expand all the way to the backside. Finally, use 3 cobblestone walls to create support like this.

Wrap the stairs up with spruce signs. Here's the result.

Step 2: Build the Second Floor

On the second floor, build the pillars up by 3 blocks using oak logs, while the middle pillars are 6 blocks tall.

For blocks next to the middle pillars, place 2-3 candles there and fill the rest of the bottom wall with lecterns. You may need to place a placeholder block first in order to place the candle since you can't put candles on lecterns for some reason. Then add another oak door here.

Let's build the front wall, use 4 glass panes and build two windows like this. Then fill the rest with face-up stripped oak logs following the pattern below.

To the right side, build two more windows but this time only one glass pane for each window. Then fill the wall with stripped oak logs again. Repeat the same for the backside as what you did to the front side.

For the left side, you only need to build one window since the other one is blocked by the door. You will have something like this.

Step 3: Build the Roof

Now for the roof, let's use spruce stairs and start building at the same height as the outer oak log pillars. Then extend outside one block to create the hanging effect and start building up. When you reach the center, place another spruce stair upside down, and a spruce slab on top. Replica for the other side.

Go in one layer, place the stripped spruce wood on the oak log, then place spruce stairs upside down next to it, and place another stripped spruce wood on top of the spruce stairs. Repeat this process until you reach the top and place the spruce slab on top as usual.

Repeat for another side.

Then connect them up like this.

When you finished the roof, let's place some spruce fences and buttons on it for further decoration.

Finally, add some spruce trapdoors and fence gates to the window. Then hang a chain with a lantern, and place some flower pots, and torches on either side. And grow the glow berries with the string right below them to prevent them from growing. And you're done with the medieval Minecraft spruce wood house!

Finish the Minecraft spruce wood house


If you're new to Minecraft, you may just see oak wood or birch wood is better, since they're much brighter and not so many people use them. But believe us, when it comes to the building and choosing a color palette, spruce will do a great job and it fits with pretty much any other blocks. So you don't have to think much!

We personally see that spruce wood will be the most suitable wood for building with the overgrown Minecraft house themes, so combining those building styles if you have a chance is also a great idea!

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