9 Stunning Tree House Ideas for Minecraft


Tree Minecraft House Ideas

Underwater Dome Tree House

Building treehouses underwater may be a complex challenge, but the result is definitely worth the effort! This build features a regular glass dome under the sea with a pretty treehouse inside. You can fit pretty much the base idea with any theme such as aquatic, natural, or even futuristic with some tweaks.

Remember to build a conduit so you can easily breathe and see everything clearly underwater. To build this, you may need to find buried treasure chests that are generated randomly in the Minecraft world.

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Overgrown Treehouse

When it comes to overgrown houses in Minecraft, it's a big mistake when we do not mention treehouses, right? This building features a large old tree containing two small houses inside it. The number of leaves and vines alone makes this build look insanely epic! And building houses this high can prevent hostile mobs from entering your house effectively!

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Small Tree

You don't have to place a sapling and use bone meal to create a real tree for decoration. Instead, you can use flower pots by placing 1 dirt or grass block in the middle, then surrounding it what 4 trapdoors. Then place a fence and some leave blocks on top.

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Another great concept on the list but rarely done because trees in Minecraft are small, compared to other survival games like Creativerse, where trees can be as 100 or even 200 times as large as the player. A treehouse in Minecraft is hard to build because needs to build the tree first. When the tree looks good, you then have to build the houses and modify the tree if needed.

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Jungle Tree House

The tree houses must be mentioned while discussing the infamous tall houses in Minecraft. The materials needed to build the house are just wooden blocks of different types (mostly oak planks) and some fences. And when it comes to building a treehouse in Minecraft, you will need a lot of leaves!

The biggest advantage when living in the treehouse is you don't need to worry about hostile mobs. So feel free to setup all of your necessary rooms like the storage room to store your stuff, the smelting room with a furnace and some light sources to make it cozy, and so on!

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2 Story Tree House

This treehouse is the ideal build for you if you're one of the players who feel at home in the jungle biome of Minecraft. Make this tall treehouse, which is cooler than a regular wooden house, rather than cutting down trees in the jungle to build yourself a house. This treehouse is a terrific construction to wow your friends and keeps griefers and mobs at bay.

The combination of fences, planks, slabs, trapdoors, and stairs lends a lot of variety to this 2 story tree house, which is made completely of jungle wood. By adding decoration lanterns or flowers, you can enhance the beauty of this tree house. If you add an elevator, the house will look more luxurious. One is simple to create with Redstone.

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Minecraft Tree-inside Style Glass House

Most of our picks often have a tree inside their house and this one is not an exception!

This design has lots of things in common with others like the oval shape and the transparency material. The roof is made of quartz slabs, customized by an X-shape, and covered by glass panes. The house uses the ground as a foundation so you don’t have to spend time building one.

The unique part of the design is the spiral style of stairs which is exceptional and allows easy access. You can set up each floor with multiple facilities according to your preference, but we’d recommend having some bookshelves on every floor since it looks phenomenal.

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Jungle Tree House

This is considered a safe place to live, as well as an aesthetically impressive building. First, you need to destroy a part of the trunk and build the platform using jungle slabs. Then you will make a small house using variations of jungle wood.

The jungle log pillar, the wall is made of stripped jungle logs, the entrance is a jungle door and the window is a jungle trapdoor. The pyramidal roof is made from a jungle slab. One important thing for a tree house is safety, you can use a jungle fence and jungle fence gate for railing. Don't forget to add some torches for lighting.

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Minecraft Tree House

A perfect build for living a peaceful life, this house comes with a magnificent look thanks to its awesome idea. This house combines completely wood material so you can make it early on because it’s relatively easy resource requirements. The shape of the tree is needed to build first. the larger the tree, the more aesthetic look.

There are 2 separate parts of the house, each part is placed on a different branch and contains a simple room to live or store items. Every part is bordered by fences to keep hungry mobs off of your place.

The top of the house is covered by plenty of oak leaves which help bring a fantastic and rustic look. And also lanterns are necessary to ensure visibility during the night.

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