The Best 10+ Minecraft Dome House Ideas & Tutorial


Looking for some great Minecraft dome house ideas? Whether it's a fully circular dome or just a semi-modern dome - we got you covered with the list of beautiful dome houses (From Youtube, Reddit, and Pinterest) and a step-by-step tutorial to building a lovely dome for yourself!

Minecraft Dome House

Although the phase dome in Minecraft is not so popular despite the fact this is a creative game, there are way many Minecraft dome house ideas out there that you can use to build your dream base. And this list covers the best Minecraft dome bases so you can have a quick look and take inspiration for your next building project!

List of the Best Minecraft Dome House Ideas

Egg House

This egg house will give you an anime vibe because it looks like the buildings in the Dragonball series. By stacking two domes on top of each other and using the vibrant color palette, this is definitely one of the best Minecraft dome house ideas to build in your survival world!

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Classic Glass Dome

The First Minecraft dome house on the list is the half classical glass dome on the ground. With the entire structure like an upside-down bowl, you only need to build half of it since the other half is already covered with the terrain. And since this build only uses glass blocks, you can still see everything under the dome clearly due to its transparency.

More Details: Classic Glass Dome

Desert Dome

Looking for a lovely and cozy dome in the desert biome? Try this special build by ByPixelBot and fulfill your wish immediately! This build features a clean white texture with a chimney on the side to create the feeling of a person actually living here. Also, the overgrown bushes and vines make the building look more ancient in the sand!

More Details: Desert Dome

Semi Dome House

Not really in a dome shape, but this building uses the dome shape to construct the main roof and a mini one on top of each other. With a little bit of tweak here and there, this house looks super great when unite with the cyan color and the white trim for the roof, and the dark wood for the base. Just wait until you see the interior!

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Industrial 512x512x256 Dome

This build may be one of the biggest Minecraft dome houses ever exist! By taking advantage of the new height limit, the dome's height of this build is all the way from the bedrock to the 256 y layer. This dome can fit a lot of buildings, farms, and even other domes/spheres inside to create a great biome! The other awesome feature of digging a big hole like this is you can get a lot of resources, especially minerals!

Dome Greenhouse

Coming to the plain biome is the Dome with the greenhouse vibe! With the combination between the spruce wood and some white stained glass, the basic shape just looks so fantastic with the exposed dark trim. And don't forget to add some leaves since it's the main block of this build!

Remember to watch out for hostile mobs such as creepers since they can easily blend in with the build. Placing a torch may prevent them from spawning around the dome.

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Basic Polished Diorite Dome

This particular dome tutorial is super good if you don't know how to basically build a dome shape in Minecraft! Since you can build a dome in Minecraft in literally any size and block. In this tutorial video, hiimz will show you all the instructions about how to build step by step and use the polished diorite block for demonstration.

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Bee Dome

Want a stylish building for your bee farm? With some spruce, dark oak wood, and some white stained glass, you can build yourself a lovely and cozy bee farm in a dome shape. This is especially suitable if you've found a flower forest biome and in the early game of Minecraft, where you have limited resources.

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Futuristic Dome Base

If you're building with the futuristic or modern style, why not apply some dome shape building to your collection? The dome is the perfect shape for this specific theme since you can use glass for the upper part of the dome and other building blocks for the bottom part to create some kind of energy field effects. Pretty cool, right?

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Underwater Dome Tree House

Building treehouses underwater may be a complex challenge, but the result is definitely worth the effort! This build features a regular glass dome under the sea with a pretty treehouse inside. You can fit pretty much the base idea with any theme such as aquatic, natural, or even futuristic with some tweaks.

Remember to build a conduit so you can easily breathe and see everything clearly underwater. To build this, you may need to find buried treasure chests that are generated randomly in the Minecraft world.

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Underground Dome House

This is an upgraded version of a normal dome base in Minecraft. By digging down some blocks to create depth, this build gives your dome house more space to work with. You can build farms, bedrooms, smelting rooms with a furnace, and even have a big storage room in this single dome. For the ceiling, you can hang some flower rings or simply put some lanterns for lightning.

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How to Build a Dome house in Minecraft

In this guide, we will show you how to build a beehouse in a dome shape. So let's get those materials ready and dive straight into it!

  • 194 White Stained Glass
  • 60 Stripped Spruce Log
  • 98 Spruce Slab
  • 4 Spruce Stairs
  • 2 Spruce Door
  • 21 Spruce Trapdoor
  • 2 Spruce Fence
  • 10 Pathway
  • 5 Podzol
  • 4 Coarse Dirt
  • A bunch of different types of flower
  • Over a stack of Leaves
  • 4 Chain
  • 7 Lantern
  • 4 Beehive
  • 4 Campfire
  • 2 Honey Block
  • 12 Barrel

Step 1: Build the Dome Shape

Start things off by making the circle layout on the ground. First, build the line of 4 blocks of stained white glass, then connect it with the stripped spruce log and continue to follow the pattern to create a full circle. The front part of the build is the side with 4 spruce logs.

Raise the rest of the dome up by 3 blocks using the same material.

Next is the second layer of the dome. Remember to use any temporary blocks like dirt to place the inner layer easily. You should have something like this with a height of 2 blocks. And notice that we use more stripped spruce logs for the second layer.

Continue shrinking the size of the dome for one more block. This layer contains 6 stripped spruce logs and the rest is stained white glass.

It's time to fill the dome in on all sides and place 4 more stripped spruce logs on each corner.

Lastly, continue to go in and up one more block for the final layer. This layer should contain 10 stripped spruce logs and the rest will be white stained glass.

To complete the outer dome, use spruce slabs and place them on every exposed spruce log. You should have a completed dome like this.

Step 2: Build the Dome's Interior

Let's start building the dome's interior by placing two spruce doors in the front. Remember that the front is the side with more spruce logs.

Then wrap the door up by placing 4 spruce stairs in the circle shape. And place three more spruce trapdoors to cover it up.

Now, this step requires you to take advantage of your creativity! Let's start placing leaves and flowers randomly around your dome to create an overgrown and natural vibe. Then place some pathway, podzol, coarse dirt, spruce fence, and lantern to create a pathway to the dome. Remember to save some leaves and flowers for later.

Open the door, now you need to build the real interior. Finish off the pathway here by placing the remaining podzol, pathway, and coarse dirt blocks.

In one corner, place a honey block and wrap it up with 4 spruce trapdoors. Then place some barrel next to it to make it look like someone actually harvest the honey from the bees.

Add another honey cargo on another side for extra honey.

Then turn around, choose a good spot and start digging down one block, place the campfire there. Next, place a temporary block on top of the campfire and wrap it up with 4 spruce trapdoors. Then place the beehive on top of it. Repeat until you use all of your beehives.

Just like the roof, use spruce slabs to cover all exposed spruce logs inside of the dome.

Finally, remember the saved leaves and flowers in the early step? Use them to further decorate the inside of your dome. You will have a lovely and cozy bee house farm inside of the dome after this step!


Now you know how to build a great Minecraft dome house with different styles and themes. In case you want to move your dome house underground, check those awesome Minecraft underground house ideas for more innovation!

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