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Big Minecraft House Ideas

Big Cottage House/Mansion

Big Cottage House is a vintage cottage with wood accents and luxuriant landscaping all around. It is ideal for this house to be situated near a lake, river, or forest to further highlight its natural beauty. It has a rather large build and a traditional style, but because of its size, it is more like a cottage mansion than just a regular cottage.

This house is ideal for your mid-game because it will take you a while to build and is fairly massive. Large glass windows and a front wood entryway make up the fundamental structure. The internal space is fairly large, allowing you to construct 5–6 unique rooms to meet your demands. The house is a perfect combination of Spruce Wood and quartz stone with a diorite texture.

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Big Cottage

This specific build is a great illustration of a cottage that can accommodate numerous gamers at once. The structure is big-sized and can easily be made in the early game.

Even though constructing a home this size would probably be challenging with few resources, the result would be worth it! The house is made mainly from Dark Oak and Smooth Quartz, the rest are other materials in small quantities. It's an excellent option for playing team-based survival game modes, like Minecraft factions servers, for example, because many people can easily live under this one roof.

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Big Ben

The Great Bell of the striking clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, England, is known by the nickname: Big Ben. The name is frequently enlarged to also refer to the clock tower. Big Ben in the Minecraft world looks exactly like this design!

The tower is 100 blocks tall and 13 blocks wide. Impressive! There were a lot of bricks used to construct this structure. Building Big Ben in survival mode is obviously quite challenging since it takes players a lot of effort to produce this excellent tall tower!

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