Cave House Ideas for Minecraft


Minecraft Cave House Ideas

Underground Lush Cave Base

Immerse yourself in the wild natural lush cave is something most Minecrafter want to do, especially in the Minecraft 1.17 update! The lush cave alone is beautiful enough to settle a base, and with just a little bit of tweaks here and there, you can build a gorgeous underground house with innate farms.

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Dwarven Lush Cave Amethyst Mine

Dive deep underground is the dwarven cave base made by andyisyoda. Take advantage of ingenious combinations from the new lush caves with the traditional underground mineshaft base style, this is by far one of the best epic Minecraft underground house ideas!

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Aesthetic Secret Overgrown Cave Base

Now let's bring the overgrown base to a whole new level by hiding your actual base underground, and building an aesthetic playground to lure away those thieves' eyes. This garden does not use any special blocks and is super simple to build. If you want it to look better, try installing some Minecraft shaders!

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