Cool Cat House Ideas for Minecraft


Cool Cat Minecraft House Ideas

Cat House

Similar to the dog house, if you're a cat lover, you need to build this in your house! With some stairs, trapdoors, planks, and fences, you can create a cat house with a little playground for your tiny cat to live in.

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Giant Cat House

We have a lovely fox house, now it's time for the cutest creature in the game, a cat. By mimicking the shape of the cat while it's lying on the ground, this design is not only good-looking but also convenient to enter and decorate the cat's inside easily.

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Minecraft Beautiful Cathedral/Church

A beautiful church that you can fit pretty well in most building themes. From medieval to rustic France architecture, this cathedral design is easy to build and follow. It may require you some time to gather enough resources, but the result is totally worth it!

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Large Capacity Minecraft Green House With Growing Plants And Cattle

This is a big upgrade for your green house! You aren’t only an expert architect but also a talented farmer. So, you want to expand your farm capacity with more wheat, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, melons, and even sweet berries, don’t you? Let's improve it! You can hold the previous design for frames, the dark oak wood blocks are a really suitable choice for it. And the wall is made of glass blocks that can’t be changed.

You just duplicate all of them on the second floor. It’s so easy, right? It’s a mistake if you don’t have anything in front of the build. Instead, you can make something like a yard as well as stables for cattle. You should divide the stable space into three parts to provide solitary accommodation for pigs, cows, and horses. Using the dark oak wood lumber fence makes sense.

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Cattle Ranch House

Such a large house! Therefore, before starting construction, you should search for a place large enough to build. This house has enough room for many people to live so you can go through easily through a nearby cave.

The house is made entirely of wood, so you can easily find the materials. However, because of its size, building it can be exceedingly expensive. But it's totally worth it!

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