Top 10 Cute Minecraft Witch House Ideas


Minecraft is always at the top of the best game of all time. Using simple but highly flexible square blocks to create all works, that’s why it is still trendy today! You can design a lot of construction, and of course, it is such a mistake if you don’t mention the cute Minecraft witch house, an incredibly creative building.

Cute Minecraft Witch House

Normally, the witch house is a construction located in the forest, separating the people to hide their survival. The number of material blocks in Minecraft is almost unlimited which will help the player to build the dream witch house. Let’s explore these exciting ideas!


Nintendo Switch House

This Minecraft house design is creative and well-executed! Not only does it follow the Nintendo switch shape but it is also functional. You can actually live in the house with everything you will need like the furnaces, chest, bed, crafting table, and more! On another hand, the exterior is constructed easily with some cyan, red, and black concrete.

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Greatest Witch Mansion

If you are a lover of horror movies, you can completely build them in Minecraft. Today we will introduce to you an abandoned mansion located in the forest, a very suitable place for Halloween.

The mansion has 3 floors for extremely spacious space, so you can comfortably design the inside like a monster room or a room full of traps. Using materials with dark colors will make your mansion more creepy. For a large project like this that will take a lot of time, as well as your patience, it will be better if you experience this with your friends.

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Colorful Witch House

This is a cozy cottage witch house with extremely eye-catching colors because of installing BSL shaders and texture packs.

The roof is made of blocks of warped planks called nether planks, which are variations of wood planks. The frame is made from nether bricks made by smelting netherrack in a furnace on survival mode. The wall of the house is made of pink stained glass, purple stained glass, and warped stem blocks.

In addition, the house is decorated with some interesting things such as the nether wart, which was a brightly colored plant, and mushroom blocks growing on wooden fence blocks.

Besides, spiderwebs and black cats, and the pumpkin with the face is known as a carved pumpkin, and inside has a torch are irreplaceable things to decorate a witch's house.

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Ancient Witch Tower

A large building, isolated on a high hill, this castle is inhabited by dark witches. Bringing long-standing ancient architecture, and a deep color tone, creating a bleak and ghostly building.

Castles with three floors will contain many secret rooms which can contain beasts for example. It is round and has a roof similar to a witch's hat, made from variations of bricks, such as brick stairs, slabs, and walls. There is a chimney above and a small place next door like a warehouse and next to it is a staircase.

Walls are made from stone blocks and cobblestone. There is also mossy green on the walls made from mossy cobblestone. The floor is made from blocks of spruce stairs.

Please watch the tutorial video below for more detailed instructions. Note that the video uses BSL shader and resource packs, make sure to install them to make your witch castle as beautiful as possible.

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Nostalgia Witch House

At a glimpse, it looks pretty like a church, but in reality, it is a witch's residence, located deep in the forest. The building includes one house and one tower. There are large windows, which serve as entrances for witches to fly in on broomsticks.

Walls are made of smooth stone blocks. In survival mode, just have a furnace to burn cobblestones, simple right? The roof is made from dark oak blocks and the door is made from stripped dark oak wood. You can also decorate your house with a border made of spruce plank and lanterns made from the nether brick walls.

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Unique Witches Hut

This is the most unique design witch's house you can see. There seems to be some magic that makes the house grow into another small house. Maybe it is the cursed house.

The house is built above the water and uses oak log blocks to support it. Roof edging is made of dark oak blocks and dark oak stairs. Frame made of dark oak stairs and walls made of white concrete.

The turquoise roof is made of dark prismarine stairs. In survival mode, it is a material created from the ocean monument.

And don't forget to install BSL shader to have a more beautiful house and enjoyable experience.

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Epic Witch Tower

Isolated in the swamp, this Minecraft witch house design has strange architecture, and is quite scary, right?

The tower wall is made from stone brick combined with cobblestone. The pillars to support the space on the top of the tower are made from dark oak logs. The roof is made from a dark oak stair, with a view to all four corners. Besides, you can decorate with plant blocks such as vines, and mushrooms.

Do you wonder why the square block can give such an image of a real lake? Thanks to the effect of improving the graphics from the texture pack, what are you waiting for, install it right away.

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Spooky Haunted Mansion

The haunted mansion is famous for ghosts and strange sounds, quite like a dark and abandoned place, representing fear and darkness. This is by far one of the coolest Minecraft Halloween houses!

The wall is made of purple-crimson planks and the background is made of a nether brick slab.

The window is made of a lime-stained glass pane, it is the same as normal glass. In survival mode, when you dye normal glasses with flowers, you will get stained glasses.

The porch, and the hallway, are made from the polished black stone wall. The roof is made of polished black stone brick stairs and the chimney is made of nether brick stairs. In survival mode, these materials are obtained from the fortress in the nether.

In addition, you can also decorate a carved pumpkin, and don't forget to use a BSL shader.

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Cute Upgraded Halloween Witch House

This is an upgraded version, the second-floor house looks like an extremely cute snowman.

You can keep the previous design, and create the body of the snowman to make the first floor. The awning or what you can call is snowman's scarf is made of concrete the same color as the witch's hat.

In addition, in the video tutorial below, we also install BSL shaders to increase the graphics, so your house will look much better.

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Cute Minecraft Witch Hut

This is a pretty cool idea if you want a forest cottage. A small hut shaped like a witch's hat with a roof made of polished black stone brick stairs blocks. This material is the rest of the bastion remnants and ruined portals in survival mode.

The decorative light on the roof is a sparkling shroomlight block made of giant mushrooms. Walls and frames are combinations of spruce planks and dark oak wood blocks.

You can decorate your home with plant blocks such as twisting vines which are planted on soul sand. In addition, to increase variety, you can combine with a warped root block which is a soft plant and quite like a colony of tall, thin mushrooms.

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Cute Tiny Fairy Witch House in Minecraft

If you are a beginner, the cute fairy witch tiny house is for you. The platform and roof are made of dark oak stairs with the familiar inverted V shape, with a chimney above it. Walls are made of stone brick blocks, with windows to let sunlight. You can also add a backyard to grow plants like Twisting vines that are grown on soul sand. Remember to add a dark oak fence to protect them. You can decorate the house with vines and lanterns. Also, if you want to increase the aesthetic of your home, let's install texture packs and BSL shaders, the results will surprise you! Watch tutorial

Cute Halloween Witch House

Let’s bring Halloween into your Minecraft world with these super cute witch houses. The house is like a sphere, wearing a witch's hat.

Everything is made of concrete. White concrete walls, with doors and windows from brown concrete. The roof is shaped like a witch's hat with a curved pyramid, and wide brim, stylized with ribbons.

You can decorate with lanterns, pumpkin lanterns in the shape of devils, inside with torches for distinctive orange light, and are also made of concrete.

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Abandoned Witch House

A mysterious house located deep in the forest entirely away from the human world. This house is like a base of an evil witch. With just a few simple materials like stone brick and spruce wood, you can start building this house.

Inside, a small space was used for making magic potions and casting spells. You can also set up a crafting table inside this house as the most important thing in Minecraft. The interior is also covered in chains, vines, and cobwebs, bringing a dark and musty vibe. You can build the house as a survival base in the forest to avoid the attack of monsters.

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Above are some cute Minecraft witch house ideas, we always give you a variety to choose from cute to creepy, from small huts to mansions. We hope that these top 10 ideas will help you in fun and interesting experiences when exploring Minecraft.

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