Top 10 Awesome Glass House Minecraft Ideas


The demand of building a house for survival in Minecraft is inevitable. No matter what level you are at, you absolutely need a house. And here we are to show you one of the most satisfying and interesting house ideas - It’s glass house Minecraft. Hope that our picks will be helpful!

Glass House Minecraft

A glass house is a type of house that uses transparent stuff as primary materials, and reduces others as much as possible. Glass houses are super exceptional and modern looking but otherwise, we have to get rid of our privacy. But yes, it is worth trying.

Some of our picks require BSL shaders or texture packs to look good, so make sure you install them before building anything.


Classic Glass Dome

The First Minecraft dome house on the list is the half classical glass dome on the ground. With the entire structure like an upside-down bowl, you only need to build half of it since the other half is already covered with the terrain. And since this build only uses glass blocks, you can still see everything under the dome clearly due to its transparency.

More Details: Classic Glass Dome

Multi-Glass House

Building a modern, compact, and portable house is a common trend among Minecraft players, and our cube glass house meets these criteria. The fact that this design can attract us by its one-of-a-kind appearance.

Made completely from glass panels, the house allows us to not only get natural light but also to have a surrounding view outside. Need more space to fill in your furniture? Simply construct more well-organized cube houses.

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More Details: Multi-Glass House

Glass and Oak Wood Minecraft Green House

This is a quite warm green house with main brown color. The build frames are made of dark oak wood blocks that are easy to make. In front of this house is decorated by a fake roof with a reversed V sharp. In addition, the wall is made of glass blocks, which can bring natural light to your beautiful greenhouse.

The top is made of a white glass block, a transparent block too, but less than glass blocks. You can place trees and flowers along the wall and on the roof to have a more beautiful house when looking at it.

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Easy Glass House

The first idea we want to show you is quite easy-making. It requires basic materials and you can make yourself a beautiful house.

The house itself contains a natural and friendly look. It’s built in an oval shape and includes 2 floors. The foundation is made of oak planks. The house is covered by glass panes which brings a whole view outside. In the middle of the house, there is a big spruce wood pillar going through the roof, covered by oak leaves.

The inside decoration can be accessed by approaches. We highly recommend building a tiny underground pond on the first floor and filling the second floor with chilling stuff. On the outside, some oak leaves and flower pots might be excellent to attract.

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More Details: Easy Glass House

Cube Glass House

Our next pick is Jun Mab's architecture Minecraft tutorial.

The house is built like a cube, consisting of white concrete, and blocks of glass filled around it. Quartz slabs are used to make stairs by sticking them along those blocks of glass, but instead of heading to the second-floor step by step, you now have to jump. Lighting is necessary to light up the house so don’t forget to install ones over the top of the house.

There’s no need to add anything outside. However, you can dig the inside and leave out a small garden.

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More Details: Cube Glass House

Modern Glass House

If you are looking for a protective, luxurious yet massive style modern house, this one is for you!

The design we showcase here is super exceptional thanks to its maximal structure and minimal organization. Smooth quartz, glass, mossy cobblestone, and spruce wood are used as primary materials to make this home.

You are free to set anything up inside due to its spacious interior. This house can be built on as many floors as you like. The higher you make, the greater it looks. In addition, you can put some beacons on top of the build to make it more attractive!

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More Details: Modern Glass House

Minecraft Glass Tower

This is one of the best Minecraft house ideas and a suitable blueprint in case you want a forest-theme glass house!

There is no need to talk much about it as you can look at it and the way it is built is quite similar to that idea above except the first floor is used for crops. Decorative blocks are up to you, in addition, oak leaves help bring a grassy look.

In fact, the foundation is made of white cobblestone instead of smooth quartz which shows little distinction compared to the modern one.

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More Details: Minecraft Glass Tower

Minecraft Tree-inside Style Glass House

Most of our picks often have a tree inside their house and this one is not an exception!

This design has lots of things in common with others like the oval shape and the transparency material. The roof is made of quartz slabs, customized by an X-shape, and covered by glass panes. The house uses the ground as a foundation so you don’t have to spend time building one.

The unique part of the design is the spiral style of stairs which is exceptional and allows easy access. You can set up each floor with multiple facilities according to your preference, but we’d recommend having some bookshelves on every floor since it looks phenomenal.

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Multi-Cube Glass House

Do you prefer the cube style but still want it more compact and more accommodated? If so, this idea will solve your problem.

This multi-cube house includes every single smaller cube part organized chaotically. Every cube part is built similarly, with smooth quartz as a frame and glass panes bordered around.

In fact, we use different colored glass for each cube part to make it highlighted so you can try it. Light blue, light purple, light yellow, light red, and light green are our picks.

Note that there is a stair built inside to link every cube part and is accessible. What about interior decoration? just set anything up according to your inspiration, but we’d recommend placing a furnace next to the crafting table to make it home.

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Minecraft Glass Underground House

This idea perfectly mimics the classic twin towers in real life, and it looks pretty cool!

The foundation is built completely 5 blocks lower than the ground. The design requires resources such as white concrete, andesite stairs, and birch planks to fully build. The house is pretty large in size and boasts a total of 2-story worth floor to carry all of your items.

To get the best out of the design, consider hanging lanterns on each part of the house. We also recommend leaving out some decorations outside to really increase the overall beauty of the structure.

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360 Degree Glass House

It might probably look like an aquarium due to its weird design but it’s one of our favorite glass houses. The building frame is installed with gray concrete, lifted by anvil and stone brick walls.

The foundation is made of quartz and the wall, of course, is completely made of white stained glass while the roof is fully filled in flat style with gray concrete. There’s enough space for you to freely set up. But consider utilizing the space under the foundation to make your own farm.

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Green Glass House

If you love to build a house to take care of plants in Minecraft, this is a perfect idea you can’t skip!

The wooden house itself was built in a wooden style with glass blocks covered on top and around, allowing plenty of light which is super beneficial for plants, then you hang some lanterns inside to make sure there’s enough lighting at night. Moreover, you can put some vines on the glass to make the building look overgrown.

Inside is the space for crops and plants so feel free to plant anything you love. There’s also a table going along the house to display any flowers you collected. Overall, if you are tired of those massive modern designs and just want to kick back in beautiful scenery - this one’s perfect for you.

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More Details: Green Glass House

Underwater Glass House

This should be one of the most unique ideas ever! With this one, you have half of the house completely underwater. Glass panel will act as the front of this design - giving you a clear view of the ocean.

In fact, you can turn every side of the house into a glass pane if you wish. The entrance is made on the right side of the house, which allows easy access. Don’t forget to put on some lanterns or torches to ensure visibility and prevent hostile mobs from spawning!

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And that's our list of the top 10 glass house Minecraft ideas. We hope this list will be helpful in boosting your experience. Happy building!

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