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Haunted Minecraft House Ideas

Dark Academia Cottagecore Haunted Mansion Minecraft House

Using the same texture pack with two previous builds, this particular dark academia build goes in another direction, a giant haunted mansion with dark material blocks. Following the ancient European architectural style, this mansion will spook you if it's built in the right place such as the roofed forest biome.

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Haunted Mansion

It's hard to things scary in Minecraft (except creepers), because the graphics and content of the game are not that creepy. But when it comes to haunted buildings and jump scare Redstone contraption, you can literally scare someone out if you want to! The first thing is to gather the materials needed for the haunted mansion including spruce wood, trapdoors, dark oak trapdoors, andesite, and deep states.

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Spooky Haunted Mansion

The haunted mansion is famous for ghosts and strange sounds, quite like a dark and abandoned place, representing fear and darkness. This is by far one of the coolest Minecraft Halloween houses!

The wall is made of purple-crimson planks and the background is made of a nether brick slab.

The window is made of a lime-stained glass pane, it is the same as normal glass. In survival mode, when you dye normal glasses with flowers, you will get stained glasses.

The porch, and the hallway, are made from the polished black stone wall. The roof is made of polished black stone brick stairs and the chimney is made of nether brick stairs. In survival mode, these materials are obtained from the fortress in the nether.

In addition, you can also decorate a carved pumpkin, and don't forget to use a BSL shader.

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