Top 10 Most Beautiful Minecraft 2 Story House Ideas


For a game that is centered on building blocks, Minecraft is remarkably inclusive. In this sandbox simulation, you can actually build a wide variety of things. To survive the night and continue exploring, you must have a house or other type of shelter. So let's check our recommendation for the top Minecraft 2 story house Ideas now!

A 2 Story House is known as a building that has two floors. This Minecraft medium-sized house is relatively simple to construct and is ideal for beginners.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Minecraft 2 Story House Ideas

2 Story Tree House

This treehouse is the ideal build for you if you're one of the players who feel at home in the jungle biome of Minecraft. Make this tall treehouse, which is cooler than a regular wooden house, rather than cutting down trees in the jungle to build yourself a house. This treehouse is a terrific construction to wow your friends and keeps griefers and mobs at bay.

The combination of fences, planks, slabs, trapdoors, and stairs lends a lot of variety to this 2 story tree house, which is made completely of jungle wood. By adding decoration lanterns or flowers, you can enhance the beauty of this tree house. If you add an elevator, the house will look more luxurious. One is simple to create with Redstone.

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Japanese House

Many different unique biomes can be found in Minecraft, and these "changes in scenery" have motivated some players to design unique building types in order to further enhance their pixelated worlds. Make a traditional Japanese house in the form of a temple if you want to incorporate different cultures into your Minecraft map. These elaborate patterns translate beautifully into the blocky world of Minecraft and are stunningly beautiful in real life.

The house has two wood-only stories, a sloping roof, and wide, white walls around it. These characteristics are typical of traditional Japanese homes. It's a great area to look for ideas for these kinds of designs.

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Modern Small House

Modern Small House is the smallest design on our list. Despite the limited area, this Minecraft house design provides all the conveniences we require. This house is extremely well-planned and ideal for anyone.

This construction includes a modest, two-story house, with the lower level being made of quartz and the upper level being made of wood. By situating the steps on the exterior, this house does a fantastic job of creating space inside the structure, giving it a beautiful appearance.

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Big Cottage House/Mansion

Big Cottage House is a vintage cottage with wood accents and luxuriant landscaping all around. It is ideal for this house to be situated near a lake, river, or forest to further highlight its natural beauty. It has a rather large build and a traditional style, but because of its size, it is more like a cottage mansion than just a regular cottage.

This house is ideal for your mid-game because it will take you a while to build and is fairly massive. Large glass windows and a front wood entryway make up the fundamental structure. The internal space is fairly large, allowing you to construct 5–6 unique rooms to meet your demands. The house is a perfect combination of Spruce Wood and quartz stone with a diorite texture.

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Large Farmhouse

This large 2 story farmhouse is truly an idyllic and cozy setting. White Wool, Wood, and Stone Bricks are combined to create this relatively straightforward construction, but small details like the vines climbing the walls, the flowers at the foot of the house, and the lanterns hanging from the edges of the roof make this farmhouse one that is most definitely worth living in.

In Minecraft, maintaining animals can be advantageous because you can gain experience points, food, and leather among other things. So jump right in and start cracking those blocks. The large mansion is also a great place to hide from approaching zombie hordes and creepers. Additionally, it has a special storage room where you can keep your surplus materials.

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Suburban House

Only until you have a complete suburban home to reside in can you justify living in the suburbs of Minecraft. This means that your modest house is equally decorated with flair and vigor. The advantage of having a voguish design with many practical elements in a Minecraft modern house build is yours.

Quartz, grey concrete, and stone are the main resources needed. A 2 story design, a porch, and a garage are going to be common elements of a typical suburban home. Laying out the initial base foundation will make it simple to begin construction on this house. This entails assembling 12x20 blocks using stone bricks for the length and width, respectively.

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Modern 2 Story House

This is a two-story modern luxury house that is perfect for your mid-game. It's challenging to make in the early game because it's primarily constructed of Oak Wood and Smooth Quartz.

The basic layout consists of a large front entrance and large glass windows. You can easily put 4–5 unique rooms inside of this construction, so feel free to express your creativity when creating the inside.

The first floor is the living room and kitchen, you can create a small storage space yourself. The 2nd floor includes a spacious bedroom and balcony, you can plant some plants on the balcony to make the house cooler. Additionally, you can build a small swimming pool or alter it with a beautiful lawn, flower garden, or whatever else you like!

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Survival Taiga Minecraft House

The Survival Minecraft House is yet another flawlessly established design and by far one of the coziest Minecraft starter house ideas! Despite being mostly constructed from a common resource, it has an attractive design and guides players early in the game.

This means that you won't need to worry about any intermediate challenges when building this house in the game's Survival Mode. Consider gathering some Mossy Cobblestones for this build if you chance to be in the Taiga biome of your Minecraft world. By taking that course, you can add additional variety to the house.

Spruce wood is an additional material that you'll actually need for the Survival Minecraft House. Cutting down trees in the Taiga biome is another way to get this resource. It undoubtedly has its fair share of aesthetic appeal and a dash of individuality to set apart even the most straightforward of homes. Don't forget to include Glass Panes to virtually construct the house's windows. Combining that with a few scattered Lanterns provides even more flair.

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Wooden House

What a nice small wooden house! Isn't it very attractive to look at? Although it is constructed from more ordinary oak wood, the combination of fences, logs, planks, slabs, trapdoors, and staircases adds a lot of diversity and character and makes construction remarkably easy. The front two stories of the house's rectangular form are connected by a staircase.

Since the window is constructed of glass, you can see inside the house by looking through it. Lanterns that may be obtained through crafting are used to decorate the area above the stairs and in front of the glass windows. The second story of the building has a tiny balcony where you can choose to grow plants. This is undoubtedly one of the best Minecraft house ideas available!

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Lake Minecraft House

Zaypixel has created a beautiful 2 story house that can give inspiration to any Minecraft player when it comes to building houses. Nothing is more desirable than having your homestead built directly on top of a glistening lake in the middle of nowhere, where you can enjoy the blowing breeze. By aiming for this build, you're really looking at one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas. Even a separate space for crops to create resources is located around the back of the house. The number of materials needed to build the Lake Minecraft House is also not excessive, just requiring things like Stripped Oak Logs, Oak Planks, Stripped Spruce Logs, and Oak Stairs. A house on a lake also offers complete safety from hostile mobs, which is something you undoubtedly need when learning the game's fundamental concepts. Watch Tutorial
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That concludes our list of the top 10 Minecraft 2 story house Ideas that you can use as inspiration for your next cool Minecraft house. If you want to discover even more great Minecraft house ideas then read our next articles. Hope your gameplay is fun!

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