Top 10 Coolest Ideas For Minecraft Chest House


Have you ever believed that you can set up your Minecraft chest house? Now, you totally can make it come true with some special ideas for a chest house in Minecraft. Let’s check them out in the article below!

Minecraft Chest House

Minecraft is an open-world game for you to build up every style of house that you want. If you are bored with some traditional-style houses, let’s try something new with building ideas for chest houses in Minecraft to test your building skills! Also, installing a custom texture pack or shaders will make your house look even better!

Top 10+ Ideas for Minecraft Chest Houses

Large Survival Base Chest House

A chest house is probably an exciting idea in case you are not keen on the traditional style. The concept mimics completely the design of the specific Minecraft chest, so it has a very familiar look.

Made completely from wood material, the house is quite inexpensive so it’s good and also easy for you to get your own survival base in the early game. The spacious interior is free to set up, covered by glass panels, while you can manipulate the upper space of the house by having some plants or a place to look out. What an amazing idea, right?

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Hacker Chest House

This chest house is called “Hacker” Chest House because it is suitable for someone who has enough experience in building a chest house. If you want to challenge yourself, this house is 100% suitable for you!

This type of chest house is special for its sophisticated design with some patterns outside making your house more attractive. Besides, inside the house, you also can separate it into different sections or floors. Hoping this type of chest house will stimulate your creation inside you! And happy collecting resources!

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Upgraded Wooden Chest House

If you are so familiar with Wooden Chest House, Upgraded Wooden Chest House will be the next challenge for you to try out! This house has the same structure as the Wooden Chest House but it is more detailed and sophisticated in design. Whether it's about oak wood planks or spruce blocks, all of the materials are quite easy to get!

The lid of the house is not built vertically, it is designed in a wavy shape towards the front. About the inside of this house, you can build or put any furniture that you want!

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Among Us Chest House (SUS)

Last but not least, Among Us Chest House is one type of the best Minecraft house ideas chest house that we believe you cannot ignore! If you love this game and are attracted by the characters inside this – now you totally can build one chest house – based on the appearance of this character – in Minecraft! First, you’re gonna build two legs of this character by using Red Concrete Blocks.

Then you will build the body, and following the way of building the lid of the chest house that I have shown you above, you will finish the lid of this character. Hoping our sharing will help you set up this type of house in the best way!

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Giant Chest House

Giant Chest House is one of the simplest chest houses that we recommend you build for the first time in this style house in Minecraft! Start with preparing a basic layout of square space to build the body of the chest and then you will continue to build the lid of the chest.

Inside the house, you decorate your chest house much prettier like building a small swimming pool, making the stairs to the lid of the chest house, or also setting up one small garden.

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Diamond Chest House

If you love to build something more impressive in Minecraft, Diamond Chest House is one of the best options for you! This type of house is attractive to everybody by its gorgeous outside, so the first thing that you need to do is prepare numerous Blocks of Diamond in Minecraft to outline this house.

Inside the Diamond Chest House, you can separate it into different spaces or different floors depending on your style! You need to spend more time building up this type of house, but hoping it will be worth it for you! Finally, remember to put some torches around to prevent hostile mobs like creepers from blowing your valuable diamonds!

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Storage Chest House

“Storage” Chest House is one big giant storage unit in Minecraft. It looks like a Giant Chest house, but inside of this house is a completely enclosed space. You can separate the body of this Storage Chest House into different sections for a lot of purposes like building a storage room, sleeping area, library, or also indoor farms,... Moreover, at the top of the storage house, you can set up one small outdoor farm or one coffee house to view around the outside.

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Large Survival Base Chest House

A Large Survival Base Chest House is one type of house that is built mostly from wood. Starting with a square framework for the base of the house, then you need to prepare numerous wood blocks to finish this house.

Moreover, as its name “Large Survival Base Chest House”, you also can set up one small farm at the top of the house with some berries and oak leaves. At the bottom of the house, you can separate it into different floors and build your library, your sleeping area,... the way you want!

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Ultimate House Inside Double Chest House

If you want to challenge yourself with a bigger chest house, Ultimate House Inside Double Chest House is gonna be the best option for you! Like the name is, this type of house is twice as big as a normal giant chest house, so you have more space to build up more things inside the house.

You can put more furniture or decorate your house more attractively by using some colored terracotta blocks, a barrel, some stone blocks for the pathway, and maybe a cobblestone wall around your house to protect you from the monster.

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Treasure Chest House

If you are a big fan of treasure hunter movies, you’re gonna like Treasure Chest House in Minecraft. This house is attractive to players by the combination of three different stand-out colored blocks – yellow, white, and wood block.

Inside the house, you can separate it into different floors and remember to put more lights from a lantern on your treasure house to make it more splendid! Remember to chop down some spruce logs begin you will need a lot of spruce stairs and spruce trapdoors.

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Wooden Chest House

Wooden Chest House is one of the simplest chest houses that we believe you should build in Minecraft! The structure of the house is mostly oak planks and obsidian blocks. Then cover the chest up with some glass panes for more security.

Inside the house, you can keep a large space with some simple furniture like bookcases, a crafting table, a furnace, and chests,... or separate it into different spaces if you want. Besides, you also can add more colored blocks to your house to make it much more significant!

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These are some coolest ideas for Minecraft chest house that we believed you should try out! We hope that you will have precious time on building a chest house in Minecraft!

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