Top 5 Minecraft Chicken House Ideas


Raising chickens in Minecraft is one of the simple activities that any player can easily achieve. In addition, if you want to have a unique Minecraft chicken house, then this article can definitely help you generate some inspiration!

Minecraft Chicken House

In this article, we will help you get ideas to build chicken coops and unique houses. There are also multiple ways to obtain chicken eggs and chicken. Without further ado, let’s discover these great ideas together and build them in your survival world!

Top 5 Minecraft Chicken House Designs

Nice Chicken Coop

This is an egg farm that looks like a very nice little house. The egg farm has 4 pillars made from dark oak logs, the exterior decoration is smaller columns made from cobblestone walls and spruce fences.

The roof is made of a dark oak slab, and in the middle, there is a small doorway to store chickens, you can use chicken eggs or chicken spawn eggs. Below it will be the hopper for the chicken to lay eggs in. Next, you can build a fence from a dark oak log and spruce fence, and create a garden to raise chickens.

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Easy Automatic Chicken Farm

One of the extremely popular foods in Minecraft in survival mode is chicken. We will show you the fastest way to get chicken. This machine has a frame made of deepslate bricks (or any other building blocks will work) and the covers are some glass blocks.

Next is the chicken roasting part, you need to attract the chickens standing on top of the hoppers with seeds, and then the eggs will come. Eggs will be turned into baby chickens by the dispenser block, remember to provide a piece of Redstone dust for it to work.

Baby chickens will grow and become the adult chicken. They will be burned by lava, and the spoils obtained are cooked chicken without a need for a furnace.

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Giant Chicken House

You are a chicken lover, and you want such a cute house, this is a great idea for you!

A house that has a chicken figure is made of concrete blocks. The chicken's legs are made of yellow concrete, which is the supporting pillar for the whole house. The body made from white concrete is the main space of the house, with the entrance at the back. The steps are made from a trapdoor covered with a yellow carpet.

Light up the entrance as well as the space inside the house with a red rod, which is chained to the iron bar located on either side of the entrance. The head is made from concrete with different colors, you can see details in the video tutorial below.

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Awesome Chicken Coop

This is a chicken pen that is not only beautiful to look at but also functions as a storage place for eggs. With a frame made from acacia wood for eye-catching colors, the floor is made from oak wood slabs.

Walls are made from oak wood plank decorated with a spruce fence outside. The roof is made of acacia wood stairs with striking orange color, and in front of the house is a porch made from acacia wood slab. Don't forget to build fences to protect your chickens.

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Working Chicken Coop

This is an automatic chicken coop, it's extremely convenient. The house includes a frame made from oak wood logs and walls made from variations of oak wood such as oak wood stairs, and oak wood planks.

The roof is made from oak planks with edging made from the spruce slab. In addition, there is an indispensable system including hoppers that lead eggs into the chest. Use yellow carpet to cover the hopper, so it will be more beautiful.

the design is decorated with blocks like an oak trapdoor, oak fence, and Redstone lamp. Next, you can use the seed to lure the chickens into the coop so that they lay eggs for you. If you want to increase the number of chickens, you can use chicken eggs to get the baby ones.

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Chicken is an irreplaceable source of food in survival mode in Minecraft. In addition, owning chicken figure houses is also a building worth experiencing. We hope these top 5 ideas about the chicken houses in Minecraft can help you have fun moments while playing the game.

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