Minecraft Desert House Ideas: We love them!


Minecraft Desert House Ideas

Desert Dome

Looking for a lovely and cozy dome in the desert biome? Try this special build by ByPixelBot and fulfill your wish immediately! This build features a clean white texture with a chimney on the side to create the feeling of a person actually living here. Also, the overgrown bushes and vines make the building look more ancient in the sand!

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Desert Ranch House

If a house in the forest or in an urban area does not satisfy you, why don’t you try to have one on desert terrain? A ranch house we showcase here may be a good choice.

You may wonder whether it is difficult to collect enough resources to build the house but don’t worry, the needed materials are quite accessible.

The design is a medium-sized and 2-story layout in the game so its space allows you to set a few things up inside but not take too much time to build. Not only that, there’re a lot of small balconies so you can easily look out at every corner of the house.

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Desert Village House

Here it is—the BlueBits Desert Village House. This Minecraft house design boldly rises up with a distinctive combination of materials, like a temple in the middle of the desert.

The cute and creative design of the Prismarine Slabs and Walls stands out against the sea of sand that encircles this construction project in the middle of the desert.

The outside is finished with bricks, sandstone, iron bars, and acacia wood planks, giving the property a deserted and exotic appearance.

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Arabian Styled Desert Tower

A lot of people prefer building their survival houses in grassy biomes, woodlands, and even marshes and cliffs. But it's well known that Minecraft players are afraid to build homes in deserts.

One of the most despised biomes in the game is the desert, as is widely known. Living in a desert is quite boring because there aren't many plants or other constructions there. Additionally, when a desert biome serves as the world's spawn location, food is scarce.

However, this design will give you a different look and inspiration. With simple resources, Arabian Styled Desert Tower like this stand out in the biomes by utilizing the various types of sandstone.

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Advanced Desert Ranch House

Building this Desert Ranch House is the best experience for you to survive in the desert. This house is even simpler and easier to build than the previous one!

The home only has one story and is separated into two sections, each of which may accommodate two to three rooms. Sandstone, dark oak wood, acacia, and some stone bricks were used as the major building materials for this home.

The only plants you can utilize to decorate your home's exterior due to the severe living conditions in this biome are cacti and dead bushes.

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Desert Ranch House

Living in the desert may seem boring but creating your own Ranch House in this biome is one of the excitement of the Minecraft game! The house is medium-sized in the game, with two floors and many small balconies.

Despite the low resources in the desert biome, it is quite simple to find the materials needed to build this house. You just need to collect enough sandstone to make walls, spruce wood to make doors; windows, and pillars, and some bricks to make roofs. The roof is constructed as a flat roof, which makes the design appear more straightforward.

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Librarian Desert House

This Librarian Desert House by BlueBits is a unique house built with a distinct architecture that can house your village librarian. This house has two floors, each floor can hold up to 2-3 rooms enough to serve all your needs.

To build this house, you'll need 188 Terracotta pieces, 168 Cut Sandstone pieces, 103 Spruce planks, and 80 Dark Oak planks. The above materials are also easily found in the Desert Biome.

The outside is decorated with lanterns at each door to add more light to the house. You can consider decorating with some plants such as flowers, foliage, cacti,... to make the house more sparkling.

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