Minecraft Pumpkin House Ideas (2023 Update)


Every year, players of Minecraft are highly interested in discussing Halloween or pumpkin houses. There are a lot of house-building tutorials out there on this topic as well, therefore we've compiled the best Minecraft pumpkin house ideas for you to design the perfect autumn house!

Minecraft Pumpkin House

Minecraft Pumpkin House looks to be the perfect way for Minecraft players to prepare for the Halloween spirit. It's a nice mix of spectacular and spooky, just like all Halloween decorations should be.

To fulfill the Halloween town, you could use those awesome Minecraft abandoned house ideas to decorate your town even more!

7 Best Minecraft Pumpkin House Ideas

Giant Pumpkin House

Other than its huge body, the interior of the house looks modern and easy to build with large room space for the whole house. The wall is built from orange terracotta for the corners of the wall, then make a border out of orange concrete. Let’s set up a sea lantern on the edge of the floor to light it up. You can place it all over the rim.

We should make light hanging from the stair. Let's make it with glass panes and jack-o-lanterns. A jack-o-lantern creates more light than the torch used to make it. You can also add Halloween decorations to match the theme.

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Pumpkin Spice Cottage

This is a significant design if you're looking for inspiration to construct your own Halloween house. With a bright orange and yellow interior, such a build will look fantastic. The majority of the materials used to build the house are spruce wood. Lanterns are an exterior decoration that adds to the brightness of your home.

Pumpkin Spice Cottage can be utilized for storage or simply for the warm, homey atmosphere and look it adds to a Minecraft landscape. Imagine the wonderful sunsets while you rest in your beautiful retreat and hear the crunch of the scarlet leaves under your feet. If you like pumpkins and pumpkin spice, you must create this lovely cottage.

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Spooky Pumpkin House

This house is the best spooky build for the spooky season. What is the best time of year-Halloween is your best chance to get creative in your own home. This house is pretty easy to construct, especially for newbies, so there is no need to worry about it taking a long time.

The building is primarily made of Smooth Red Sandstone and Concrete making the house stand out with its orange color. In keeping with the Halloween theme, you can build this scary house in an abandoned village or cemetery. The interior can be arranged according to your needs and preferences.

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Halloween Pumpkin House

A big pumpkin is good as guaranteed to spook and delight the neighbors, house guests, and trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. The house has two floors and is meticulously shaped. The first floor is built in the shape of a Halloween pumpkin and the second floor is shaped like a witch's hat.

The house is mainly built from wood with two main types of wood: Acacia Wood Planks and Ebony Wood Planks. The inside of the house is illuminated by jack-o-lanterns with a bright light reflecting through the windows and doors of the house like menacing eyes to devilish grins. The inside is covered with cobwebs and wet objects that give the house a creepy feeling. Remember to install shaders for the best view!

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Cozy Pumpkin House

Get off to a great start with this small yet exceptionally Cozy Pumpkin House.

The basic components of the house are wood and pumpkin, combined with other materials to give it a warmer feel. The forest biome is a perfect fit for this house. It is quite simple to make because you can find all the materials you need in the forest. So new players should choose this house to start.

There are two stories in the house, the first of which is made of wood and can be used for storage in case of emergency. The bedroom is located on the second story of the house built completely of pumpkins. Plants or flowers can be used to decorate the exterior of the house to fit the concept.

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Cottagecore Pumpkin Pie Farm House

The house is shaped like a huge pumpkin pie made from tons of pumpkin pie.

To start building the house, build the foundation which is a triangle like the shape of a pie. The short end of the triangle is slightly rounded to make the pie a little less blocky. From the existing foundation, you can easily continue to build the house. To make the house look like the original pumpkin pie color, you should build with birch wood and smooth red sand. Create side doors and chimneys on the roof to make it more like a house.

You can place the pumpkin farm at the location you want, but it requires a large enough space for it. Farming methods for pumpkins are similar to those for melons. When pumpkin seeds are planted, a central stem grows that, when it is grown, produces pumpkins at random on nearby vacant grass blocks. The house has all the amenities you need for survival mod. Be careful of the enderman at night!

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2-Story Pumpkin House

This 2-Story Pumpkin House seems straightforward, with two floors that may each contain two to three rooms depending on your needs. The house is made of a mixture of materials, primarily wood with various types of wood to give it a pumpkin-like appearance. Alternatively, you can use different materials in accordance with your desires.

The glass pane that allows you to see inside is designed to resemble the spooky pumpkin's mouth and eyes. The interior is equipped with a bed, furnaces, chests, a crafting table, and other necessities. In addition to providing light, candles and lanterns give the house a mysterious feel. To create a Halloween atmosphere, pumpkins and carved pumpkins are placed outside your house.

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Those are the top 7 best Minecraft pumpkin house ideas that we've listed today. The hyperlink to the building idea videos below each of the houses allows you to watch each one being built while also following along to build your own house. Building a house is an important Minecraft step to beat this game. We hope the cool tutorials we're giving above will inspire you to get creative if you're ready to do so.

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