Top 10 Coolest Minecraft Spanish House Ideas!


Are you curious about Spanish culture? Have you ever believed you could build a traditional Spanish house in Minecraft? Now, you totally can make it come true with us! Here are some top ideas for Minecraft Spanish house that you should try out!

Minecraft Spanish Houses

Minecraft is an amazing open space for you to satisfy your love for creation and building. There are a lot of designs for houses in Minecraft from some simple ideas to sophisticated ones. Today we’re gonna show you some wonderful designs for Minecraft Spanish House! Now, let’s check the build tutorial ideas in the article below!

Top 10+ Ideas For Minecraft Spanish House That You Should Try Now!

Spanish Mansion

After finishing some ideas that we have mentioned for Spanish houses above. If you want to continue challenging yourself with Minecraft Spanish House, we will recommend you Spanish Mansion design! To build this mansion, you’re gonna need to prepare a large space for the main building and the landscape outside.

The building is covered with sandstone blocks for the wall and bricks for the roof. Because it is the mansion, the details inside the building must be meticulously focused; you can make it more splendid by the way of putting more lanterns inside your mansion. With this big space, you can have plenty of storage room areas to store stuff.

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The Spanish Castle of Badar

The Spanish Castle of Badar is such a wonderful masterpiece in Minecraft! This castle is outstanding with the white color of tons of smooth sandstone blocks and the image of a cross above each tower. This building has several inside towers and it will require a large space to complete those towers.

Each tower will be used for different purposes, so you need to set up carefully the details inside based on your purposes. You’re gonna take more time to build and set up this masterpiece, but we believe after finishing you will be satisfied with everything you have done!

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Traditional Spanish House

If you love building a traditional house in Minecraft, Traditional Spanish House will be one of the best options for you! This house is easily recognized by the yellow terracotta blocks at the top of the house and red bricks at the roof and the bottom.

One of the significances that makes this house stand out is that it is covered with rows of green vines on the outside. This house does not require numerous resources and it seems to be a simple idea for Minecraft Spanish House that you should try for the first time!

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Spanish Brick House

Spanish Brick House seems to be suitable for someone who is looking for a minimalist lifestyle! As its name implies, this house is totally covered with bricks at the top and the bottom of the house.

Honestly, this house may be small compared to other houses, but there will be enough space to set up one bedroom, one kitchen, and one resting space inside the house. In contrast, on the outside, you can decorate with some veins and set up one outside stair leading to the first floor of the house.

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Suburban Spanish House

If you are looking for one simple style house to begin for Minecraft Spanish House, we believe you should take a look at Suburban Spanish House! This house is covered with the yellow of concrete blocks and prominent on it is the roof gathered from numerous brick blocks, which is look even better if you install some Minecraft shaders like the BSL shaders.

One of the significant things you can catch at suburban Spanish houses is that they usually build a small garden in front of their house, so you can place some oak leaves, jungle leaves, and flower blocks into your garden to make it more lively! And remember to use the better leaves mod for the best effect!

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Cute Spanish Starter House

Continuing with some simple Spanish houses that you should try out for the first time, we will recommend you build a Cute Spanish Starter House. This house looks so cute in a small shape with so many lovely things! To build this house, you need to prepare a square space and then fulfill it with spruce planks. The wall of this house is a combination of yellow terracotta, oak wood planks, and bricks.

You can set up the space inside of the house by placing a sleeping bed, tables, chairs, bookshelves, and also a kitchen depending on your purpose. Moreover, remember to set up more trees and flowers outside of your house to make it so cute and lovely!

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Suburban Spanish Villa And Vineyard

Have you ever imagined you’re gonna build a villa surrounded by numerous green trees? In Minecraft, you definitely can do it with Suburban Spanish Villa And Vineyard! To build this house, first, you need to prepare a foundation with stone brick, and the wall of the house is a combination of green terracotta, green concrete, and white terracotta.

For the main house interior, you also can decorate it with some bookshelves, a kitchen, and a sleeping bed, and also place some flower plots inside of your house! Honestly, this house stands out for its exterior green landscape, so remember to place berry bushes and vineyards around your villa!

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Modern Spanish Villa

Modern Spanish Villa house is such a luxurious design that we believe you should definitely experience that in Minecraft Java! This house actually requires a little more time for the outside landscape and for the building inside.

To set up the building you will need numerous sandstone blocks for the wall and brick blocks for the roof of it. Besides, to create the highlights of the house, you can place some jungle trapdoor blocks and lanterns inside the house. And don't forget about the hot water jacuzzi!

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Medieval Spanish Castle

Spain experienced some wars in the medieval period; and up to now, you still can see some real medieval castles in this country. It is so cool that with the open world in Minecraft, now you totally can rebuild this castle right in space in this game.

Medieval Spanish Castle stands out with its solid appearance, you will need numerous stone bricks to build this. Besides, inside the castle is an enclosed space to defend the attack from enemies, so remember to set up fireplaces in your castle!

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Spanish Colonial Hotel In The Jungle

Turning a little bit to the history, we will introduce you to the Spanish Colonial Hotel. This hotel is one of the best Minecraft house ideas with ancient architecture. The roof of this building is built based on the shape of the tower - moving up vertically.

This building still has the significance of a Spanish house with the base being built of stone brick, the wall is a combination of white terracotta blocks and brick blocks. To make this hotel more charming, we believe you should set the room inside the house simply and decorate it with several lanterns!

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We have just viewed some cool ideas for the Minecraft Spanish house from some simple ones to some outstanding masterpieces. We believe that Youtube, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, or even Patreon can be great sources to unleash your creativity and exploration.

Hoping this article will satisfy your passion for this game and remember to look forward to the article from us next time!

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