Top 10 Awesome Minecraft Tall House Ideas


Using your ideas and creativity to design an original experience is a key to playing Minecraft. In the game, the building isn't always simple. So here are some fantastic Minecraft house ideas to motivate gamers in their upcoming game of survival or creativity. We've gathered the top 10 Minecraft tall house Ideas based on this intriguing concept!

Minecraft tall house

Players like houses that have a lot of space and are unique, such as tall houses! And with the new height limit of new Minecraft updates, you can stack your floors even more to create the tallest house in the Minecraft world!

Top 10 Minecraft Tall House Designs

Big Ben

The Great Bell of the striking clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, England, is known by the nickname: Big Ben. The name is frequently enlarged to also refer to the clock tower. Big Ben in the Minecraft world looks exactly like this design!

The tower is 100 blocks tall and 13 blocks wide. Impressive! There were a lot of bricks used to construct this structure. Building Big Ben in survival mode is obviously quite challenging since it takes players a lot of effort to produce this excellent tall tower!

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3-Floor White Container House

Wow, this three-story white container home design will make you doubt your ability to be creative. The house has a three-story, white contains vibe. The three floors' angles have been significantly altered to give you additional space, and the general architectural decisions are good.

Don't get us wrong; this house is enormous even for a three-story building. Since the entire home is made of glass, the interior is visible from the outside and is also rather attractive. This three-story mansion will win you over with its interior usage of flora and mini-farm.

This wonderful, stylish three-tier modern house design is ideal for players who desire a house that is both attainable and strikingly beautiful, with many contemporary features to distinguish it from the more conventionally rustic Minecraft house look.

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Ultimate Survival Tower

Another tall buildable house for any survival-mode Minecraft player. The main building materials of this tower are spruce and oak variants, followed by a little brick and cobblestone, the rest are materials that make up insignificant amounts. With many floors to accommodate all of your needs, this house appears to have been intended to serve as the ultimate survival base of operations.

The home includes an observatory on the top with a little balcony, which makes the entire landscape appear miniature to you. It also has carefully designed and surrounded windows, which guarantee that the structure will be a remarkable sight for any players who approach your house. To serve your survival, you can also grow some things like wheat, potatoes, and others.

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Medieval Mansion House

A medieval mansion is always unnerving. However, if you prefer the creepy, this house will alter your impression of what a medieval mansion should seem like.

With its large and tall white walls, cool wood and roofing, and sturdy stone foundation, the house is a spectacle for onlookers. Moreover, you can build small cabins around the mansion for plenty of room to work with.

Even if this isn't the most aesthetically pleasing Medieval home you can build, the message is nevertheless effectively conveyed.

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Pirate House

Maybe you love the well-known anime series One Piece. If so, you should start building this epic Pirate Base House to serve as your individual Minecraft house. This house resembles a pirate ship more than it does a house. You'll start your path toward being the real-deal pirate that everyone admires.

The intricate design and construction of this pirate base, which is made almost entirely of different types of wood, conceals a great deal of depth and complexity. Your crew can take a nap in your base without being concerned about being assaulted because the flag on top immediately heightens the menacing aura.

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Tall Japanese Pagoda

One of the most distinctive house designs in Minecraft is Ultimate Japanese Mansion. This is a tall, six-story Japanese home with amazing details and complexity. This one has a demanding resource requirement and a challenging architecture, therefore it is only suggested for late-game veterans.

However, if you manage to implement this plan properly, you'll end up with one of the most exquisite buildings you can conceivably construct in Minecraft. The house is constructed of many wooden blocks of various varieties making you feel like a Japanese duke.

You won't need to make many changes to the design because it has plenty of lighting and visible area. You may always include your own embellishments and additions to give the design a more personalized vibe.

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Arabian Styled Desert Tower

A lot of people prefer building their survival houses in grassy biomes, woodlands, and even marshes and cliffs. But it's well known that Minecraft players are afraid to build homes in deserts.

One of the most despised biomes in the game is the desert, as is widely known. Living in a desert is quite boring because there aren't many plants or other constructions there. Additionally, when a desert biome serves as the world's spawn location, food is scarce.

However, this design will give you a different look and inspiration. With simple resources, Arabian Styled Desert Tower like this stand out in the biomes by utilizing the various types of sandstone.

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Skyscraper Modern House

It's hard to create any really modern-looking house in Minecraft because of the blocks' relatively conventional and rustic appearance. But if you're in creative mode, they can impress you with how they appear, like this Skyscraper Modern House. This cool Minecraft house has a rooftop garden and seven floors, each with a balcony.

One of the best materials to utilize when creating this house is gray and white concrete. The majority of contemporary structures can benefit from using light blue stained glass panes to create large windows and glass balconies. A row of oak leaves surrounds the building, and next to it is a row of white tulips, which also tend to fit the modern style.

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Jungle Tree House

The tree houses must be mentioned while discussing the infamous tall houses in Minecraft. The materials needed to build the house are just wooden blocks of different types (mostly oak planks) and some fences. And when it comes to building a treehouse in Minecraft, you will need a lot of leaves!

The biggest advantage when living in the treehouse is you don't need to worry about hostile mobs. So feel free to setup all of your necessary rooms like the storage room to store your stuff, the smelting room with a furnace and some light sources to make it cozy, and so on!

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Wizard Tower

With this wizard design, you may add a sinister touch to your home. This time with the perfect house for a proficient and courageous wizard. This wizard tower house, consisting of stone bricks, spruce wood, and red brick roofs, cobblestone walls, stairs, slabs, appears to have been in place for ages.

The ideal design for someone who wants to live in a tall, stark, distinctive tower. It appears to be an old and mysterious mansion that is encircled by plants. By including lights or flags,... you may express your creativity and make the design stand out.

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Our list of the top 10 Minecraft tall house Ideas is now complete! Use it to get creative and build your own house. After admiring all of these magnificent tall houses, you should set out to construct your own dream house now!

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