Mountain House Ideas for Minecraft


Mountain Minecraft House Ideas

Overgrown Cozy Mountain House

Carved inside a mountain, this overgrown cozy mountain house brings the comfortable for most travelers, especially if you build this near any snowy mountains. Just don't forget to add some bushes, flowers, and leaves to the house.

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Underwater Mountain House

Belong to ZayPixel, this underwater mountain house is one of the cool Minecraft house ideas you need to try! With the circular shape using quartz block and the elementary decorations, you can build this house really soon in your let's game journey! And remember to look for mountain or windswept biomes since they will have this type of terrain for you.

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Cute Mountain House

If you want to construct a beautiful, small and cute house in Minecraft, choosing Cute House is a great decision. In the midst of the mountainous countryside, the house is bright. You'll feel more at ease and in love with life than ever if there are tiny flower pots near the window.

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