9 Most Outstanding Ranch House Minecraft Ideas


Building your own home in Minecraft is an extremely interesting activity for game lovers! In Minecraft, Ranch House is loved by many Minecraft players. Therefore, we introduce to you the 9 most outstanding ranch house Minecraft ideas that you should know!

Ranch House Minecraft

Ranch houses usually have one floor with transparent rooms providing a liberal and free living space. Moreover, ranch houses can be built on different biomes in the game and are mainly used to store livestock such as cows, sheep, rabbits, chickens, pigs, and more!

9 Most Outstanding Ranch House Minecraft Ideas

Desert Ranch House

If a house in the forest or in an urban area does not satisfy you, why don’t you try to have one on desert terrain? A ranch house we showcase here may be a good choice.

You may wonder whether it is difficult to collect enough resources to build the house but don’t worry, the needed materials are quite accessible.

The design is a medium-sized and 2-story layout in the game so its space allows you to set a few things up inside but not take too much time to build. Not only that, there’re a lot of small balconies so you can easily look out at every corner of the house.

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Advanced Desert Ranch House

Building this Desert Ranch House is the best experience for you to survive in the desert. This house is even simpler and easier to build than the previous one!

The home only has one story and is separated into two sections, each of which may accommodate two to three rooms. Sandstone, dark oak wood, acacia, and some stone bricks were used as the major building materials for this home.

The only plants you can utilize to decorate your home's exterior due to the severe living conditions in this biome are cacti and dead bushes.

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Small Ranch House

You undoubtedly already know that ranch houses tend to be quite large, but smaller ranch houses are not unheard of. This idea is an example of a cozy but very convenient small ranch house.

The house is built mainly from wood and stone in which the entire wall and the first floor are made of spruce wood and the A-Roof is made of stone. These materials are easy to find and you can start building a house from the beginning of the game.

You might put some plants or flowers around the house to increase the amount of green space there.

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Cattle Ranch House

Such a large house! Therefore, before starting construction, you should search for a place large enough to build. This house has enough room for many people to live so you can go through easily through a nearby cave.

The house is made entirely of wood, so you can easily find the materials. However, because of its size, building it can be exceedingly expensive. But it's totally worth it!

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Wooden Ranch House

This house is very easy to build and it only takes you 15 minutes to complete it. The house has only one floor but contains up to 3 spacious sections, the windows are made of glass allowing you to look inside. Moreover, the shape take inspire from a next-door farm mansion that many Minecraft builders have tried before!

The house is made entirely of wood and quartz, showing the beauty of simple but extremely luxurious countryside houses. The roof is built according to Gambrel Roof with a small slope that makes the whole house quite low. But in general, this is the simplest ranch house you can build on the first day!

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Desert Ranch House

Living in the desert may seem boring but creating your own Ranch House in this biome is one of the excitement of the Minecraft game! The house is medium-sized in the game, with two floors and many small balconies.

Despite the low resources in the desert biome, it is quite simple to find the materials needed to build this house. You just need to collect enough sandstone to make walls, spruce wood to make doors; windows, and pillars, and some bricks to make roofs. The roof is constructed as a flat roof, which makes the design appear more straightforward.

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Country Style Ranch House

One of the most well-known ranch house ideas is this Country Style Ranch House. It displays a beautiful and large farmhouse in the countryside style that is completely furnished with a built-in animal pen and other farming-related conveniences.

Although it is a massive structure, it is surprisingly inexpensive to build and has no extra cost. This house combines components of Wood and Stone to create a great house design that is quite simple to achieve, even for the most inexperienced of players. It is the ideal build for leading a quiet existence.

Just remember to set up barriers, like fences and stairs, to protect your prized lands from zombies invasion!

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Ultimate Farm House

There is a space for several built-in farmlands and built-in areas to raise animals like cows and horses. You can freely grow many different plants for survival purposes such as wheat, carrots,...

Like many other designs on this list, this ultimate home is also reasonably inexpensive to create. Its design calls for nearly only wood-based blocks, which are simple to find. But because of its size, the building takes a lot of time from the players.

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Survival Ranch House

There is only one floor in this house, and it is very spacious. This house not only has a stunning appearance, but it also has all the conveniences needed to succeed in survival mode. With this house, everything is possible.

The house is light and airy due to the large glass windows on both sides, which also allow you to see the outside world. It's a simple structure made completely of wood, making it perfect for a starter home!

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Large Ranch House

The Large Ranch House looks like it came out of a fairy tale and you are the main character in an endless adventure. The house is full of amazing authentic details that will help you in the process of defending hostile mobs like a zombie or creepers.

This large two-story ranch house is mainly made of stone and spruce wood with many airy windows. The roof is built in the traditional A-Frame roof with a typical chimney of country houses.

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Above are the top 9 most outstanding ranch house Minecraft ideas that are suitable for those who are interested in this type of house. If you want more inspiration, check out those awesome Minecraft house ideas! And happy building on endless adventures!

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