Stunning Brick House Blueprints and Ideas for Minecraft


Brick Minecraft House Ideas

Cute Starter Brick House

This is a great choice for those who are new to Minecraft. With a simple but cute design, a brick modern house is a good idea for you. Prominent with the house is the red brick walls that contribute to the warm feeling of the house. You can stack plants, flowers,... in front of the house to relax as well as decorate the house more beautiful.

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Spanish Brick House

Spanish Brick House seems to be suitable for someone who is looking for a minimalist lifestyle! As its name implies, this house is totally covered with bricks at the top and the bottom of the house.

Honestly, this house may be small compared to other houses, but there will be enough space to set up one bedroom, one kitchen, and one resting space inside the house. In contrast, on the outside, you can decorate with some veins and set up one outside stair leading to the first floor of the house.

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Flower Forest Brick House

For those who wish to wake up every (virtual) morning and see a field of flowers, this big brick house is ideal! The ideal forest home was designed using grape terraces, molded window frames, and ivy in this build by the content developer using the Cocricot mod pack.

The house is built in 3 separate sections with typical red brick walls and wooden floors. This might be the build for you if you're searching for something a little more conventional yet still challenging. The structure itself is more of a mid-game build idea since it’ll require you to collect a reasonable amount of Brick and Wood Plank to fully construct.

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Survival Simple Brick House

A small house but with striking and impressive colors, this is an idea if you don't want to take too long to build. The frame is made of a spruce log and the floor is birch slabs. Walls are made of bricks, you can use glass pane, spruce fence, and spruce trapdoor to increase the detail of the wall.

The roof is a spruce stair with a stone brick border, and the back of the house has a chimney made from bricks. Decorate your home with plant pots, and lanterns, and use the spruce fence to protect your home and plants.

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