STUNNING Underwater House Ideas for Minecraft


Underwater Minecraft House Ideas

Underwater Secret Base

What is cooler than building a secret underground base right beneath the lake? You guess it! This cool base features a lovely wooden mansion with two floors for all of your interior needs. You can expand to the side or can even dig deep to create the third floor if you want.

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Sloped Underwater House

Every build from ManDooMin is just beyond the best in its cleanness and how aesthetic they are. For this build to work, you need to find a cliff with one side facing into the lake or ocean. Start building in the slope shape with the white trim and fill it with glasses. Then decorate the base with interior blocks to match your desired style.

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Underwater Dome Tree House

Building treehouses underwater may be a complex challenge, but the result is definitely worth the effort! This build features a regular glass dome under the sea with a pretty treehouse inside. You can fit pretty much the base idea with any theme such as aquatic, natural, or even futuristic with some tweaks.

Remember to build a conduit so you can easily breathe and see everything clearly underwater. To build this, you may need to find buried treasure chests that are generated randomly in the Minecraft world.

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Underwater Mountain House

Belong to ZayPixel, this underwater mountain house is one of the cool Minecraft house ideas you need to try! With the circular shape using quartz block and the elementary decorations, you can build this house really soon in your let's game journey! And remember to look for mountain or windswept biomes since they will have this type of terrain for you.

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Japanese Underwater Castle

Japanese architecture is incredible! And it's a lot more fantastic in Minecraft if you build it the right way, at the right location. This Japanese underwater castle contains 2 parts. The upper part can be seen as a normal house with fancy lighting and a dark curvy roof. While the submerged part under the ocean is an entire castle (not including the middle tower).

It's really cool to see this build with shaders in Minecraft. Likely the castle is glowing underwater as it's luring visitors.

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Underwater Glass House

This should be one of the most unique ideas ever! With this one, you have half of the house completely underwater. Glass panel will act as the front of this design - giving you a clear view of the ocean.

In fact, you can turn every side of the house into a glass pane if you wish. The entrance is made on the right side of the house, which allows easy access. Don’t forget to put on some lanterns or torches to ensure visibility and prevent hostile mobs from spawning!

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Easy Underwater Survival House

This is the house that shows how is creative - a cool Minecraft house underwater. The entrance of this house is quite special, a long ladder going from the water to the seabed covered by glass, oak plank, and stone.

The house has a frame made of stone and glass walls, and the floor is made of oak planks. If you are no way to remove the water inside, use sand to do this as in the tutorial video. You can use a fence, ladder, lantern, … to decorate the inside of your house.

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