The 10+ Most AESTHETIC House Ideas for Minecraft


Aesthetic Minecraft House Ideas

Aesthetic Secret Overgrown Cave Base

Now let's bring the overgrown base to a whole new level by hiding your actual base underground, and building an aesthetic playground to lure away those thieves' eyes. This garden does not use any special blocks and is super simple to build. If you want it to look better, try installing some Minecraft shaders!

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Aesthetic Dark Academia Library

We have a dark academia haunted mansion, a cottagecore house, a fairycoge hut, and now an aesthetic dark academia library! It's surprising that people can be so creative in a block game like this. With an exclusive exterior and fully detailed interior tutorial, check out the Youtube video below for an in-depth guide!

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Aesthetic Ancient Spruce House

Another medieval build with spruce planks and other common materials. As you can tell by its high and detailed roof, this one is definitely a house you see in every medieval movie. The texture mixing on the wall and roof is insane by using cobblestone and andesite together. You can see how the builder uses spruce logs, fences, trapdoors, and even barrels to create depth for the wall.

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Minecraft Aesthetic Fantasy Cottage

It's been a long time since people use bricks in their builds, and when they do, it actually turns out super great! This little aesthetic shelter provides you with anything you will need! From the wheat farm outside to the thoroughly interior, this place is where we want to live in old ages!

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Aesthetic Cottage House Blueprint

Everyone loves cottage houses, admit it! Imagine each morning standing on the balcony, taking a dip in drinks, eating some food, and being ready for the mining journey. You can easily archive that dream with this aesthetic house!

Without the required texture pack, you can still follow the tutorials below. Just pay close attention to the block's name when you're building specific parts.

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Aesthetic Beach House

If you are a peaceful person, then living in the suburbs is extremely suitable for you. You can enjoy the quiet, cool space, and relieve stress with the sound of water flowing from the cliff, this is wonderful, isn't it? A beach house in the suburbs that you aren't to be missed.

With the main white color, the platform and roof are made of wood planks giving a cool feeling. You should make more windows to get the best light conditions. You can also decorate with fences, and lanterns as well as plant biomes surrounding your home.

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More Details: Aesthetic Beach House

Small Aesthetic Cottage

This Small Aesthetic Cottage combines the essentials into one small and cute home. The home has a charming and attractive design similar to the house in the fairy tale Snow White. Compared to other cottages, this one is more modern and minimalist, and it can be a perfect option for novice Minecraft builders – especially because it also comes with a floor plan design.

Primarily woods like spruce planks and forest wood are the easiest materials to locate, followed by some white terracotta, brick, stone, and stairs. The bricks can even be changed with another material in Minecraft survival mode if they are too hard to come by.

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Aesthetic Italian House

This is a detailed tutorial to a rather large and seemingly complicated Italian house.

The house has walls made of smooth quartz and quartz bricks. The roof is L-shaped and made from brick slabs. Chimney and fireplace in the house are made of brick, and on the top is a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor.

Next to it is a porch made of an extinguished campfire, where you can make a dining area with a large table made from pistons, and chairs from a birch stair. Above the 2nd floor, you can build a balcony, secured by a railing from the spruce fence.

Decorate around the house with oak leaf plants, and berry bushes covered with hedges. White walls are the right place to decorate, vines are a perfect choice. For a more vibrant color, you can replace the sweet berries with sunflower or rose bushes also!

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Aesthetic Minecraft Fishing Dock

This is an idea of ​​an extremely eye-catching construction in Minecraft that we would like to suggest to you. A wood bridge from the ground leading to the porch and dock is made from the oak slab, covered with the extinguished campfire. The two sides of the bridge are railings made from spruce fences, in addition, decorated with flower pots.

A small porch is located on the water, white floor from birch plank with an oak log border, the roof is made from the spruce slab, with hanging lanterns for decoration. Besides, you can put the smoker in the fishing dock to cook right away. On the ground is a small house, with a cobblestone floor, oak log pillars, and a spruce stair roof.

The wall is birch plank decorated with a row of crimson trapdoors. The main door is a spruce door and the window is made from a brown stained glass pane. Decorated in front of the house is a flower bed covered with birch slab, oak leaves, vines on the roof, and lanterns.

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