The 10+ Most Impressing Fantasy House Ideas for Minecraft


Fantasy Minecraft House Ideas

Fantasy Overgrown House

There is something cool and attractive in this build since the builder uses a gradient block pallet. You can see he starts with the most basic block at the bottom, and start making the actual house with the spruce and dark oak wood in the middle. And on top is the bright orange color from the red sand, this makes the roof stand out to catch your attention.

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Overgrown Industrial Fantasy House

Welcome to another L shape house but on a smaller scale. However, small doesn't mean it's not fully detailed. Just look at the wall containing calcite and diorite, the roof trim uses dark material while the inner of the roof use weathered cut copper blocks. With some leaves and flowers, this build become our favorite so far!

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Fantasy Wizard House

What do you know about wizards? One thing we know is that the new amethyst cluster looks like some kind of magical crystal that can be used to empower the building.

With a bold medieval design where the bottom of the house is small and makes it way larger than the roof, this fantasy tall house also adds leaves, vines, lanterns, and a bunch of amethyst blocks to add a magical aspect to the house!

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Minecraft Fantasy Mansion

Looking for a build for your earl or duke? We got you covered! With this giant fantasy mansion, surely you will have enough places to live as well as conduct many dark experiments on the villagers. Remember that the roof is made of copper and cut copper so make sure to wax them to keep them in the state you want.

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Minecraft Aesthetic Fantasy Cottage

It's been a long time since people use bricks in their builds, and when they do, it actually turns out super great! This little aesthetic shelter provides you with anything you will need! From the wheat farm outside to the thoroughly interior, this place is where we want to live in old ages!

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Minecraft Fantasy Castle

Inspired by GeminiTay and FalseSymmetry, this fantasy castle looks gorgeous but natural at the same time. You can clearly see the transition from light to dark color as you look from the bottom to the top. The white base and wall, wooden brown for the tower support, and the purple roof that come from the crimson planks bring this castle to a whole new level!

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Fantasy Minecraft House

This is one of the first Minecraft house ideas that use embossed color for the roof but still makes the building stand out. To make this fantasy house, you will stone, cobblestone, and maybe some andesites for the base. Then spruce and birch wood for the wall while using dark oak wood for the roof trim. Finally, finish the roof with red sandstone to make it look lovely.

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Fantasy Greenhouse

The church is a canonical representation of Europe's architecture. These constructions are built around the world, and you also want to take them - the green house with church style into Minecraft world, don't you? The general characteristic of the church is the seriousness and bell tower.

The roof is made of stone brick stair blocks, and you can also use the stripped spruce log block to combine with the spruce trapdoor block for house frames. Because the wall is made of glass blocks, the night outside will be lit. So, your green house will be warmer.

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Fantasy Minecraft Windmill Farmhouse

Although this design and #8 design share a similar structure, it has some particular distinctions. First, the body of the house is made of birch planks instead of oak or spruce, which bring a shining and specific look. The chimney made of bricks is a really good highlight. And what about the roof?

Smooth red sandstone plays a role to create an outstanding exterior design. For the body of the windmill, we need dark oak along with spruce trapdoors and also smooth red sandstone to mix them together. A group of lanterns on top of the roof might be a wise choice of decoration. The turbine is built similarly with a birch fence and spruce trapdoor. This idea will be a masterpiece if you place it in the center of a flower garden or crops, which makes the view quite shimmer.

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Fantasy Minecraft Flying Windmill

This might be the most creative idea so far. Just imagine how wonderful it is when having a floating windmill around a village, that you can easily observe during your dangerous adventures. The bottom of the windmill is made of cobblestone, covered by spruce fences and deepslate brick walls.

Windmill’s body is a mixture of wood material, and its design is way more like a mini castle, while lanterns and oak leaves are decorative. For the roof, we elaborate mostly by spruce logs and trapdoors, followed by 2 blocks of stone. And turbine, as always, is the last step. We highly recommend you to try this tutorial because of its super impressive way of elaboration.

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