10+ Most Tallest Tower House Ideas for Minecraft

Towers do add up to the aesthetics and story of a Minecraft world. They're tall and gorgeous! They can also be a landmark for your base that can guide you back to your base without ever getting lost while exploring. These tower builds are the best builds that you can find!
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Tall Tower Minecraft Ideas

Easy Ice Spike Tower House in Minecraft

Discovering something beautiful in Minecraft like this Ice Spikes Biome is fascinating, and what's more, you can transform any of this into a beautiful house! This Easy Ice Spike Tower House in Minecraft is a design that will surely enable your creativity! So better check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Ice Spike Watch Tower in Minecraft

If you're looking for a nice watch tower build in Minecraft, make sure this beautiful creation is on your watch list! This Ice Spike Watch Tower in Minecraft features a well-structured tower with a very pleasing exterior design from the base up to the highest point of this tower build. You can also use this as a starter house because of its many possible features. So better check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Small Ice Spike House in Minecraft

If you're looking for a quick-to-craft house in Minecraft that is perfect for your naturally generated snowy biomes, this build is for you! This Small Ice Spike House in Minecraft is ideal for players spawned near these glaciers since this build is suitable for a starting house! So better check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Simple Ice Spike Tower House in Minecraft

If you're looking for an easy-to-build ice tower in Minecraft, you might want to check this out. This Simple Ice Spike Tower House in Minecraft is a straightforward build that you can freely customize if you want to turn it into a more sophisticated project. So better check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Quick and Easy Ice Spike Tower in Minecraft

Have you found a perfect snowy biome in Minecraft, and now you're looking for something to build? Then why not try this Quick and Easy Ice Spike Tower in Minecraft? This will surely give you enough ideas and inspiration on what and how to build your very first structure project on your newly found snowy biome! So better check it out now. Watch Tutorial

One Chunk Watch Tower in Minecraft

Are you a one-chunk build enthusiast in Minecraft? Then this clock tower is perfect for you! It's a functional watch tower that can add depth and story to your world in just a single chunk of land! A very delicate and beautiful design with so many details going on. You'll never be wrong in choosing this build! Try it out now! Watch Tutorial

One Chunk Wizard Tower

Are you fascinated by the one-chunk builds for Minecraft? Have you ever thought you could make a wizard tower from a single chunk? Then why not try this one-chunk wizard tower? It's adorable and simple to build. It has a sophisticated look even though it's made of easily farmable materials like bone blocks and glasses. Try it out now! Watch Tutorial

Viking Watchtower in Minecraft

Are you inspired to make something from history? Then why not try this Viking watchtower? It's perfect for those who love the Viking aesthetic, especially when you're on the snowy biomes! The interior and exterior of this watchtower are amazingly designed, like an actual Viking watchtower. With enough customization, you could make it more lively, like adding horns, etc. Test it out now! Watch Tutorial

Japanese Watch Tower in Minecraft

Have you ever dreamt of building a functional and beautiful Japanese watchtower that you often see in medieval Japanese movies? Guess you'll be enjoying this next build! This Japanese watchtower will surely add a story to your world with Japanese aesthetics. The exterior of this tower is designed with a mix of spruce wood and deepslate materials! The beauty doesn't stop there since you can also use this tower as a home where you can stay for your survival game! Try it out now! Watch Tutorial

Mushroom Fairy Tower

Were you looking for something interesting and cute to build in your Minecraft world? Well, why not try this magical mushroom fairy tower? It has a very unusual style for a tower since almost every tower features a large and fierce design like the wizard towers. This delightful tower also has a mix of mushroom blocks for its exterior and a very cozy interior. With its charming features, I am sure you're excited to build this tower in your Minecraft world! Try it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Mushroom Fairy Tower

Amethyst Tower

Are you searching for something mysterious and full of magic? Then why not try this enchanting amethyst tower? The interior and roof of this tower are made out of amethyst blocks with a unique shine to them. You can also add different lighting to this! With enough customization, I'm sure it'll turn out more beautiful! Try it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Amethyst Tower

Deepslate Wizard Tower

Do you want to build something out of your deepslates blocks? Then try building this magnificent wizard tower! It features three buildings, perfect for your survival base! It can have three different functions and be spacious with enough customization. Fire up your creativity and spark that inspiration! Test this build now! Watch Tutorial

Sculk Tower

Are you having problems utilizing the newest blocks in Minecraft? Particularly the Sculk block? Then why not try this tower? The flickering, dark blocks not only made the build wonderful. It also gave it a beautiful contrast. This wonderful tower is also easy to build! Just remove the sculk shriekers if you're building this in survival mode so that you won't summon the warden in your base. Test it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Sculk Tower

Steampunk ClockTower

Do you perhaps prefer a more detailed look at your tower? Then why not try this steampunk clocktower? This tower will surely give your world a unique and eye-catching taste. The exterior of this clocktower is designed with cogs using just wood and stone bricks! Of course, there's plenty of room for customization to make it more sophisticated! Check this build now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Steampunk ClockTower

Clock Tower

Are you always late and have poor time management? Then why not try creating a clock tower in your Minecraft world? Add this valuable tower to any side of your land! It adds depth to your build, and the fantastic exterior of this tower will surely inspire you to make more themed builds like this! Try it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Clock Tower

Medieval Watch Tower in Minecraft

Are you looking for a build that adds a medieval charm to your Minecraft world? Well, with this build, we feature a medieval watchtower! It's often used to keep guard of any unrecognized NPCs or even players in your base. It has a spacious interior that you can instantly turn into a working survival base! So check this build-out before you're rival makes it first. Watch Tutorial

Forest Watch Tower in Minecraft

Are you looking for a wooden watch tower perfect for your forest builds? Then this build is for you! This forest watch tower gives you the advantage of navigating the forest and locating hidden treasures, mobs, and more! With this simple yet fantastic design, you will surely turn your neck to check out this build. Try it out now! Watch Tutorial

Castle Tower

Do you want a simple tower you'll build alongside your magnificent castle? Or just a stand-alone castle tower? Then this tower is for you! You won't need a lot of materials for this build as it uses easy-to-find items and is starter friendly. It also offers a spacious interior. You can place anything you want inside but don't forget the bed and chests if you use this for your survival base. Check this build now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Castle Tower

Simple Watch Tower in Minecraft

Are you in the market for a stone watch tower? Then you're in the right place! Imagine you have a vast village you want to protect from a rival town or mobs hostile to humans. You'll need a watch tower to detect and spot anything that crosses your vision. To make this tower, you must farm stone bricks, spruce, and dark oak wood! After that, you're ready to build this simple watch tower for your survival world. Check this build now! Watch Tutorial

The Arch Tower

Are you searching for inspiration for your next big build? Then this next tower build will surely fire up your creativity! It's a vast tower built with an intricate design that features two buildings arching together. The towers have a spacious interior inside where you can fit whatever you need to survive in your Minecraft world, assuming you would build this in survival mode. That would be hard, but it'll be worth it! Try it now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: The Arch Tower

Evil Tower

Towers are nice to add to any Minecraft world and come in different styles and patterns. Where in this build, an evil tower will be introduced. Imagine a scary and menacing tower staring right at you! That's what other players and mobs that will and can see your craft! This will surely drain your bank, but it will be worth it! So why not risk it all and give this tower a chance? I'm sure it'll prove itself to you in no time! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Evil Tower

Huge Wizard Tower

Do you find prismarine blocks attractive? What if a tower is built with these beautiful blocks? You might want to check out this spectacular massive wizard tower! It's built with many stones and prismarine blocks as the leading roofing of the tower. Not only will this guide inspire you to develop your wizard tower and make you a powerful warlock, but it will also give you ideas on terraforming! So check it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Huge Wizard Tower

Dark Wizard Tower

Towers are fun to build in Minecraft since they can change the theme and story of your world. Having a tall tower that projects immense pressure makes this create desirable! This dark wizard tower is best fitted for those who want to do big projects in their Minecraft world. Building this in creative will also take time. What more in survival? But don't leave just yet. Finishing this will surely bring you something in return! So why not try and make this dark wizard tower yours? Watch Tutorial
More Details: Dark Wizard Tower

Mage Tower

Have you ever imagined living inside a magical mage tower while feeling the supremacy of your arcane powers? Well, this tower will be perfect for your survival world! Bring out the inner arcanist in you! This tower is not a joke regarding the details and materials used! So better be prepared and expect your bank to be emptied by the construction cost of this magnificent tower! But don't be scared yet, it will surely add so much story! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Mage Tower

Huge Fantasy Tower

Do you want to build an enormous tower that is full of details? Why not try this tower guide for a massive fantasy tower? It will surely add depth to your survival build with this intricately designed fantasy tower. Not only will this tower eat up your material stocks, but it will also consume a lot of time building. But with enough effort, you can surely pull it through and make this wonderful enormous tower yours! Try it out! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Huge Fantasy Tower

Medieval House with Tower

Unlike other spruce builds, this medieval house uses dark oak woods for the trim and fills the rest of the roof with spruce stairs and spruce planks. The details of the house are not significantly built but you can still feel how good it is. We mean, look at the horse stable, the lying logs, and the small porch at the front with a cute dog.

Watch Tutorial

Fairytale Cottagecore Tower

Gorgeous and good-looking is what we describe when it comes to medieval or fantasy buildings. A small fairy hut on top of a tower, like some sort of a magical elf who lives on top of the world and observes the world every day. Azalea leaves, spruce wood, amethyst cluster, purpur blocks, and cut copper are what you need for this build.

Watch Tutorial

Basic Minecraft Windmill Tower

Windmill may be easy to illustrate but it’s a little bit harder to build practically, so this first idea will show you the basic design. First of all, let’s choose an appropriate location to place your windmill, in the middle of the forest or on the grassland are the most common suggestions. Spruce logs and cobblestones are recommended to build the foundation, and the body of the windmill is installed with oak logs, spruce logs, and concrete.

The height of the windmill is up to you. The taller the windmill, the more amazing the view you’ll see. When you meet the height you want, then pay attention to the most important part of the windmill - its blades. Spruce fence plays a role as a case of the blade, and concrete as the main material (or wool) made your blade look sturdy. After finished, let’s take a rest and enjoy your accomplishment.

Watch tutorial

Ancient Witch Tower

A large building, isolated on a high hill, this castle is inhabited by dark witches. Bringing long-standing ancient architecture, and a deep color tone, creating a bleak and ghostly building.

Castles with three floors will contain many secret rooms which can contain beasts for example. It is round and has a roof similar to a witch's hat, made from variations of bricks, such as brick stairs, slabs, and walls. There is a chimney above and a small place next door like a warehouse and next to it is a staircase.

Walls are made from stone blocks and cobblestone. There is also mossy green on the walls made from mossy cobblestone. The floor is made from blocks of spruce stairs.

Please watch the tutorial video below for more detailed instructions. Note that the video uses BSL shader and resource packs, make sure to install them to make your witch castle as beautiful as possible.

Watch tutorial

More Details: Ancient Witch Tower

Epic Witch Tower

Isolated in the swamp, this Minecraft witch house design has strange architecture, and is quite scary, right?

The tower wall is made from stone brick combined with cobblestone. The pillars to support the space on the top of the tower are made from dark oak logs. The roof is made from a dark oak stair, with a view to all four corners. Besides, you can decorate with plant blocks such as vines, and mushrooms.

Do you wonder why the square block can give such an image of a real lake? Thanks to the effect of improving the graphics from the texture pack, what are you waiting for, install it right away.

Watch tutorial

More Details: Epic Witch Tower

Ultimate Survival Tower

Another tall buildable house for any survival-mode Minecraft player. The main building materials of this tower are spruce and oak variants, followed by a little brick and cobblestone, the rest are materials that make up insignificant amounts. With many floors to accommodate all of your needs, this house appears to have been intended to serve as the ultimate survival base of operations.

The home includes an observatory on the top with a little balcony, which makes the entire landscape appear miniature to you. It also has carefully designed and surrounded windows, which guarantee that the structure will be a remarkable sight for any players who approach your house. To serve your survival, you can also grow some things like wheat, potatoes, and others.

Watch Tutorial

Arabian Styled Desert Tower

A lot of people prefer building their survival houses in grassy biomes, woodlands, and even marshes and cliffs. But it's well known that Minecraft players are afraid to build homes in deserts.

One of the most despised biomes in the game is the desert, as is widely known. Living in a desert is quite boring because there aren't many plants or other constructions there. Additionally, when a desert biome serves as the world's spawn location, food is scarce.

However, this design will give you a different look and inspiration. With simple resources, Arabian Styled Desert Tower like this stand out in the biomes by utilizing the various types of sandstone.

Watch Tutorial

Wizard Tower

With this wizard design, you may add a sinister touch to your home. This time with the perfect house for a proficient and courageous wizard. This wizard tower house, consisting of stone bricks, spruce wood, and red brick roofs, cobblestone walls, stairs, slabs, appears to have been in place for ages.

The ideal design for someone who wants to live in a tall, stark, distinctive tower. It appears to be an old and mysterious mansion that is encircled by plants. By including lights or flags,... you may express your creativity and make the design stand out.

Watch Tutorial

More Details: Wizard Tower

Abandoned Watchtower in Minecraft

Abandoned Watchtower could be found on the tops of Cliffs and Mountains, players can use them to see lots of biomes from this tower or hide some loot chests inside. This house has no rooms, only a staircase connecting the base to the top of the tower. This tower is overrun with vines on its outside walls, at the top of the tower there is a small space big enough to lookout/view the whole biome. Players can rebuild the tower in their own style or obtain important uncommon items. Abandoned Watchtowers are ruined and made of spruce planks for the floor, stone bricks, and cobblestone as a wall. Around the house are scattered blocks with wet moss around like bricks, and cobblestones,... making the house like an abandoned construction. Watch Tutorial

Minecraft Glass Tower

This is one of the best Minecraft house ideas and a suitable blueprint in case you want a forest-theme glass house!

There is no need to talk much about it as you can look at it and the way it is built is quite similar to that idea above except the first floor is used for crops. Decorative blocks are up to you, in addition, oak leaves help bring a grassy look.

In fact, the foundation is made of white cobblestone instead of smooth quartz which shows little distinction compared to the modern one.

Watch tutorial

More Details: Minecraft Glass Tower

Ultimate Survival Tower Base

A watchtower with an overhead view will provide an unforgettable experience. With a 4-sided symmetrical design style, it will be extremely easy to build. The pillar is made of an oak log and stripped spruce log, covered with a spruce fence and cobblestone wall for added detail.

The bottom floor wall is cobblestone with the main door being a spruce door and the window made of iron bar. The wall of the rest is stripped oak log and long glass pane windows. At the top of the tower will be a larger space, with railing from an oak fence, and a roof made of spruce stairs with a stone brick border.

Watch tutorial

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