The BEST Cliff House Ideas and Blueprints (2023)


Cliff Minecraft House Ideas

Overgrown Cliffside Mud and Mangrove Houses

Not so fancy even with shaders on, but these overgrown cliffside houses bring a peaceful vibe, just imagine waking up in the morning on those houses! Look at the detail of the pathway as well as the houses themself. You may need to install custom texture packs for this one for that bulky dirt of the houses.

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Hanging Cliff House

A hanging cliff house is a super cool Minecraft house idea that you’ve ever thought about. Instead of making it hang from the cliff, hanging a mini-house from a treehouse is also a great idea!

The house is hung up on a chain made of grindstone and primarily made from spruce trapdoor and andesite. The best part about this design is that it allows us to have a surrounding view thanks to its location, so the walls should be made out of glass.

Its interior space isn’t as big as expected so we recommend setting just a few stuff, but oak leaves and lanterns are quite essential for any house. In fact, you can build a ladder in the middle of the house to easily get in or get out. Hostile mobs will hate this house for sure!

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