The most creative Minecraft Wizard House Ideas


Minecraft Wizard House Ideas

Fantasy Wizard House

What do you know about wizards? One thing we know is that the new amethyst cluster looks like some kind of magical crystal that can be used to empower the building.

With a bold medieval design where the bottom of the house is small and makes it way larger than the roof, this fantasy tall house also adds leaves, vines, lanterns, and a bunch of amethyst blocks to add a magical aspect to the house!

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Wizard Tower

With this wizard design, you may add a sinister touch to your home. This time with the perfect house for a proficient and courageous wizard. This wizard tower house, consisting of stone bricks, spruce wood, and red brick roofs, cobblestone walls, stairs, slabs, appears to have been in place for ages.

The ideal design for someone who wants to live in a tall, stark, distinctive tower. It appears to be an old and mysterious mansion that is encircled by plants. By including lights or flags,... you may express your creativity and make the design stand out.

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