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Sky Minecraft House Ideas

Build Your Noble House Skyrim Mod

Who doesn’t wanna build their house by themselves? This house-building mod lets you live your fantasies by allowing you to build your own noble house in Skyrim. You will begin with a tent and a small shed and turn it into a whole village which will have your own fortified house where you can keep your husband/wife and up to 6 children. You use use the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod with the "Bless this home" spell to use it as a adoption-friendly house mod.

Moreover, the buildings you build will yield revenue and materials that will daily end up in your shed. How cool, right? So get this chance of building a noble house for yourself in both Oldrim and SSE from the links below!

Download LC_Build Your Noble House mod for Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition.

Haven Bag – A Skyrim House Mod

Haven bag is a magical bag with infinite possibilities. Although small and portable in size, it can hold much more inside, i.e., you can even live inside this bag! That’s right. It’s like a portable house. You will find it in your armor inventory and will need to equip it in order to go inside the bag (live in it). There’s a bed, multiple containers, a rack, a sharpening wheel, and a lot of stuff inside your Haven bag.

Download Haven Bag mod for Oldrim, Skyrim Special Edition and Xbox One.

Skyscraper Modern House

It's hard to create any really modern-looking house in Minecraft because of the blocks' relatively conventional and rustic appearance. But if you're in creative mode, they can impress you with how they appear, like this Skyscraper Modern House. This cool Minecraft house has a rooftop garden and seven floors, each with a balcony.

One of the best materials to utilize when creating this house is gray and white concrete. The majority of contemporary structures can benefit from using light blue stained glass panes to create large windows and glass balconies. A row of oak leaves surrounds the building, and next to it is a row of white tulips, which also tend to fit the modern style.

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