TOP Halloween Minecraft House Ideas: Our FAVORITES


Halloween Minecraft House Ideas

Cute Halloween Witch House

Let’s bring Halloween into your Minecraft world with these super cute witch houses. The house is like a sphere, wearing a witch's hat.

Everything is made of concrete. White concrete walls, with doors and windows from brown concrete. The roof is shaped like a witch's hat with a curved pyramid, and wide brim, stylized with ribbons.

You can decorate with lanterns, pumpkin lanterns in the shape of devils, inside with torches for distinctive orange light, and are also made of concrete.

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Cute Upgraded Halloween Witch House

This is an upgraded version, the second-floor house looks like an extremely cute snowman.

You can keep the previous design, and create the body of the snowman to make the first floor. The awning or what you can call is snowman's scarf is made of concrete the same color as the witch's hat.

In addition, in the video tutorial below, we also install BSL shaders to increase the graphics, so your house will look much better.

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Halloween Pumpkin House

A big pumpkin is good as guaranteed to spook and delight the neighbors, house guests, and trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. The house has two floors and is meticulously shaped. The first floor is built in the shape of a Halloween pumpkin and the second floor is shaped like a witch's hat.

The house is mainly built from wood with two main types of wood: Acacia Wood Planks and Ebony Wood Planks. The inside of the house is illuminated by jack-o-lanterns with a bright light reflecting through the windows and doors of the house like menacing eyes to devilish grins. The inside is covered with cobwebs and wet objects that give the house a creepy feeling. Remember to install shaders for the best view!

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