Ultra Light Minecraft House Ideas Listed


Ultra Light Minecraft House Ideas

Light Academia Minecraft Starter House

Well, this may not look like some "starter houses" you're expecting in Minecraft. But hey! This light academia mansion is still doable with a little effort! While the building is completely symmetrical, you can copy one part of the build after finishing the first one. Later, you can build lovely domes on top of each main structure for the extra aesthetic!

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Overgrown Minecraft Lighthouse

Unique and beautiful is what this overgrown lighthouse brings. When it comes to the lighthouse, you may see other styles than overgrown such as modern, futuristic, or even cartoon styles. But when combining them with some hanging leaves and mossy stone at the bottom, the lighthouse just becomes more alive!

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Inspiration from real life, a Lighthouse in Minecraft can be built easily with the correct technique and provide lights to ships at the night. You can also build this even high up to completely replace the beacon in Minecraft, or you can just build the beacon underground and let the beam illuminate the sky!

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