Skyrim Furry Race Mods

Top 10 Skyrim Furry Race Mods

Here is a list of our ten best-recommended Skyrim furry race mods available, to turn Skyrim into a… furry business!

#10 Forbidden Luxury- The Fur Traders Legacy

Created by DapperNathaniel

Although not a Skyrim furry race mod per se, this is still an amazingly gruesome mod, allowing to skin other NPCs and take their furs, thus making it pretty much related to our other recommended mods on this list.

Forbidden luxury gets inspiration from the in-game book “Confessions of a Khajiit Fur Trader”. Next to the book found in Dead Drop Falls, this mod now adds the Fur Trader’s tools. Equipping the tools will allow you to skin any NPC race, as well as Falmer and Dremora skins.

The hides can also be burned into a smelter and turned into ash with alchemical properties based on the race’s stats bonuses. Or they can be sold for a small fortune.

There is an armor set available in this mod, also. It’s craftable under the Steel category of the forge and requires only Argonian and Khajiit skins.

Download here

#9 Cats of Skyrim

Created by Fluffy

This mod changes all playable races’ appearance into Khajiits. It affects children as well.

All racial traits and skills remain untouched, and the facial features, including hair, beards, and face tints, are carried over from the previous looks. Children also have different clothes because default children’s clothes are not designed to fit Khajiits.

Download here

#8 Feminine Khajiit Textures

Created by MONSTERaider

Ever wanted to play a female Khajiit, and the only thing that made you change your mind is their looks? Well, not anymore!

This mod will make your female Khajiit look more like a human with a sexier appearance. Feminine Khajiit comes with two main variations (Grey Cat and Leopard), including a furry option.

Download here

#7 Kygarra

Created by Wolf of the Azar

This mod adds a spotted hyena-like playable beast race which you can choose for your Skyrim character.

Download here

#6 Lykaios Race

Created by KrittaKitty and Bad Dog

A subspecies of the forest-dwelling Vukasin tribe, the Lykaios are thought to be distantly related to the long-extinct Vulpine Lilmothiit peoples of Black Marsh. The nomadic Lykaios have no homeland; instead, they live in small family packs in the coldest and most inaccessible parts of Tamriel. Excellent hunters and trackers, the Lykaios are a hardy and rugged people resistant to cold and most diseases.

You can play as a Lykaios, male or female, with this mod. The race has its own facial markings, abilities, and perks.

Download here

#5 Vaalsark

Created by Wolf of the Azar

This mod adds the Vaalsark, a canine-like race, though they don’t happen to be based on any single real-world animal in particular. The race is playable with its own stats, skills, and racial features.

Download here

#4 The Lungaris

Created by Mickyan

Natives of an island off the coast of Valenwood, the Lungaris are secluded peoples that generally avoid civilization. Instead, they form small communities of hunters and gatherers. The Lungaris are highly agile with faster wound-regeneration and very sharp senses. They have difficulty studying magic, but are skilled with bow and blade.

This mod adds a playable rabbit-like race, the Lungaris,  with unique traits and powers, and new NPCs of said race.

Download here

#3 Vukasin

Created by ArcticCarnage

Natural born hunters, blessed by Hircine himself. The Vukasin have thrived through the ages by living off the land, as a result. They hail from a secluded and little-known forest in Tamriel. Hundreds of years of living in the wilderness have granted them a certain level of immunity to diseases and poisons, as well as a great understanding of beasts. Vukasin are often confused for werewolves at first glance, because of their canine features. Thus, many misunderstandings have arisen, because of that, concerning this noble race.

Vukasin are a wolf-like playable race with unique stats and racial abilities.

Download here

#2 Furry Age of Skyrim

Created by Trado – Fluffy – Jelly – Mickyan – Wolf of the Azar – ArcicCarnage – KrittaKitty

This mod changes all the playable races in the game to look like anthropomorphic animals, also known as furries. Unplayable races like the elder race and children look like Khajiits. Dark elves and Orcs look like Khajjits, also.

Now, this mod is purely a visual change. Gameplay-related stuff stays the same, as a result. Orcs are not Khajiits with night vision. They are still referred to as Orcs. When a Wolf-looking Nord says “Skyrim belongs to the Nords!” to another Wolf-looking Imperial, they still mean that as a race-thing, even if their differences and similarities are changed with this mod.

Things that aren’t changed include hair, beards, face tints, in-game text and descriptions, racial stats and abilities, in order to increase compatibility with other mods.

Download here

#1 Furry Age of Skyrim Expanded

Created by Bad Dog

This mod expands on the ideas of #2 Furry Age of Skyrim. It turns all the humans in Skyrim into furries also, with beast feet and beast schlongs. Thus, all Skyrim races are transformed into animal races. You can also play as a Dremora (panther-style) or snow elf. The change is aesthetic only though.

Since it is the latest addition to the Skyrim furry race mods, making it the most detailed and updated of all, it deservedly takes our #1 spot!

Download here

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