Skyrim SE Viking Mods: List of The Best Free Mods in 2021 (PC/PS4/Xbox)


Welcome to today’s post about the best Viking mods for Skyrim (SE)! For players of the Special Edition it is sometimes difficult to find the right mods. This is especially true for special interests, such as an interest in Viking-style mods. We hope that we can help you at least a little bit with this list.

List of Viking Mods that work with Skyrim Special Edition (SE)

#3 Ragnar Viking Hair for Xbox One

  • Availalable for Xbox One
  • The perfect mod for fans of the Viking series on Netflix!
  • Published on Bethesda.

#2 Viking Beard Skyrim Mod (PS4)

  • Availalable for PS4
  • This mod has been published at Bethesda.
  • Created via existing mods, as Sony does not allow to include external assets.
  • Accessible via the customization menu.

#1 Orsimer Shaved Ponytails for Humans SE (PS4)

  • Availalable for PS4
  • Found on
  • This mod is based on the mod of the same name available for the PC version available at Nexus.

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