Skyrim Viking Weapon Mods true Viking Must Have!


In this list we have compiled the best Viking weapons for Skyrim!

The 11 Best Vikgin Weapon Mods for Skyrim

#11 Vikings Weaponry – Johnskyrim


  • Available for PC
  • From the TV show Vikings
  • Comes in 2K and 4K resolutions

#10 Skyrim Viking Weaponry Mod


  • Available for PC
  • Set of Viking-related weaponry

#9 Yggdrasil Viking Sword


  • Nice sword that is loosely based on Fable Blades’ Yggdrasil sword

#8 Matherian Viking Shields Set – MVSS


  • This set includes more than 22 viking shields
  • You can create them in any forge
  • You can take from corpses of bandits

#7 The Matherian Viking Shields Set II – The 13th Warrior Viking Camp Edition


  • This set includes more than 77 new historically accurate Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Roman-Britain, Russian shields
  • Wooden shields
  • Shields like from THE 13th WARRIOR movie
  • New VIKING OUTPOST to the northern side of DAWNSTAR

#6 Viking Spawn Axe


  • This axe is designed by McFarlane and wielded by the great Viking Spawn
  • You can create this axe at any crafting forge
  • Crafting this axe requires the steel smithing perk
  • Base damage: 30, Weight: 30

#5 Viking Armour and Weapons Compilation


  • This set includes four authentic types of low fantasy Viking style armour
  • Additionally you will get weapons of various levels.
  • It must be used with The Chronicles of Steel Skyrim mod

#4 Viking weapons from Midgardr


  • This mod includes swords, battle axe, and shield
  • All items can be crafted at any forge

#3 Ragnar’s Shield – Vikings


  • An exact copy of the Ragnar´s shield from “the Vikings” series.

#2 Viking Sword -Petersen Type X-

#1 Vikings Weapons and Armor Set

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