The Best Skyrim Viking Shield Mods in 2021


In this list you will find the best Viking Shields mods for Skyrim. If you are a fan of the TV series Vikings, this is the right place for you! I wish you a lot of fun with my list!

The Best (Free) Vikings Shields for Skyrim

#5 Matherian Viking Shields Set – MVSS


  • This set includes more than 22 viking shields
  • You can create them in any forge
  • You can take from corpses of bandits

#4 The Matherian Viking Shields Set II – The 13th Warrior Viking Camp Edition


  • This set includes more than 77 new historically accurate Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Roman-Britain, Russian shields
  • Wooden shields
  • Shields like from THE 13th WARRIOR movie
  • New VIKING OUTPOST to the northern side of DAWNSTAR

#3 Ragnar’s Shield – Vikings


  • An exact copy of the Ragnar´s shield from “the Vikings” series.

#2 Viking Spawn Shield


  • Adds craft-able shield in the Viking style to the game

#1 Lagertha’s Shield – Vikings

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