The Best Skyrim Viking Mods in 2021!

Are you looking for Viking mods for Skyrim SE? The selection of mods is unfortunately very limited, which is why the search can sometimes be very exhausting! But we have good news for you! Because we have compiled a list of the best Viking-style mods for you. The list includes mods for the PC, but also mods for the PS4 and Xbox One, whereby the majority of mods were created for the PC version.

The Best Viking Mods (2021 List) for Skyrim SE

#7 Ragnar Viking Hair for Xbox One

  • Availalable for Xbox One
  • The perfect mod for fans of the Viking series on Netflix!
  • Published on Bethesda.

⤳ Xbox One Mods: Find more Viking Xbox One mods here!

#7 Ragnar Viking Hair for PC

  • Here’s the PC version of the Ragnar viking hairstyle!

#6 Skyrim Ragnar Lothbrok Racemenu Preset Mod

  • Another awesome mod for PC based on the Viking character Ragnar

#5 Viking Beard Skyrim Mod (PS4)

  • Availalable for PS4
  • This mod has been published at Bethesda.
  • Created via existing mods, as Sony does not allow to include external assets.
  • Accessible via the customization menu.

#4 Hallgarth’s Additional (Vanilla) Hair SE (PC)

  • Available for PC
  • Adds more than 80 hairstyles

#3 Skyrim Viking Chainmail Armor Mod

  • Available for PC
  • Published on Nexus Mods
  • Lore friendly mod
  • Heavy and light armor

#2 Orsimer Shaved Ponytails for Humans SE (PS4)

  • Availalable for PS4
  • Found on
  • This mod is based on the mod of the same name available for the PC version available at Nexus.

#2 Orsimer Shaved Ponytails for Humans SE (PC)

  • This is the originial PC version of the shaved ponytails shown before!

#1 Skyrim Viking Character Preset Mod (PC)

  • Availalable for PC
  • Published on Nexus Mods
  • Viking character preset found at Nexusmods.

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