Viking Armor Mods for Skyrim: My Favorites in 2021


I’ve already made some posts about various Viking mods for Skyrim – but what was missing until now is an overview of my favorite Armor mods. Long story short: Here is the list and I hope it will be helpful for you!

The Best Skyrim Viking Armor Mods in 2021

#7 Skyrim Viking Chainmail Armor Mod


  • Available for PC
  • Authenntic Viking chainmail set
  • Working with all genders and races
  • Lore friendly!

#6 Vikings Weaponry – Johnskyrim


  • Available for PC
  • From the TV show Vikings
  • Comes in 2K and 4K resolutions

#5 Viking Armour and Weapons Compilation


  • This set includes four authentic types of low fantasy Viking style armour
  • Additionally you will get weapons of various levels.
  • It must be used with The Chronicles of Steel Skyrim mod

#4 Viking retexture v30’s armor extended

#3 Vikings Weapons and Armor Set

#2 Viking Helmet

#1 Craftable Viking Helmet

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