How to Get Requiem Mods Warframe?


Everything You Need to Know About Requiem Mods Warframe!

By Yamna

Requiem mods Warframe
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Requiem mods in Warframe are a part of special Parazon mods and are the only way you can permanently injure a Corpus Sister or Kuva Lich’s Continuity. Each of the requiem mod is an enigmatic phrase fragment of a holw Requiem Sequence. 

Requiem mods do not have any polarity, possess a drain of 0, and hold a maximum of 3 charges per mod for a rank 0 mod. You can determine the number of charges by looking at the bright red dots located on the mod’s icon above the word “PARAZON”.

Every time you use a mod in a Requiem sequence to permanently sever a Corpus Sister or a Luva Lich, the mod’s rank will increase by 1 and a charge will be used up. Once all the three charges have been drained, the mod will reach at rank 3, become powerless, and will be Defiled. 

You can only break down Defiled mods into Endo, sell them for Credits, or transmute them. You can use 4 Requiem mods including the rank 3 Defile mods to change them into a single new, random, rank 0 Requiem mod that is fully charged.

How Many Requiem Mods are there in Warframe?

There are 8 different Requiem mods Warframe appearing in the Requiem Relics. These include, Lohk, Xata, Jahu, Vome, Ris, Fass, Netra, and Khra. Every Kuva Lich is vulnerable to a random mix of three of these mods. When in Arsenal, you can equip these mods to your Parazon. 

However, it is challenging to figure out which mods to use and what order to use them in. You will have to play missions on Nodes that are controlled by your Kuva Lich to kill their Thralls.

Once your Kuva Lich’s Thralls have been killed, you will get Requiem Murmur. Collecting some of these Murmurs will show one of the mods that your Kuva Lich is vulnerable to. In the same way, you can figure out all the mods required to harm your Kuva Lich. However, you will need to determine the right order of these mods on your own by trial and error.

How to Get Requiem Mods Warframe?

If a Kuva Lick is following you, you will need to use Requiem mods to get rid of them. You will need to carry out all the Kuva Flood and Kuva Siphon missions to acquire these mods. Once you’ve completed these missions, you will be rewarded with Requiem Relics. 

You will always get a Relic from the Kuva Flood missions, whereas there’s a 30% chance of getting a Relic from the Kiva Siphon missions. When you have a Requiem Relic, finish a Fissure mission on the Kuva Fortress by finding it in the Fissure missions list. 

To finish the objective, you will have to pick ten reactants. Once the mission has been finished, you can decide which reward you want from the dropped Relic items.

You can also upgrade the Requiem Relics using Void Traces. Their rewards come in three tiers, including Common, Uncommon, and Rare rewards. The Requiem mods will fall into any of these categories. Whereas the rest of the tiers will be filled with rewards like Kuva, Riven Slivers, and Vitus Essence.

To get mods in the Rare category, you will be required to upgrade your Relic to Radiant. Since you can never tell which mods will kill your Kuva Lich, it’s always a good idea to farm up one of each mod.

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Requiem Mods Warframe Market

Requiem mods in Warframe are tradeable between players. No matter which rank your mod is, you can trade them with other players by giving a trade tax of 2,500. You can even trade the rank 3 Defiled mods. To trade these mods, you can interact with other Warframe players in the Requiem mods market and trade Requiem mods.

Goodluck defeating your Kuva Lich!