The Best Warframe Mods for Players to Farm


Get Your Hands on These Best Warframe Mods to Make Every Effort You Put into Your Fights Worthwhile!

By Yamna


Warframe is an epic online third-person shooter game which is absolutely free to play. The game is available for all platforms including Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. If you have just started playing Warframe or have been grinding your hours in the game for a while, then you would like to get the most of your game.

In this article, we will share some of the most essential and best Warframe mods so you can make every second spent in game worthwhile! So let’s dive right in. 

1. Vitality

Vitality is an absolute must-have Warframe mod for everyone! In addition to giving you survivability, the mod also gives you a lot of energy to fight your foes. Vitality offers a 10% increase in health, which makes it a great option to equip yourself with on your missions. This mod also reduces the time between throwing consecutive threats by 2 seconds. You will also notice a 2 second decrease in the time it takes to take an aim. 

2. Corrosive Projection

Corrosive Projection is a utility mod for Warframe that reduces your enemy’s armor and damages them over time. Perfect to equip it with weapons that have high armor penetration, including rifles and shotguns. What’s more, you can even stack this mod by using it together with four players. When stacked, this mod will increase your enemy’s armor by a whopping 72%, making it easy for you to wipe out elite enemies and bosses.

3. Redirection

Redirection is yet another crucial Warframe mod that increases your Warframe’s maximum health by up to 30%. However, the mod also decreases your shield with an equal amount. So it’s basically a tradeoff for higher health. It will especially come handy if you are playing with a tanky Warframe such as Valkyr or Rhino.

4. Vacuum

Vacuum is one of the best Warframe mods that comes in handy when you’re playing with multiple players in a team. That’s because this mod lets you pull in pickups, energy orbs, and health orbs towards you. You can also rely on this mod in end-game content to increase your team’s survivability. You will need this mod to collect as many orbs as you can easily.

5. Intensify

Intensify is one of the best Warframe mods for both singleplayer and multiplayer games. This end-game mod gives your weapons and Warframes a lot of powers, including increased damage. This will especially come in handy for bosses with a high health pool or for players who farm Archwing missions. Many people find it absolutely useful for powerful enemies and end-game weapons. 

This mod adds a flat percent bonus to increase the player’s damage, no matter what damage they are doing. You can also stack this mod as an add-on with other mods that increase your damage.

6. Energy Siphon

Energy Siphon is yet another great mod for Warframe. This mod decreases the cost of your frame’s ability and also gives back the energy if there is an energy leech on the weapon. 

7. Power Drift

Power Drift is yet another mod related to energy that offers you a bonus of 30% energy capacity.

8. Streamline 

Streamline is one of the best Warframe mods for any frame that has elemental or energy damage. This mod reduces the amount of energy that is required to cast abilities. For instance, this mod will reduce the energy cost it takes to cast Nova’s 3rd ability by a whopping 33%. A perfect mod for frames to gain powerful strength and energy management.

9. Continuity

Continuity is a great mod for enemies who have low armor and high health. This mod will also give you a critical chance. For instance, when you are with a team doing boss runs or completing syndicate missions, you can use this mod on enemies who are low on armor and have a high health. Equip this in the last slot of your loadout to increase the critical hit of your Warframe. 



So that’s all, folks! Enjoy these best Warframe mods to get increased stats on your weapons and powers. If you are new to Warframe or have been playing it for a while, these mods are highly recommended!