Warframe Augment Mods: Everything You Need to Know


Find out what Warframe Augment Mods are and how you can acquire the best Augment mods for your Warframes!

By Yamna

Warframe Augment Mods
Credits: Grind Hard Squad

Warframe Augment mods are a special kind of mods that fall under the main or sub slot of the game’s modding tree. Although the Augment mods do not directly increase the damage of your Warframe, they do offer you an upper by augmenting your gameplay. These mods offer a great change of pace that players can benefit from. 

How to Get Warframe Augment Mods?

In order to get Warframe Augment mods, you will first need to join a Syndicate by going to the Orbitor’s Syndicate station next to Navigation. Once you’re in, select “Initiation” for your desired Syndicate and you will get a Syndicate Sigil.

Now equip the Sigil to your Warframe at the Arsenal. Once you have equipped your Sigil and started completing the Missions, you will receive a Syndicate Standing that can be used to purchase items and progress in your Syndicate Rank. Once you reach the highest Syndicate Rank, you will get Warframe Augment mods.

The Best Warframe Augment Mods of All Time

Now that you know how to get Warframe Augment mods, we decided to create a list of the most useful and best Augment mods in Warframe. So let’s take a look at them, shall we?

  1. Nidus Larva Synergy (Primed)

Nidus has pretty impressive abilities in his arsenal. However, his Larva ability has got to be the absolute best for teamplay. When you combine this Augment mod with Vitality and Sigil of Renewal on a Larva before it expires, it will transform your Larva into a self-healing system that can easily sustain the health of up to 4 players. 

Although this mod does not increase the duration of Nidus’s Larva, it is stackable. It basically increases the amount of healing you get by 20% (stacked with Vitality’s bonus). The mod will also let your Larva fully recover your health, no matter how low you are.

  1. Saryn Repurposed Octavia (Primed)

This Augment mod for Saryn was first introduced right after her very first animation rework made her popular again. This mod gives a serious increase in power to Saryn, especially fighting against Eidolons.

You can use this Augment mod to transform your Miasma into a purifying cloud that deals damage to Eidolon’s tentacles and stuns them, slowing their speed. You can also use it to expand your Miasma with a melee swing, as well as hit the ability again to increase its duration. However, the mod does not let you use Tox Lash more than one time without its cooldown. 

One thing that you should note about this mod is that it does not require you to equip Primed mods. 

  1. Vay Hek Frequency Tuning (Primed)

This Augment mod is actually the only one that offers some usage. What’s more, it’s not just for Rhino. In fact, you can also use it with Volt, Nezha, Vauba, and Mag. Use this mod to transform your Warframes into godly beings who can defeat huge swarms of enemies effortlessly and keep your team from dying.

This Augment mod for Warframes will only work if you are on your Operator but not increase your abilities. In fact, it will improve the effectiveness of various abilities by more than 60%, including proc chance, status duration, and magnitude.

  1. Valkyr Hysteria (Primed)

This Warframe Augment mod is one of the best mods for increasing your Warframe’s mobility and melee combat. It basically elevates your Warframe’s basic movements into a dynamic, unique, and startling flurry of death. As a result, your melee strikes will hit twice as hard and recharge your energy at a much faster rate. This mod does not require you to equip Primed mods. 

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So if you are looking for the best Warframe Augment mods, this list has some of the most amazing options for your Warframes. We hope you understand how you can acquire these mods and use them to improve your gameplay.