10+ Best Minecraft Fountain Ideas

Have you ever wondered how wonderful it is to have a central fountain while playing Minecraft in Creative or Survival mode? These compiled fountain builds will surely inspire you and give you sudden accomplishments and joy after you're done building one or more of these fantastic fountain ideas. So be ready and start building right now!

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10+ Best Minecraft Fountain Ideas

Axolotl Fountain

Do you find Axolotls cute and fun to the point where you want to make a building for your pet Axolotls? Then this Axolotl fountain might be for you! It features a head of an axolotl where water flows from its mouth, despite its simple flowers and overused deepslate pool. One factor that made this build into this list is the live Axolotls swimming around the fountain. It's not just a fountain or a structure for your base. It's a home for your pets! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
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Prismarine Fountain

Do you want to bring something unique from those expensive prismarine blocks? Then check out this Prismarine Fountain! The contrast between these cyan blocks, brown dirt, and green grass makes a very appealing structure. Added with decorative flowers, it turned out even better. You could add some lighting to it so you'll be able to appreciate it at night. Check it out. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Prismarine Fountain

Beacon Fountain

Do you want to design your beacon straightforwardly? Then this beacon fountain might work for you! The design of this fountain is exquisite and a little modern with the arching quartz blocks. The shape of this architecture is impressive and unique to the point where it feels luxurious. You can do a lot of customization to this fountain, but it's recommended to make it as simple as possible. Test it out! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Beacon Fountain

Lava Heart Fountain

Are you an intimate person? Or were you searching for something that can surprise your loved ones in Minecraft? Then this lava heart fountain is for you! This build incorporates a heart-shaped glass filled with blazing hot lava standing on a pool of water. You can add glow stones or even be creative with a Redstone mechanism! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Lava Heart Fountain

Three Simple Fountain

Peace and simplicity will indeed favor almost everyone regarding fountain building. Here are three different scales of fountains that you'll surely love. You can choose from the three or you can also build them all! So pick what you like and place them in your hard-worked survival base! Test it out now! Watch Tutorial
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Japanese Fountain

Are you searching for a stunning fountain build that can bring tranquility to your Minecraft world? This Japanese Fountain will surely do the work! It features elegant Japanese architecture that blends with natural elements like grass and tiles. To act like bonsais, it can be enhanced with decorative elements like lanterns and Azalea trees. Test it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Japanese Fountain

Working Stone Fountain

Have you ever thought a small, simple fountain in Minecraft would improve your world and base? Then what if the fountain is functional like a real fountain? But the functionality of this design is what makes it unique! This working stone fountain features a water bubble on top of it. It's also built with different stone cuts. So check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Dragon Head Fountain

Are you seeking a grand and majestic dragon head fountain for your Minecraft world? Then this build is for you! This Dragon Head Fountain has a unique vibe and is perfect for adding a touch of fantasy to your survival base! It's perfectly fit to be constructed on the side of cliffs and mountains. You can also customize the looks of this fountain to your liking! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Dragon Head Fountain

Lava Fountain

Are you looking for a hot twist in your fountain build? Then you might as well try this fiery Lava Fountain! It's perfect for adding a dramatic touch to your nether world base where it naturally fits the environment! To enhance the design, you can surround the lava fountain with obsidians or add decorative elements like soul torches or magma blocks! Test it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Lava Fountain

Medieval Fountain Idea

Do you want to build a medieval fountain with a small chunk of space? Then this build is for you! It consumes a tiny space if you're in a tight base. You can multiply this slight build and put them into multiple places. But it is recommended to put fountains in the middle of the city. It has a lot of reasons, like centralizing your meeting places. It can guide you and give you ideas on how and where you could place other buildings, etc. Check this out now. Watch Tutorial

Five Simple Fountain Ideas

Are you tired of browsing different fountain ideas that you can use for your build? Then check these five simple fountain ideas! This package of wholesome and fantastic ideas is also starter friendly. The resources and materials required for each idea are the essential items you're gathering when starting survival mode! Wood, water, leaves, and more! Check these ideas now and spark your creativity to the next level! Watch Tutorial

Fountain With Reiter Statue

Do you want to create a fountain in Minecraft, but you want to make it more lively and give it an incredible background story? Then this magnificent Fountain Reiter Statue is for you! The mystery behind this excellent build will surely make travelers stop and admire your fountain. You can add additional elements to the surroundings of this fountain statue to support what lore you have made with it. Please test it out now. Watch Tutorial

Copper Dragon Fountain

Are you trying to add a little touch of elegance and grandeur to your Minecraft world? Then it would be best if you considered building this Copper Dragon Fountain. This piece of art will impress your friends and add a sense of luxury to your surroundings! Gather copper as much as possible because you'll need a lot for this build. You can also add your design to this build to make it more personal. Please test it out now. Watch Tutorial

modern City Fountain

Are you planning on building a city in your Minecraft survival or the creative world? Then transform your city with this stunning fountain! This stylish fountain will become the centerpiece of your world because it's eye-catching and straightforward. It is best placed in a park, and place chairs so that civilians would enjoy the vibe while idling along with this beautiful fountain! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: modern City Fountain

Big Fountain

A big fountain in Minecraft can be a stunning piece for any world you're trying to make. It's always recommended to place a fountain in the city center as a gathering place for people. This particular build is made from different stone cuts and is designed to be sophisticated and admirable. Customization is always an option. Always choose to be creative and boost your imagination to the limit! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
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Three Easy Fountain Ideas

Suppose you're looking for more options for fountain ideas. Here are three easy ways to build a fountain in your Minecraft world. Whether you want to flex your builds to other players or inspire them to make an ordinary fountain build, these simple ideas will help you achieve those goals. Check it out now! Watch Tutorial

Fairy Moon Fountain

Do you like to build something from fairy-themed builds? Then this beautiful crescent moon fountain might be a good choice! This fountain features a floating crescent moon on top of a pool of water. The water flows continuously from the bottom of the moon, decorated with colorful flowers that can make your surroundings vivid and cheerful! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Fairy Moon Fountain

Automatic Frog Fountain in Minecraft

This perfect automatic fountain features continuously flowing water coming from a frog's mouth. It's the perfect build for those who adore frogs in Minecraft. The best setting for this build is the swap and the mangrove forest! Well, any biomes that have shallow waters will do. It's made with simple and easy-to-get materials, so you won't have to worry about grinding hours for this build. Please test it out now! Watch Tutorial

Simple Fountain Design

Do you want to create a simple fountain design for your Minecraft world? This simple fountain design might be a good option for you! It's suggested that you build this fountain at the center of a medieval town or even a castle. You can then use this fountain as a guide for your following projects as you already know the middle ground of your medieval town. Check it out now! Watch Tutorial

Dragon Fountain Statue

Now this next build features a dragon statue with other functionalities, such as a fountain. The details in texturing of this statue are exquisite, especially with its small size. Perfect for placing in the city center or on any cliff you want! Please test it out now Watch Tutorial

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