10+ Wonderful Wooden House Ideas for Minecraft


Wooden Minecraft House Ideas

Spruce Wooden Cabin

Not all Minecraft spruce houses only use spruce wood. In contrast, they use other woods like dark oak and oak planks for more differences between each part of the house. And this particular design uses 100% spruce wood as you can see in the column, the spruce stairs on the roof, or the spruce slabs on the side. And please forget about the stone bricks chimney since it's a separate part.

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Deluxe Minecraft Wooden Cabin

Mostly built from wood, this deluxe wooden cabin is a great place for you and your friends to chill out after a hard working day. With a symmetrical design, this cabin is really easy to recreate! Just imagine you find a cabin like this in the middle of the wood, with a warm campfire nearby! Watch Tutorial

Wooden River House

This Wooden River House is a starter home worthy of even the best Minecraft seeds. The house is L-shaped and has more than 4 folded sides with narrow width, deep length, and lack of corners due to the folded form that the folded land creates.

A combination of 415x spruce blanks, 169x spruce logs, 80x spruce fence, 64x campfire, and some spruce stairs makes this a fairly simple build in terms of materials, however, there is a lot of depth and complexity hidden in its intricate arrangement and structure. This Wooden River House into one most definitely worth living in!

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Wooden Chest House

Wooden Chest House is one of the simplest chest houses that we believe you should build in Minecraft! The structure of the house is mostly oak planks and obsidian blocks. Then cover the chest up with some glass panes for more security.

Inside the house, you can keep a large space with some simple furniture like bookcases, a crafting table, a furnace, and chests,... or separate it into different spaces if you want. Besides, you also can add more colored blocks to your house to make it much more significant!

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Upgraded Wooden Chest House

If you are so familiar with Wooden Chest House, Upgraded Wooden Chest House will be the next challenge for you to try out! This house has the same structure as the Wooden Chest House but it is more detailed and sophisticated in design. Whether it's about oak wood planks or spruce blocks, all of the materials are quite easy to get!

The lid of the house is not built vertically, it is designed in a wavy shape towards the front. About the inside of this house, you can build or put any furniture that you want!

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Wooden House

What a nice small wooden house! Isn't it very attractive to look at? Although it is constructed from more ordinary oak wood, the combination of fences, logs, planks, slabs, trapdoors, and staircases adds a lot of diversity and character and makes construction remarkably easy. The front two stories of the house's rectangular form are connected by a staircase.

Since the window is constructed of glass, you can see inside the house by looking through it. Lanterns that may be obtained through crafting are used to decorate the area above the stairs and in front of the glass windows. The second story of the building has a tiny balcony where you can choose to grow plants. This is undoubtedly one of the best Minecraft house ideas available!

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Wooden Starter Rustic House

A simple house with an attic, a base made of spruce planks, and walls with a combination of spruce logs and stripped oak logs. The ceiling is made from oak plank, the roof is made of spruce stairs, reinforced with a border from cobblestone stairs. The top has a chimney made of cobblestone, and on top of it is a campfire protected with a spruce trapdoor.

To get to the attic, make a staircase using an oak stair and you can place a bookshelf, and decorate it with lanterns, this will be the perfect place to read!

Next to it will be a small garden, protecting your plants with fences and trapdoors. In addition, decorating more lanterns and flower pots under the front porch is also an essential thing.

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Wooden Ranch House

This house is very easy to build and it only takes you 15 minutes to complete it. The house has only one floor but contains up to 3 spacious sections, the windows are made of glass allowing you to look inside. Moreover, the shape take inspire from a next-door farm mansion that many Minecraft builders have tried before!

The house is made entirely of wood and quartz, showing the beauty of simple but extremely luxurious countryside houses. The roof is built according to Gambrel Roof with a small slope that makes the whole house quite low. But in general, this is the simplest ranch house you can build on the first day!

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Wooden Starter House

Another countryside theme house that you would love to build. The design we showcase is simple and easy to create. Stone bricks play a part as its foundation while oak wood planks are filled on the ground.

The walls are completely made out of oak planks as well and are divided into two separate rooms. It's your decision to determine the roof style, but it should match the countryside theme. There's no need to decorate the outside, while the inside requires some bookshelves and chests.

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Wooden Storage House

As its name implied, this house is constructed for storage purposes. So it should be built as simplest as possible and minimize mostly decorative stuff.

The house consists of primarily wooden material which is an easy resource requirement. The inside can be filled with up to 740 chests, allow to store anything you can collect in Minecraft world. In fact, you can extend it up to a larger size according to your liking.

Oak plank and spruce plank are used to make pillars, walls, and foundations while cobblestone brings a sturdy look to the house. As we said, the inside is a space for storage so you don’t need to set anything up but chests, and also lanterns are helpful to bring the light. You can add some flower pots or bushes or trees at the front entrance to give it a more natural look.

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Wooden Librarian House

This house combines materials of wood and stone to create a magnificent house design in the forest Biome, making it the ideal construction for enjoying a peaceful life. Because the resource needs are extremely simple, you can make this very early. To give the building a more authentic look, think about fencing off some of the front areas.

On either side, you can set up a farming area. Depending on your interests or requirements, you can grow carrots, apples, beets, potatoes, or others. To have a light source in the fields at night, you can also lay down some Glowstone or construct torches. The design itself comprises a two-story Woodhouse. Given that this house is a medium-sized house, you should have enough room to arrange everything.

One thing you should notice about this design is that hostile mobs like creepers and skeletons can easily spawn and blend in with the surrounding environment. So make sure to put some light sources outside as well!

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Easy Wooden Survival House

Although this is just a simple survival house, this house idea has a sophisticated and modern beauty that has made its tutorial video an extremely attractive youtube video. The house has a frame made from a stripped oak log, walls made from a stripped dark oak log, combined with large windows made of glass panes.

The staircase is a combination of stripped oak log and a spruce stair, leading to a porch made of an extinguished campfire located in front of the room's entrance. You can decorate with blocks like the oak fence, lanterns, and plant blocks depending on your preference.

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Ultimate Wooden Survival Mansion

Do not rush to ignore this idea if you are looking to build a survival place with a large capacity, this is a wooden survival mansion, with an extremely beautiful design. The frame is made of spruce logs and has dark color combined with white birch wood creating a striking construction.

You can use variations of birch wood birch slab and birch stairs for parts of the house such as walls, stairs, floors, roofs, eaves, balconies, and use birch fence for railing. You can add some color to your home with plant blocks in front of the house and a hell entrance for example.

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