27+ Starter House Ideas and Blueprints for Minecraft


Starter Minecraft House Ideas

Light Academia Minecraft Starter House

Well, this may not look like some "starter houses" you're expecting in Minecraft. But hey! This light academia mansion is still doable with a little effort! While the building is completely symmetrical, you can copy one part of the build after finishing the first one. Later, you can build lovely domes on top of each main structure for the extra aesthetic!

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Dark Academia Minecraft Starter House

Another dark academia Minecraft house that requires Mizuno’s 16 Craft texture pack. You may recognize the building above since it's the basic house for most Minecraft players. With the A and L shapes of the roof, combined with the simple brick wall below, and finally applying the resource packs, you will have a gorgeous dark academia house!

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Overgrown Lush Starter House

Using two domes shape and stack them up together, then fill the roof with moss and mossy cobblestone blocks, this build is truly amazing by how natural it looks! To bring the natural vibe furthermore, diorite and calcite with bright white color, combine with the dark spruce wood and all things together create a gorgeous overgrown house!

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Simple Overgrown Starter House

Adorable, lovely, and sweet are the words for this tiny house! Everything looks balanced and fits so well with each other like the dark deepslate trim and the spruce roof on the roof. Or the stripped oak log of the main wall. And with an acceptable usage of the leaves and greenery blocks around the house. This is by far the most efficient overgrown Minecraft house!

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Simple Taiga Starter House

We're all started somewhere. Whether it's oak, birch, or spruce, a wooden starter house is what you first think of, to be honest. If you're lucky to find an old-growth taiga biome - where you can find giant spruce trees, mossy cobblestones, and podzols - this Minecraft spruce wood house design is for you!

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Four Sides Spruce Wood Starter House

Assuming you love symmetrical houses and have found yourself a small taiga biome. It's time to build the four sides spruce house. With a simple design and resources required, you can literally build this in the early game without any problems.

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Budget Spruce Starter House

Another small spruce starter house with two floors and a farm on the first floor. However, this one is kinda budgetable, which means you don't have that many resources and space to work with. And to maximize the spruce wood usage, you should turn most spruce logs into planks, stairs, slabs, and fences.

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Spruce Wood Starter House

Like an on-ground version of a small treehouse, this wooden house will crave into your heart instantly! Just by looking at the overall of the house, you can see the attractiveness of the layout and the depth it brings. Flowers, crops, and water are also play important role in this design!

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3 Level Starter Spruce House

You saw double houses in Minecraft, right? But how about a triple layers starter house? To be honest, this design is one of the best Minecraft house ideas if you're about to make your friends surprise! The aesthetics of the spruce stairs and cobblestone stairs is just awesome. And look how naturally each layer stack on each other!

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Perfect Minecraft Spruce Starter House

Half of the list, and you've come to the perfect Minecraft spruce wood house design! You're not wrong, this is perfect, but it's not on top of the list due to many reasons. But let's take a look at the block palette of this build, they blend so well with each other and all of them are easy to get. The shape and everything else just makes this build look perfect to the eyes.

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