7 GIANT House Ideas for Minecraft you would not believe possible!


Giant Minecraft House Ideas

Giant Suburban Mansion

Imagine living in this suburban mansion, what would you do? With a build this big, we bet you can't explore a whole mansion in just 1 or 2 days. From the clear lawn to the giant swimming pool, or the rooftop with its own connected towers. Surely this will take a lot of time to build this in survival mode!

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Giant Cat House

We have a lovely fox house, now it's time for the cutest creature in the game, a cat. By mimicking the shape of the cat while it's lying on the ground, this design is not only good-looking but also convenient to enter and decorate the cat's inside easily.

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Giant Survival Oak House

Want a house to occupy more players? Here we are to show you!

This Minecraft house design is not only pretty but also accommodating. Its infrastructure with lots of room is a key factor of this building, but don’t be afraid of it, because this oak Minecraft house can be done in a repetitive manner. Rooms covered by glass panes, roofs made of oak stairs and oak slabs, farms with grass blocks, cows, and horses, that’s all we need.

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Giant Chest House

Giant Chest House is one of the simplest chest houses that we recommend you build for the first time in this style house in Minecraft! Start with preparing a basic layout of square space to build the body of the chest and then you will continue to build the lid of the chest.

Inside the house, you decorate your chest house much prettier like building a small swimming pool, making the stairs to the lid of the chest house, or also setting up one small garden.

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Giant Suburban Mansion

Take a look at this thumbnail above and imagine how insane and incredible it is when having such a giant, enormous mansion! This Minecraft building consists of a mixture between oak, dark oak, birch, quartz, stone, and white terracotta. The structure is a 3-story style, with multiple rooms, or facilities placed on a vast area.

You can set up each floor with any kind of facility according to your liking, but no matter what kind of room it is, you will need to set up a number of light sources such as glowstone blocks to make the best view of this mansion, although you will find it tricky.

The outside decoration is filled with a massive swimming pool placed in the middle, 2-layer entrance yard, which made the extraordinary look. We recommend grabbing another player to help you with this. Otherwise, building this mansion will be an absolutely time-consuming process.

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Giant Pumpkin House

Other than its huge body, the interior of the house looks modern and easy to build with large room space for the whole house. The wall is built from orange terracotta for the corners of the wall, then make a border out of orange concrete. Let’s set up a sea lantern on the edge of the floor to light it up. You can place it all over the rim.

We should make light hanging from the stair. Let's make it with glass panes and jack-o-lanterns. A jack-o-lantern creates more light than the torch used to make it. You can also add Halloween decorations to match the theme.

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Giant Chicken House

You are a chicken lover, and you want such a cute house, this is a great idea for you!

A house that has a chicken figure is made of concrete blocks. The chicken's legs are made of yellow concrete, which is the supporting pillar for the whole house. The body made from white concrete is the main space of the house, with the entrance at the back. The steps are made from a trapdoor covered with a yellow carpet.

Light up the entrance as well as the space inside the house with a red rod, which is chained to the iron bar located on either side of the entrance. The head is made from concrete with different colors, you can see details in the video tutorial below.

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