9 Awesome Dark Academia Minecraft House Ideas & Tutorial


Dark Academia style has always been a good theme when you love the aesthetic, mystery, and charismatic vibe. And what if we can apply this to the building style in Minecraft? In this article, we will show you a list of high-class, ornamental, and decorative dark academia Minecraft house ideas. And a detailed tutorial right below!

Dark Academia Minecraft House

Remember that to achieve the maximum feeling and the styling of the dark academia theme, using custom resource packs and sometimes Minecraft mods are recommended. But still, those builds look good enough with the default Minecraft's texture pack.

Without further it does, let's go!

List of Dark Academia Minecraft Houses

Dark Academia Cottage

In the fourth place is the combination of the dark academia mansion and the cottagecore house. This cottage mainly uses bricks and spruce wood, and with some glass blocks, you can easily build this in the early game.

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More Details: Dark Academia Cottage

Light Academia Minecraft Starter House

Well, this may not look like some "starter houses" you're expecting in Minecraft. But hey! This light academia mansion is still doable with a little effort! While the building is completely symmetrical, you can copy one part of the build after finishing the first one. Later, you can build lovely domes on top of each main structure for the extra aesthetic!

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Dark Academia House with Cocricot Mod

This dark academia house looks outstanding at first glance! Do you know why? Just look at those fences, hanging lightbulbs, and the detailed texture on the wall! In order to follow and rebuild this dark camp, you need to install those mods below:

When you're done, please stick to the guide video since it's already detailed enough. Haikality will guide you through the exteriors to interiors such as a library, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, upstairs rooms, hangout area, and even more!

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Dark Academia Minecraft Starter House

Another dark academia Minecraft house that requires Mizuno’s 16 Craft texture pack. You may recognize the building above since it's the basic house for most Minecraft players. With the A and L shapes of the roof, combined with the simple brick wall below, and finally applying the resource packs, you will have a gorgeous dark academia house!

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Cottagecore and Fairycore Dark Academia House

Now you can see the dark academia house fits super well with the surrounding environment. By taking advantage of how dim the spruce forest is, you can easily construct this building and with some gloomy lanterns, combine it with climbing vines to create a magical fairly core dark academia house. Watch Tutorial

Dark Academia Cottagecore Haunted Mansion Minecraft House

Using the same texture pack with two previous builds, this particular dark academia build goes in another direction, a giant haunted mansion with dark material blocks. Following the ancient European architectural style, this mansion will spook you if it's built in the right place such as the roofed forest biome.

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Cottagecore Dark Academia House

Enough with the dark theme, not every dark academia on this list is nebulous and dim. Instead, this looks like one of the peaceful farmhouses in the Stardew Valley game. Where you're surrounded by nature, the falling yellow leaves from Fall, and a bunch of other flowers and leaves.

Fun fact: Most of the dark academia houses use Mizuno’s 16 Craft Texture Pack and so does this build.

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Aesthetic Dark Academia Library

We have a dark academia haunted mansion, a cottagecore house, a fairycoge hut, and now an aesthetic dark academia library! It's surprising that people can be so creative in a block game like this. With an exclusive exterior and fully detailed interior tutorial, check out the Youtube video below for an in-depth guide!

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Dark Academia Cottage Exterior

A lonely dark academia cottage in the middle of the plain biome would surprise you! At first glance, the whole house does not fit so well within the terrain. But with the help of the white brick and some leaf blocks, you can still welcome this marvelous house!

If you want to follow along, first remember to download and install Mizuno’s 16 Craft Resource Pack. This texture pack is good for its modern glass pane and white brick blocks.

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How to Build a Dark Academia Minecraft House

To create an attractive build like the tutorial below, we recommend using Mizuno’s 16 Craft Resource Pack. Any other texture packs will work, but consider changing some blocks with similar colors to match your style and the concept of the whole building.

We will not list the exact number of blocks needed for this build since they're the most common materials. Just make sure to gather as much as you can for Stone Bricks, Granite, and Blackstone. Here is the full list of material:

  • Stone Bricks
  • Cobblestone
  • Granite
  • Polished Granite
  • Blackstone
  • Polished Blackstone Bricks
  • Pink Stained Glass
  • Blackstone Stairs
  • Blackstone Brick Wall
  • Polished Granite Stairs
  • Polished Blackstone Brick Slab
  • Granite Wall
  • Spruce Leaves
  • Chest
  • Bookshelf
  • Lectern
  • Barrel
  • Smoker
  • Iron Bars
  • Campfire
  • Spruce Door
  • Cob Web
  • Peony
  • Rose Bush
  • Gray Bed
  • Painting
  • Skeleton Skull
  • Written Book
  • Torch
  • Lantern
  • Chain
  • Dark Oak Fence

Step 1: Build the Main Structure

Start things off with the layout, and build two boxes near each other. The top box is 21x7 and the bottom one is 7x5. Remember to dig down one block for flooring later.

Now fill the whole thing with Stone Bricks. You can alternate with other blocks such as cobblestone and planks, or even mix them up to create a smooth floor.

Next, build the 5 blocks tall wall using Polished Granite. Remember that you can just use another color palette for the floor and the wall.

Now on the start and end sides of the wall, start building upwards like the image below. Go in one block on either side and go up twice. Repeat until you reach the top.

Step 2: Build the Roof

Now the most complicated part - the roof! Start at the same height as the tallest wall block, and build a hanging roof using Blackstone Stairs. Remember to build out one block to create the hanging effect. Then use Blackstone and build on the block on top and move in one block the stairs before. This time, leave no hanging blocks.

Repeat the above step three more times, where you need to place another set of stairs on top of the Blackstone, and another set of Blackstone on top and move in one block like the previous step. Eventually, you will reach the top.

On top, place another Blackstone layer and use Blackstone Brick Wall to create a line of the fence like this.

Repeat the same process as the front roof for the back roof. Here is the result.

Go to the front side, let's mix the wall with some normal Granite blocks, and create a 3x3 hole in the center of the wall like this.

Then use Polished Granite Stairs to create a border for the window. Remember to place the bottom stairs upside down. Then place the Pink Stained Glass in. And break another two blocks on top and also place glasses in.

The final step for the roof is to use some Blackstone Stairs and place them upside down to create connections. Then add some Polished Blackstone Brick Wall on the three bottom layers of the roof for even more connections. And finish it up with a chain and a lantern on top.

Step 3: Decorate the Wall

For the front wall, use Granite Wall to cover the whole wall up and place two lanterns on each side. Then put some Peonies and Rose Bushes into it.

Now come to the right wall, remember to mix the wall with some Granite for a more natural texture. Then add another 3x3 and 1x2 area on the right for more windows. Finally, dig a 1x2 area on the left for the main door.

Place some Polished Granite Stairs like before and connect them up with the Pink Stained Glass.

Make a pathway to the door using Cobblestone and Stone Bricks.

Time to add nature blocks to the build! First thing, you want to place two Polished Granite Stairs and two Lanterns on top of it. Then add a lovely spruce door. Finally, cover the pathway with a line of Spruce Leaves, one block thick on the left and two on the right.

On the right side, use the same technique as in the main roof on the front side. This time, add some fences and lanterns near the window. Also, add a cobweb to create a spooky vibe.

On the back side, place one more fence and lantern on top of it. Then create a fireplace by breaking a 4x4 area and using Polished Blackstone Bricks to build two columns.

Now build out one block with the Polished Blackstone Bricks and place 4 Polished Blackstone Brick Walls on either side. you're done with the fireplace base.

On the second row of the roof right on top of the two middle blocks of the fireplace, build upwards 11 blocks using Polished Blackstone Bricks, and cover them up with the upside Blackstone Stairs. Then break two Polished Blackstone Bricks inside and place two Camp Fire there. You've finished the chimney!

Down to the ground and the right part of the back side, build another two 3x2 windows, and put some leaves and fences with lanterns on top like this.

Now come to the last side - the left. Place 8 leave blocks, another granite wall with a lantern, and another 3x3 window. This time there will be no Polished Granite Stairs on top. You're done with the exterior!

Step 4: Build the Interior

You don't want hostile mobs to spawn in your dark academia house, right? Let's hang some chains and lanterns on the ceiling.

Go to the back side where the fireplace is, place 4 more blocks on the bottom and connect the top of the chimney downwards like this.

Put two campfires inside the fireplace for extra coziness and cover them up with some iron bars. You may want to place some furnaces next to it and conceal them up with Polished Blackstone Brick Wall and Slab.

Turn around, let's build a place where you can cook and store your food! Place a Smoker in the corner, and build some Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs around it. Put 4 Barrels on top and connect them up with 2 Dark Oak Fences.

Now for the storage problem! Let's build a series of chests near the door and build some more Dark Oak fences around them. Finally, put 4 bookshelves on the rightmost.

Turn around again, place some more chests here, mixing some Granite for the wall, and place two more torches on the window for better lighting at night.

For the last corner, build a lot of bookshelves and place a crafting table at the bottom like this.

Use Blackstone Stairs to build a staircase to the second floor. Then use Blackstone to cover up the entire floor here. You will have something like this.

On the second floor, use 7 Polished Blackstone Bricks to place at the bottom, then place 3 bookshelves on top of them. A double gray bed, a painting, cobweb, and a double chest are what you need for this room!

Just small detail but it brings a lot of dark academia vibe into the build! Put some chains and torches on top of it like this!

For the enchanting room, let's use some Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs and place a torch on top of it. You can also place a lectern and a skeleton skull here for extra creepiness. Later on, you can place an enchanting table here as well.

Congratulation on your Minecraft dark academia house! The finished house can be seen on top of this article.


So there you have it! The finest dark academia Minecraft house as a beautiful base. You can literally build them all and create a town of the medieval Europe wonder. And maybe apply those Minecraft dome house ideas with the dark academia texture to create an even better house! Good luck building those!

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