9 Stunning Castle House Ideas for Minecraft


Castle Minecraft House Ideas

Himeji Castle

The Himeji castle is a castle complex that is built on the hilltop of Himeji city in Japan, which was registered as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1993. You will never believe that now we can build this wonderful Japanese castle in Minecraft!

This castle is unique with the white walls and large towers, so you ought to finish it carefully for all layers as a recognition of this building. The ceiling of this building is slightly curved which contributes to its specialty. You may spend more time on finishing this masterpiece, but we believe the results you receive will be worth it!

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Huge Stone Castle

Did you know that castle is one of the most popular Minecraft house ideas? Whether it's big, it's small, or it's weird, people love castles in block games, especially in Minecraft! Besides, there are way many blocks that fit well with the build, and the time required to get them is actually easy, compared to any wooden houses. In order to build this giant castle, you need to mine a lot of cobblestone and stone, that's it!

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Minecraft Fantasy Castle

Inspired by GeminiTay and FalseSymmetry, this fantasy castle looks gorgeous but natural at the same time. You can clearly see the transition from light to dark color as you look from the bottom to the top. The white base and wall, wooden brown for the tower support, and the purple roof that come from the crimson planks bring this castle to a whole new level!

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Japanese Underwater Castle

Japanese architecture is incredible! And it's a lot more fantastic in Minecraft if you build it the right way, at the right location. This Japanese underwater castle contains 2 parts. The upper part can be seen as a normal house with fancy lighting and a dark curvy roof. While the submerged part under the ocean is an entire castle (not including the middle tower).

It's really cool to see this build with shaders in Minecraft. Likely the castle is glowing underwater as it's luring visitors.

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Historic Abandoned Castle

An abandoned house style should be considered when it comes to building a Halloween theme house, or simply you want to add a historic, creepy and dark Medieval castle.

The house is completely built from metal resources so it’s impossible for you to get it in the early game. With its 4-story style and lots of room, there’s a good offer to set anything up. Consider leaving out foliage and vines to bring the best out of the wild look.

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The Spanish Castle of Badar

The Spanish Castle of Badar is such a wonderful masterpiece in Minecraft! This castle is outstanding with the white color of tons of smooth sandstone blocks and the image of a cross above each tower. This building has several inside towers and it will require a large space to complete those towers.

Each tower will be used for different purposes, so you need to set up carefully the details inside based on your purposes. You’re gonna take more time to build and set up this masterpiece, but we believe after finishing you will be satisfied with everything you have done!

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Medieval Spanish Castle

Spain experienced some wars in the medieval period; and up to now, you still can see some real medieval castles in this country. It is so cool that with the open world in Minecraft, now you totally can rebuild this castle right in space in this game.

Medieval Spanish Castle stands out with its solid appearance, you will need numerous stone bricks to build this. Besides, inside the castle is an enclosed space to defend the attack from enemies, so remember to set up fireplaces in your castle!

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Minecraft Medieval Castle

Next up is our Medieval theme structure!

The house design is a bit compact but it contains a good amount of features inside. Make primarily from stone blocks and oak material, the house consists of 2 floors containing multiple rooms and a tower as well, which help in easily setting anything up.

The tower is made primarily of stone, its purpose is to help Minecraft players have a surrounding look to cope with the mobs. The chimney made from stone blocks is also helpful in making the best out of the medieval castle. For exterior decoration, consider adding some oak leaves and light around your structure.

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Small Castle

One of the safest survival bases you can build in Minecraft is a defensive castle. The wall of the house is made mainly from stone, combined with cobblestone and polished andesite to make the wall look more beautiful.

There are 2 watchtowers with windows covered by a spruce fence, above the terrace, there is a stone brick wall railing. The roof is made of oak stairs and oak slap, and the border is made of spruce slabs. Above it is a chimney made from the same material as the wall and has a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor on top.

Next to it is an arc-shaped staircase, made of a spruce slab. There is also a porch made of the extinguished campfire in front of the entrance of the watchtower. Don't forget to build a fence with stone blocks, and light and decorate your castle with lanterns.

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