The 7 Best Abandoned House Minecraft Ideas


Not only in the real world but also in the Minecraft world, everyone is enjoying Halloween when it's coming. The building of a house that fits the Halloween theme is one of the most well-liked activities. Let's now see the 10 abandoned house Minecraft Ideas that are sure to make you feel excited!

Abandoned House Minecraft

When we think of abandoned houses, we frequently imagine old, dark houses surrounded by creepers and cobwebs. These houses are usually uninhabited giving off an eerie and creepy vibe. If you want more inspiration, some Minecraft rustic house ideas can satisfy your needs!

The 7 Best Abandoned House Minecraft Ideas

Abandoned Watchtower in Minecraft

Abandoned Watchtower could be found on the tops of Cliffs and Mountains, players can use them to see lots of biomes from this tower or hide some loot chests inside. This house has no rooms, only a staircase connecting the base to the top of the tower. This tower is overrun with vines on its outside walls, at the top of the tower there is a small space big enough to lookout/view the whole biome. Players can rebuild the tower in their own style or obtain important uncommon items. Abandoned Watchtowers are ruined and made of spruce planks for the floor, stone bricks, and cobblestone as a wall. Around the house are scattered blocks with wet moss around like bricks, and cobblestones,... making the house like an abandoned construction. Watch Tutorial

Spooky Abandoned House

What ideal timing—Halloween is just around the corner, and we know you need some Minecraft house ideas with a Halloween theme. The idea of a spooky abandoned house is best suited for that. There is no need to worry about it taking a long time to build this house because it is quite simple to do so, especially for beginners.

The building is primarily made of Spruce Wood and Stone, with sparkles of green texture and Green Wool to give it a haunted look. A cracked stone brick and two cobblestones are used to create a three-step staircase. To add even more specialty to the house, you can build a fence around it using a variety of wood types.

Everything around the house is covered in overgrown trees. You undoubtedly need the assistance of campfires at night when the house is considerably scary.

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Abandoned Mansion

From a distance, the mansion appears to be a warrior wearing diamond armor protecting the kidnapped princess. The materials used to build this mansion include a combination of stone, stone brick, and prismarine. This means that you won't be able to make it to your early game.

The building itself is a four-story house, and you can arrange the rooms on each floor however you choose. There's plenty of space inside to fit everything you want, so there's really no way to go wrong with this one!

The house is quite tall, has just one front door, and has no balcony, so it always feels imprisoned. The mansion's exterior is covered with a lot of foliage and vines, which adds to its wild appearance.

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Abandoned Witch House

A mysterious house located deep in the forest entirely away from the human world. This house is like a base of an evil witch. With just a few simple materials like stone brick and spruce wood, you can start building this house.

Inside, a small space was used for making magic potions and casting spells. You can also set up a crafting table inside this house as the most important thing in Minecraft. The interior is also covered in chains, vines, and cobwebs, bringing a dark and musty vibe. You can build the house as a survival base in the forest to avoid the attack of monsters.

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Abandoned Cabin

The house is like the territory of the monsters in the forest, so scary!

This is one of the simplest structures on this list to construct because it is built of wood, stone, and cobblestone. Additionally, you can adjust the materials and their position to your desires.

The structure has 2 stories and an attic allows you to store all of your belongings without clogging up your interior space. You may set up barrels all over the house to store things.

We recommend adding decorative materials inside the house such as torches, candles, or Redstone lamps to increase the light. Moreover, you can use a composter, blast furnace,

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Abandoned Beach Resort

In Minecraft, players can create creative construction of their favorite game. Creating an abandoned beach resort is a job that makes you grin. The house is located on a swamp near the beach with a rich mangrove ecosystem. That may be the reason why this resort is so deserted.

This house has an uncomplicated structure with materials that are a combination of wood and stone. The roof has a special shape, the Mono-Pitched Roof which we know is the easiest roof type to build. The exterior of the house was covered with vines and cobwebs, a testament to how deserted it was.

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Abandoned Farmhouse

It was a dark and stormy night. You will have such a fright! The house seems to come out of horror zombie scenarios and you are the real zombie hunter. This Abandoned Farmhouse is the ideal choice for your next Minecraft adventure!

This house consists of 2 floors and is made entirely of wood. The combination of fences, planks, slabs, trapdoors, and stairs lends a lot of variety to this house.

Although the materials to make this house are easy to find, the builders may have difficulty building it because of the large size of the house and the details of the structure. The outside of the house is decorated with weeds and vines that hide the original shape of the house.

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Above are the 10 best abandoned house Minecraft ideas that you can get ideas to build your own Minecraft base. With these ideas, we believe your Halloween will pass extremely enjoyable. You can build exactly as tutorials or build the house to be more special to your personal style. On Halloween, you get to become anything that you want to be!

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