Top 10 Awesome Rustic House Minecraft Ideas


Minecraft is an online virtual box game where people of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun and learn. Each player has their own land and a virtual toolbox to create creations - such as a rustic house Minecraft!

Rustic House Minecraft

Minecraft rustic house uses original colors for the interior and exterior of the house with materials such as wood and stone showing the most original. Let's explore these fun ideas! Note that some designs require texture packs or shaders for a better experience, so check before choosing any.


Survival Rustic House

With the wealthy types of wood that Minecraft provides, it will be an extreme mistake if you skip your attention to the Rustic House. This is a building made mainly of wood, not only bringing a gentle and ancient beauty, but also a place for real survival.

You can see that this house has both a spacious 2-story space for living and an area for cultivation right next to the house, extremely convenient to take care of, this is great, isn't it?

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Minecraft Rustic Windmill

Are you looking for a rustic, vintage Minecraft design? Are you going to create your own accommodation but still have no idea? Do you feel weary of some bored windmill samples? If so, this is a design not to be missed. The basic distinction of this design compared to others is its main material - it’s completely made of oak and spruce woods instead of any metal material, except the turbine.

That’s why we choose “rustic” as an adjective to describe it. The roof of the windmill is built with an X-shape, this idea makes your blueprint have a balanced perspective at every corner. Oak leaves and lanterns are necessary to bring the historic look to your windmill.

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Upgraded Typical Rustic House

This is an upgraded version of the typical rustic house Minecraft, with a two-floor design, which will give more space.

The house frame is made from stripped spruce log and barrel. The walls are made from smooth sandstone. The roof edging is made from variations of dark oak wood such as dark oak stairs and dark oak slabs. The roof is made of deepslate tiles slab and deepslate stairs. Above there are two chimneys made of brick walls, one with an anvil, the other a campfire covered with a trapdoor.

Outside decoration, you can place potted plants, as well as green pots covered with trapdoors.

The interior of the rustic house is simple and rustic things such as a red bed, and a turtle egg on the bookshelf. In addition, the chair is made from birch stairs, the table is made from scaffolding. To make the space cozier, adding a few lanterns, and the blast furnace is a good idea. Indispensable is the fireplace, made from the campfire. To be safer, you should cover it with iron bars.

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Rustic Survival House

A standard rustic Minecraft house for survival.

The floor is made from a spruce slab. In front of the house is a hallway, covered with a porch made from the extinguished campfire.

Next to the house is the garden, with planting land made from water buckets and farmland.

Decorating the inside of the house, you can make a set of tables and chairs from a barrel for the table and a spruce stair for the chair. Also, you can add to the bookshelf, and stonecutter like the video tutorial below if you like!

Outside, you can decorate with lanterns, and dark oak leaves, and in the attic is a flower bed made from an acacia trapdoor.

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Wooden Starter Rustic House

A simple house with an attic, a base made of spruce planks, and walls with a combination of spruce logs and stripped oak logs. The ceiling is made from oak plank, the roof is made of spruce stairs, reinforced with a border from cobblestone stairs. The top has a chimney made of cobblestone, and on top of it is a campfire protected with a spruce trapdoor.

To get to the attic, make a staircase using an oak stair and you can place a bookshelf, and decorate it with lanterns, this will be the perfect place to read!

Next to it will be a small garden, protecting your plants with fences and trapdoors. In addition, decorating more lanterns and flower pots under the front porch is also an essential thing.

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Rustic Tulip Cottage

Do you want a place to blend in with nature? This is the perfect house for you, a rustic tulip cottage.

The house has walls made of white concrete and a roof of granite stairs (you can use bricks for orange color if you like). The floor is made from oak planks.

You can see a chimney made from a polished diorite slab, topped with a campfire covered with a birch trapdoor. Of course, there will also be a fireplace inside, made from the campfire and protected by an iron bar.

You can decorate the outside with vines blocks on the roof, birch plants under the windows, and lots of red tulip flower pots.

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Awesome Rustic House

This is a wonderful rustic Minecraft house with an eye-catching appearance, let's explore it!

The frame is made from oak log and spruce plank and tripped spruce log, with doors made from dark oak doors and windows from the glass pane.

The roof is made from a dark prismarine stair block with a dark turquoise color. Combined with the roof trim from spruce variations like stairs and planks. Next to it is a chimney made from infested stone, cobblestone, and stone brick, and above is a campfire covered with a trapdoor.

You can decorate by placing some oak leavers and a red tulip flower pot covered with a dark oak trapdoor around your house.

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Rustic Mansion

This rustic mansion will be a challenging construction that will excite you.

A four-floor mansion and an attic floor, on the right is a room, which can be used as a warehouse, and in front is a porch, corridor as well as an extremely spacious yard.

The first floor is made from very solid cobblestone and brick stone, and other floors have pillars made from oak logs and walls from the oak slab. Roof from oak stair combined with edging from spruce stair.

Below is a porch made from the extinguished campfire, and above is a balcony with rails made from an acacia trapdoor.

Don't forget to protect your mansion with the spruce fence, and decorate it with lanterns for warmth.

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Typical Rustic House

This is a typically rustic Minecraft house that you should give a try.

Walls are made of cobblestone and andesite, which are found fairly easily in survival mode. The column of the house is made from a tripped spruce log, below there is a barrel.

The roof is a combination of dark oak stairs, dark oak slab, and spruce stairs. Next to the house is the chimney, which through the roof is made of brick wall and anvil.

Windows made from block glass pane and trapdoor will bring more light to your home. In addition, you can decorate with red tulip flower beds made from barrels.

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Easy Rustic House

Simple but beautiful rustic house in Minecraft with everything you need!

Walls are made from stone brick combined with cobblestone. If you find this wall boring, use more vines. In addition, make more windows with glass panes and trapdoors so that light can enter the house. The roof is a combination of stone brick stairs and spruce stairs.

Decorate more flower pots in front of the house to add more vibrancy.

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Basic Rustic House

For a new player, this is a suitable rustic Minecraft house.

The frame is made from an oak log. Walls are made from oak plank combined with oak stairs, using more trapdoors for decoration. The roof border is made of stone brick stairs. The roof is made from spruce stairs.

You can add windows by glass pane blocks around the house, as well as in the attic to let in natural light.

Decorate your house with oak leaves as vines and light combined from the fence and torch. A small but cozy house, right?

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Rustic Enchanting House

If you want a place to live to fully exploit the landscape view, this is a good idea.

You can use stone brick as a frame and spruce plank for the floor. The roof is a combination of spruce brick stairs and spruce stairs. Don't forget to add rectangular windows made of the glass pane to your home.

You can decorate with oak leaf pots covered by a trapdoor. There are also wall-mounted torches surrounding the house.

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The rustic house Minecraft brings warmth, comfort, elegance, and elegance to the living space of the house. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for those who love simple and peaceful things, especially nature lovers!

We hope that these top 10 rustic house Minecraft ideas can help you to get your construction. And feel free to check out our Minecraft cottage house designs to build with those for better scenery!

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