Basic Minecraft House Ideas Listed


Basic Minecraft House Ideas

Basic Polished Diorite Dome

This particular dome tutorial is super good if you don't know how to basically build a dome shape in Minecraft! Since you can build a dome in Minecraft in literally any size and block. In this tutorial video, hiimz will show you all the instructions about how to build step by step and use the polished diorite block for demonstration.

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Basic Spruce Wood House

We're getting close to the big-scale spruce houses! Despite the fact this design is big, this one is so low on the list because it's kinda plain and does not have so many details on the wall and roof. However, if you need a quick blueprint or inspiration, this may be a good simple house to follow since you can decorate it later.

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Basic Cobblestone Warehouse

One of the easiest materials to find is cobblestone, a material used for construction in most buildings, and we are presenting you with a warehouse house made from cobblestone.

Possessing a solid appearance that provides absolute protection for the items inside. The house has glass windows that bring light into the interior space. These are the criteria we set out to have the best quality warehouse for you.

In addition, in front is a small yard, you can grow anything you like, remember to reserve a space for the welcoming entrance.

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Basic Minecraft Windmill Tower

Windmill may be easy to illustrate but it’s a little bit harder to build practically, so this first idea will show you the basic design. First of all, let’s choose an appropriate location to place your windmill, in the middle of the forest or on the grassland are the most common suggestions. Spruce logs and cobblestones are recommended to build the foundation, and the body of the windmill is installed with oak logs, spruce logs, and concrete.

The height of the windmill is up to you. The taller the windmill, the more amazing the view you’ll see. When you meet the height you want, then pay attention to the most important part of the windmill - its blades. Spruce fence plays a role as a case of the blade, and concrete as the main material (or wool) made your blade look sturdy. After finished, let’s take a rest and enjoy your accomplishment.

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Basic Rustic House

For a new player, this is a suitable rustic Minecraft house.

The frame is made from an oak log. Walls are made from oak plank combined with oak stairs, using more trapdoors for decoration. The roof border is made of stone brick stairs. The roof is made from spruce stairs.

You can add windows by glass pane blocks around the house, as well as in the attic to let in natural light.

Decorate your house with oak leaves as vines and light combined from the fence and torch. A small but cozy house, right?

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Basic Minecraft Butcher House

Next up is one of the minimal butcher village houses. The idea is super easy and time-saving to build as you can look at its illustration. Moreover, the block count is insanely low so you build this on your first day in Minecraft!

There are two separate parts of the design, the area for living animals that requires a wood-material fence to protect them against enemies.

The horse's body is made out of cobblestone with only a door in the front to open/close and nothing else. The roof with its gambrel style is quite easy to make by collecting oak planks and oak stairs.

This design can act as a starter survival house if you are new to Minecraft or it can be a great option if you do not have much time building your current survival base.

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Basic Fishing Hut

Do not rush to ignore this idea if you are still looking for a way to build a Minecraft dock house. Variants of spruce such as spruce logs, and spruce plank are used to make pillars, walls, and foundations for the house, detailed in the video tutorial below.

The roof is made of spruce stairs with a border made of polished andesite to help the roof stand out. There is also a small window made from a glass pane, and a chimney made from cobblestone, above is a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor.

The dock directly in front of the house's entrance, made from the fire-extinguished campfire, is covered by a railing made from the spruce fence, spruce fence gate, and stone brick wall. In addition, the building is decorated with lanterns placed on the stone brick wall and hung on a chain.

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Basic Family Guy

Let’s kick off our list with the basic Griffin Family guy house that you can see in every single episode.

The house is divided into 3 parts: the largest is like a living room. It consists of oak planks, red hardened clay, birch planks, and stone slabs as well. The roof is made of green hardened clay, which brings exactly the specific color of the house. The garage and the side house (which should be for storage purposes) use the same resources, too.

The inside is free to set up, and the outside is made out of the best by decorating multiple bushes of oak leaves, a mailbox, and a chimney on top of the house.

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