Top 7 Best Minecraft Cobblestone House Ideas

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As a Minecraft player, although you are an expert or beginner builder, you also want to have a great house, aren’t you? Are you wondering which material you should choose to build your kingdom? Let us give you some best Minecraft cobblestone house recommendations. Cobblestone is a material that can help you to make simple to complex accommodations.

Minecraft Cobblestone House

The cobblestone is underground, you just dig through the dirt layer, and it will appear, this’s easy, right? In addition, if you dig with the pickaxe, you will obtain cobblestone blocks that have a pattern on them. Let’s take a look at those awesome Minecraft cobblestone house ideas!


#7 Minecraft Cobblestone Warehouse

Most Minecraft houses need accommodation as a storage space to stock machines, tools, and products from gardening. So, it must have defense ability, and durability in the long-term to protect objects inside it. And this is the cobblestone warehouse, a perfect option for you!

The frame is almost made of cobblestone, and in front of the building, you can use the glass block to make the wall. That is not only a beautiful wall but also brings natural light into the house. You can create a small yard to grow plants, and use the fence block to prevent cattle damage.

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#6 Minecraft Simple Cobblestone House

One of the best Minecraft house ideas in Minecraft. It includes a two-floor house and a warehouse on the right. The frame is made of cobblestone and the roof is made of oak planks. On the left of the house is the stair to go to the second floor. You can put two flower pots beside the main door and create a big window to receive sunshine.

If you feel your house is quite simple, you can make the spotlight. The Nether entrance for the door of the warehouse is a good idea, right? It is made of an obsidian frame and you just burn it with flint and steel. Oh, and you can use gravel and cobblestone slabs to furthermore texture your house from scratch!

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#5 Minecraft Modern Cobblestone House

Another idea can help you own the cobblestone house, although it is simple but modern and facility. All of the parts are almost made of cobblestone, just only in front of the building, the wall is made of oak planks and glass blocks. Moreover, you can build the house’s trim with stone bricks to make it look better.

In addition, you can decorate with leaf blocks. On the second floor, there is an extremely large balcony that is shaded by a cobblestone roof. To secure safety, you can make a railing with a glass block, it’s creative, right?

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#4 Minecraft Large Log Cabin with Cobblestone Trim

Do you feel bored with the simple houses? You want to build a bigger oak wood house to challenge your creativity, don’t you? This is a new idea for you. The two-floor house has a frame made of cobblestone blocks, you can combine cobblestone stairs with oak stairs to create the roof. In addition, a wall is made of oak planks crafted from oak logs, and the window is made of glass blocks.

On the second floor, you will have two balconies to watch everything outsides such as sunrise, and sunset. You can also build the basement where maybe a warehouse, kitchen, or yard. And don’t forget, please create a fence for your house! It will be a valuable addition to protecting you from your enemies.

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#3 Minecraft Large Capacity Spruce And Cobblestone House

Every builder in Minecraft wants to own a beautiful mansion, but if you solely work yourself, it will be so hard to take it for realize. And fortunately, we are here as supporters and will give you some great ideas! This is a large cobblestone and wooden house with a capacity as wide as the mansion. With U-layout construction, the house has a unique beauty, the entrance is intended to create a small yard.

The large modern house has two floors, the wall is made of a spruce trapdoor block and it contains a rectangle glass window to have lighting addition. Besides, the floor and the roof are made of cobblestone blocks. You can decorate plants, lanterns, chimneys, stone slabs, and other decorations like a furnace, bed, crafting table, armor stand, and more! It’s up to you.

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#2 Minecraft Castellated Cobblestone House

Castle is an extremely durable architectural construction built in the 5th century. It isn’t only a defensive fortress, but also an accommodation that was just only for nobility and royalty. However, in Minecraft, everyone also can own a castle, this is fantastic, isn’t this?

The castle is upgraded to firmly than the normal house that the wall is constructed taller than, and absolutely is made of cobblestone. So it is very strong, and can’t demolish by a weapon. Besides, there are also four monitor towers on the building’s corner. In addition, you can use the spruce trapdoor block for the floor, and the oak planks for the terrace.

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#1 Minecraft Ultimate Cobblestone House

This can be said to be one of the most beautiful Minecraft house designs made of cobblestone. If you love magnificent palaces, this is a project not to be missed. The building consists of three floors, the frame is made of cobblestone block, the base is made of oak planks, and the walls are made of glass block. So, the palace looks solid enough, and also everything is almost transparent because it is constructed like a fountain.

When receiving sunlight, your palace was like a crystal, reflecting bright light. And when the sun goes down, you can light the candle to make your palace becomes shimmering and fanciful and look like a fairy tale. Protecting the house from hostile mobs with fences also made from cobblestone blocks is a good idea!

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In Minecraft, Cobblestone is one of the extremely easy-to-find resources, suitable for most constructions. You can use it to make anything you want such as frames, roofs, floors, and walls. In addition, owning the pattern on the surface will be a strength for you to prioritize your choice. We hope this list of top 7 ideas can help you get inspiration to build your own empire!

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