10+ Best Minecraft Cobblestone House Ideas

As a Minecraft player, although you are an expert or beginner builder, you also want to have a great house, aren’t you? Are you wondering which material you should choose to build your kingdom? Let us give you some best Minecraft cobblestone house recommendations. Cobblestone is a material that can help you to make simple to complex accommodations.
Minecraft Cobblestone House
The cobblestone is underground, you just dig through the dirt layer, and it will appear, this’s easy, right? In addition, if you dig with the pickaxe, you will obtain cobblestone blocks that have a pattern on them. Let’s take a look at those awesome Minecraft cobblestone house ideas! 10+ BEST MINECRAFT COBBLESTONE HOUSE DESIGNS

Compact Cobblestone Utility House

Do you find having multiple buildings for your different Minecraft needs a hassle? Why not consolidate everything into a single, impressive structure? This cobblestone and wood house has everything you need, from a mining area to a farm, a barn, and even a storage room - all in a compact and efficient space. Watch Tutorial

Simple Cobblestone House

Are you looking for a modern and straightforward survival home? Look no further than this build! It is an excellent option for a simple yet modern survival home. It requires minimal materials and offers ample storage space. It's a versatile option used in various worlds and game modes. Despite its simplicity, its impressive and sophisticated aspect will impress other players. Watch Tutorial

Hude Cobblestone House

Prepare to step up your Minecraft survival game with this enormous base made of cobblestones and several types of wood! The construction may take some time, but we promise it will be worth it! This large, adaptable base is the ideal addition to your survival home because it offers a ton of utility and space for personalization. Do you feel up to the task? Start constructing right away to up your game. Watch Tutorial  

Stylish Medieval Cobblestone House

Step into the past with this stunning medieval cobblestone house! Its sleek design and versatile features make it perfect for those who love fantasy and medieval worlds or appreciate a rustic aesthetic. The house boasts a distinctive blend of oak wood, stone, and cobblestone, giving it a warm and inviting feel. The best part is that it just needs a modest quantity of starting materials, making it the ideal build for people on a tight budget! Would you try exploring this build today? Watch Tutorial

Tundra Cobblestone Farm House

Designed to be spacious and classy simultaneously, this tundra base offers plenty of room to store all your valuable resources, from spare cobblestone blocks to enchanted armor. Cobblestone is the primary resource needed in this build. It will surely make your gameplay more exciting and enjoyable! Watch Tutorial

Oak And Cobblestone Starter House

Be blown away by this stunning Minecraft build that proves that sometimes less is more! With its simple yet elegant design, this build is a perfect example of how even a tiny house can impact your game significantly. And the best part? You won't need to exhaust your stored blocks to build it! With minimal resources, this project is perfect for anyone starting in survival mode. This building boasts three big stories and has a beautiful garden to grow crops. Try it out now! Watch Tutorial

Minecraft Cobblestone House Castle

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to reside in a castle made of cobblestones? It might not be a giant castle, but you'll feel like a king or queen inside its fortifying cobblestone walls. You may sleep easy knowing you are protected from any bothersome nighttime creatures that might try to intrude. Why then wait? Create a castle-like house in Minecraft immediately to feel the excitement of living like a real king or queen! Watch Tutorial

Cobblestone Utility Farm House

If you're tired of living in cramped and cluttered Minecraft houses lacking functionality, it's time to upgrade to this fantastic modern cobblestone house! With its sleek design and efficient use of space, you'll have all the room you need for essential utilities like a farm, storage, and enchanting tables - plus so much more! And despite its tiny footprint, the interior is surprisingly spacious and comfortable, making it the perfect place to call home. Want to try the functionality of the build? Test it out! Watch Tutorial

Starter Cobblestone House

The perfect simple house to call home is a structure that provides shelter and access to essential resources like sugarcane and more! Constructed with wood and cobblestone, it's an easy-to-build project perfect for anyone starting in survival mode. And with its standout design and peaceful aura, you'll feel like you are living in paradise. So, grab your tools and get ready to experience the serenity of this incredible build for yourself! Watch Tutorial

Small Cobblestone Survival House

Surviving in Minecraft can be challenging, especially when your only option is a boring cobblestone box. Why not try this fantastic cobblestone house in the game's early stages? Perfect for early-game survival, this house provides the safety you need at night without sacrificing style. With its modern design and attention-grabbing aesthetic, nearby villagers will be lining up to check it out. So demolish that old cobblestone box and upgrade to this fun build to make your experience more remarkable! Watch Tutorial

Overgrown Stone Ruins

If you want to build old overgrown ruins or a mossy maze, check this tutorial out! With simple block choices like cobblestone, stone brick, leaves, and some bone meal to grow the grass, you can rebuild the entire structure just in half an hour!

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More Details: Overgrown Stone Ruins

Huge Stone Castle

Did you know that castle is one of the most popular Minecraft house ideas? Whether it's big, it's small, or it's weird, people love castles in block games, especially in Minecraft! Besides, there are way many blocks that fit well with the build, and the time required to get them is actually easy, compared to any wooden houses. In order to build this giant castle, you need to mine a lot of cobblestone and stone, that's it!

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More Details: Huge Stone Castle

Basic Cobblestone Warehouse

One of the easiest materials to find is cobblestone, a material used for construction in most buildings, and we are presenting you with a warehouse house made from cobblestone.

Possessing a solid appearance that provides absolute protection for the items inside. The house has glass windows that bring light into the interior space. These are the criteria we set out to have the best quality warehouse for you.

In addition, in front is a small yard, you can grow anything you like, remember to reserve a space for the welcoming entrance.

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Wood and Stone House

Another simple house that may be built in any survival scenario. You can see a small but cute house built by One Team on YouTube in the image above, Minecrafters.

Nothing very extravagant is going on here; simply a cute little house with a well-thought-out design. Less is sometimes better. And with enough spacing for the storage room as well as the interior design, you'll be surprised by how the result turns out!

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Mossy Cobblestone English Greenhouse

If you love the quiet space, you can go to the countryside. If you like watching the quiet view, you can make a green house next to the lake. The walls and roof are made of iron trapdoor blocks that don’t only bring the sunshine inside the house but also give the beautiful dawn and sunset though you are in your bedroom.

Besides, you can enjoy watching the moon through the glass roof. The frames are made of quartz material and cobblestone stair blocks that make an attraction for the green house.

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Minecraft Cobblestone Warehouse

Most Minecraft houses need accommodation as a storage space to stock machines, tools, and products from gardening. So, it must have defense ability, and durability in the long-term to protect objects inside it. And this is the cobblestone warehouse, a perfect option for you!

The frame is almost made of cobblestone, and in front of the building, you can use the glass block to make the wall. That is not only a beautiful wall but also brings natural light into the house. You can create a small yard to grow plants, and use the fence block to prevent cattle damage.

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Minecraft Simple Cobblestone House

One of the best Minecraft house ideas in Minecraft. It includes a two-floor house and a warehouse on the right. The frame is made of cobblestone and the roof is made of oak planks. On the left of the house is the stair to go to the second floor. You can put two flower pots beside the main door and create a big window to receive sunshine.

If you feel your house is quite simple, you can make the spotlight. The Nether entrance for the door of the warehouse is a good idea, right? It is made of an obsidian frame and you just burn it with flint and steel. Oh, and you can use gravel and cobblestone slabs to furthermore texture your house from scratch!

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Minecraft Modern Cobblestone House

Another idea can help you own the cobblestone house, although it is simple but modern and facility. All of the parts are almost made of cobblestone, just only in front of the building, the wall is made of oak planks and glass blocks. Moreover, you can build the house's trim with stone bricks to make it look better.

In addition, you can decorate with leaf blocks. On the second floor, there is an extremely large balcony that is shaded by a cobblestone roof. To secure safety, you can make a railing with a glass block, it’s creative, right?

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Minecraft Large Log Cabin with Cobblestone Trim

Do you feel bored with the simple houses? You want to build a bigger oak wood house to challenge your creativity, don't you? This is a new idea for you. The two-floor house has a frame made of cobblestone blocks, you can combine cobblestone stairs with oak stairs to create the roof. In addition, a wall is made of oak planks crafted from oak logs, and the window is made of glass blocks.

On the second floor, you will have two balconies to watch everything outsides such as sunrise, and sunset. You can also build the basement where maybe a warehouse, kitchen, or yard. And don't forget, please create a fence for your house! It will be a valuable addition to protecting you from your enemies.

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Minecraft Large Capacity Spruce And Cobblestone House

Every builder in Minecraft wants to own a beautiful mansion, but if you solely work yourself, it will be so hard to take it for realize. And fortunately, we are here as supporters and will give you some great ideas! This is a large cobblestone and wooden house with a capacity as wide as the mansion. With U-layout construction, the house has a unique beauty, the entrance is intended to create a small yard.

The large modern house has two floors, the wall is made of a spruce trapdoor block and it contains a rectangle glass window to have lighting addition. Besides, the floor and the roof are made of cobblestone blocks. You can decorate plants, lanterns, chimneys, stone slabs, and other decorations like a furnace, bed, crafting table, armor stand, and more! It’s up to you.

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Minecraft Castellated Cobblestone House

Castle is an extremely durable architectural construction built in the 5th century. It isn’t only a defensive fortress, but also an accommodation that was just only for nobility and royalty. However, in Minecraft, everyone also can own a castle, this is fantastic, isn’t this?

The castle is upgraded to firmly than the normal house that the wall is constructed taller than, and absolutely is made of cobblestone. So it is very strong, and can’t demolish by a weapon. Besides, there are also four monitor towers on the building's corner. In addition, you can use the spruce trapdoor block for the floor, and the oak planks for the terrace.

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Minecraft Ultimate Cobblestone House

This can be said to be one of the most beautiful Minecraft house designs made of cobblestone. If you love magnificent palaces, this is a project not to be missed. The building consists of three floors, the frame is made of cobblestone block, the base is made of oak planks, and the walls are made of glass block. So, the palace looks solid enough, and also everything is almost transparent because it is constructed like a fountain.

When receiving sunlight, your palace was like a crystal, reflecting bright light. And when the sun goes down, you can light the candle to make your palace becomes shimmering and fanciful and look like a fairy tale. Protecting the house from hostile mobs with fences also made from cobblestone blocks is a good idea!

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Blackstone Minecraft Windmill

It’s hard to tell whether this design is different from those above. The structure is quite similar, but yes it’s still distinct. As you may notice, the foundation with an octagon layout is built first, with a mixture of stone, and keep going around the shape. Then we build the body of the windmill with Blackstone gathered around, which causes the building mysteriously.

Besides, remember to knock out some windows and install a railing to ensure safety. The floor is filled with spruce slabs. Doing repetitively for the second and third levels of the windmill. The dome is made of quartz blocks, then comes up with a turbine attached by spruce logs. The dimension is up to you, but you should consider making it as big as the windmill.

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Sturdy Stone House

One of the best cute Minecraft house design ideas for you is the Sturdy Stone House. In essence, the stone house will improve your chances of survival and prevent mobs from entering your house. You can stay in this house for a very long time, and it won't take very long to enhance it.

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In Minecraft, Cobblestone is one of the extremely easy-to-find resources, suitable for most constructions. You can use it to make anything you want such as frames, roofs, floors, and walls. In addition, owning the pattern on the surface will be a strength for you to prioritize your choice. We hope this list of top 7 ideas can help you get inspiration to build your own empire!

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