Boat House Ideas for Minecraft Listed

Have you ever wondered how to escape those pesky creepers, annoying spiders and zombies, the long-range skeleton, and the like? Then building a boat house might be your next solution! The only hostile mob you'll encounter in your base will be the Drowned! And that's easy to deal with! Below is the best boathouse you can find and try to survive!
If you find boats amusing, check out these excellent Fishing Dock builds! I'm sure you'll love it!

Boat House Ideas for Minecraft

Very Simple Boat House

Do you want to build a straightforward boat house for your survival world in Minecraft? Then did build is for you! It offers the aesthetic of having a boat house built with materials other than lanterns. Mainly made with wood on a body of water, this build doesn't have the large spacious room you need for everything. But it can hold up a crafting table and a bed! Add a chest, and you're good to go! Check this build now. Watch Tutorial

Little Stone Boat House

Are you looking for a boathouse that is so simple yet elegant? This Minecraft survival boat house might be for you! It's the perfect escape for those tired of living on the island and settling into the ocean! It features a proud waving flag! This boat house is also spacious inside and can house and store all your materials and precious items! So what are you waiting for? Check this build-out now! Watch Tutorial

Starter Friendly Boat house

Were you searching for a starter-friendly build for your survival base? Why not try this boat house? The feeling of living on a boat will feel a little bit different from your past survival bases. But why not try a new experience right now? This starter-friendly survival boat house will provide enough shelter and comfort for your early Minecraft days! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Survival River Boathouse

Were you looking for a boathouse that's perfect for what you need? Check out this brand-new survival river boathouse! It has a spacious interior includes a massive storage area and a full enchantment table. The exterior of this boathouse is just as impressive, a design perfect for other bodies of water, not just the river. Check this build now! Watch Tutorial

Insane Concept Art Boathouse

Are you searching for a spacious and super-detailed boat house that will inspire you to build? Then check out this fantastic boat! It's captured from an AI-generated image and reimagined in Minecraft! It's mainly made with wood, so you'll need to chop down all the trees you see if you want to remake this build. Check it out now. Watch Video

Modern Yacht Boathouse

Are you looking for a guide for a yacht that you can use as a survival base? Well, here's a modern yacht boathouse for you! A yacht is pricey in the real world, but with a bit of mining and time in Minecraft, you can already build one! The interior is spacious and has a luxurious feel to it. Try it out now and turn your survival world to the next level. Watch Tutorial

Parked Boathouse

So you're searching for a boathouse, but you don't want to live in the center of the ocean? Then here's the solution to your problem! This brand new parked boathouse is connected to an actual land, so you don't have to worry about crossing a large body of water to chop some wood! Check this build now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Parked Boathouse

Fishing Boathouse

Are you having difficulty fishing and returning to your survival base to free up space and do chores? Why not make a base where you can fish all you want? Here's a fishing boathouse for you! Perfect for those who want to live on the sea and nearby waters! Check this build now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Fishing Boathouse

Starter Boathouse

Do you want to build a boathouse, but you're just in the early days of your survival world where you're not equipped with enough materials? Don't worry! This build is perfect for your condition! It's a starter base that's located in the ocean. Start building this boathouse now and fish for those enchanted books! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Starter Boathouse

Simple Boat House

Are you searching for something to make in the sea? Why not try this simple boat house? It's a perfect survival house for challenges where you'll only live in the ocean. The intrinsic details of the sail give this boat house a unique feel. The outlines on the base of the boat are also on point. Try this build now and impress yourself! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Simple Boat House

Amsterdam House Boat

Have you ever wanted to live in one of those Amsterdam boathouses? This build features precisely one of those boat houses! It features a rooftop to relax and feel the breeze of fresh air. The house also has two beds, which are spacious and can fit everything you need! With enough configuration, you can even utilize the grass on the rooftop and make yourself a farm! So check it out now and enjoy your brand-new Amsterdam boat house! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Amsterdam House Boat

Coral Boathouse

Were you looking for a boathouse design that's simple and perfect for the coral reefs beneath it? Then this house is for you. It features a small house floating around along with a boat! But be wary. You'll need to be very careful and have excellent attention to detail when building this boat house. The colorful corals underneath give the perfect contrast to our boathouse. Check this Coral Boathouse now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Coral Boathouse

Shipwreck Boathouse

Do you want to be more nautical? This shipwreck boathouse design has its weathered look! You can make this shipwreck from scratch, but locating and reconstructing a wreck is suggested. The vines from this ship's pillars make this build look even more aged. But don't let the worn look! The interior is spacious and perfect for serving as a Minecraft survival base. Give this design a try now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Shipwreck Boathouse

Japanese Boathouse

Have you ever wanted a simple Japanese boathouse that is simple and elegant? This Japanese-themed boathouse is made of wood and decorated with new banner patterns! One of the most significant advantages of making a house in the middle of the ocean is that fewer hostile mobs will disturb your peace! Be wary of the Drowned, though. It could be deadly with a trident! So if you're up for the risks, try this house out! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Japanese Boathouse

Small Boathouse

Have you ever wanted to build a tiny house on a simple boat? Then this build is for you! It's a wooden house that features a working chimney! It's mainly made with oak wood, but any wood can work! Fire up your creativity and be inspired by this boathouse. You never know what beauty might come out with your customization! Check it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Small Boathouse

Black Pearl Boathouse

Have you ever wanted to build the black pearl from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series? Guess here's the perfect boathouse that can turn your survival into something complex and nice! However, be ready to farm enough materials because this ship is huge! If you're up to the task though, check this build out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Black Pearl Boathouse

Pirate Ship House

Have you ever dreamed of becoming one with those pirates that plunder ships in the ocean? Then this base might be for you! It's a pirate ship boat house with decorations and a storage room! It's not spacious as it looks, but it's full of chests to store your item. It also has a room for two players that have enough space. If you're playing solo survival mode, you can replace the other room to make more space! Try it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Pirate Ship House

Medieval Ship House

Have you ever dreamt of sailing through the immense sea with a medieval ship? Now you can make a medieval ship to use as a base! This wild and detailed ship gives you everything that you need. With enough customization and a spacious interior, you can make much room for your storage and other crafting materials. Check it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Medieval Ship House

Mangrove Boathouse

Did you ever want to make a boathouse in the new biomes of Minecraft? The mangrove swamp is dense with water and red mangrove trees, perfect for this calm and relaxed boathouse! Mainly made with a mixture of oak and mangrove wood. Check it out now and test for yourself! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Mangrove Boathouse

Boat House

House on land is normal, but how about a house over the ocean? Even though this boat can't actually travel through continents, it can be served as a lovely home where you can rest after a long day fishing and diving. With a house in the middle of the ocean like this, there will be no creepers, no skeletons, or even zombies. Cool, right? No! Drowned is a big thread if you're planning to survive on the water.

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