10+ Wonderful Minecraft Dock House Ideas

If you love fishing and boating in Minecraft, a dock house is a building you can't miss! In this article, we'll show you some of the best Minecraft dock house ideas for your creativity so you can rebuild them in your survival world!
Minecraft Dock House
Dock house in Minecraft usually uses mainly many types of wooden blocks like dark oak logs, spruce logs, and oak logs, which can allow you to dock boats, with a small house for you to store items. You can expand those builds to the jungle biome and replace the spruce wood with jungle wood instead. Without further ado, let's explore great dock ideas together! For more ideas and inspiration, our Minecraft beach house design ideas can also satisfy your needs so let's prepare the material list and settle them in your Minecraft world!


Medieval Dock And Shops

Are you looking for something you can build beside the beach? Or perhaps in an Ocean Biome? Well, this medieval dock is perfect for you! It features many utilities you can access in this port, especially the shops! Materials can be wood, but this build uses Spruce Wood, Stones, Cobblestones, and wool. So prepare your axes and establish this dock in your own survival game! Watch Tutorial

Exquisite Fishing Dock

Looking at the thumbnail, you already know something good will come from this build. Utilizing at the maximum, the mangrove wood is the latest added wood in Minecraft. You could never go wrong with the contrast and colorway this new wood offers to builders! Especially when it's the primary material used in a fishing dock! Get ideas and inspiration from this build and carry it to your Minecraft world! It's incredible how pixels and loads of square blocks can turn into something this great. Want to check it out now? Watch Video

Majestic Medieval Dock

Have you ever built a lighthouse in your Minecraft world? Now add it to this medieval dock. How great would it be right? This building features a house, stalls, and a lighthouse that can safely guide you to your majestic dock! The base and the walls of this building were reinforced using stones. Mixed with woods and different kinds of decoration, you'll get this absolute masterpiece in your Minecraft world! Follow the tutorial below, and you'll be safe from errors! Of course, you're free from customizing this build, be creative and explore new ideas! Watch Tutorial

Medieval Fishing Dock

Do you want a lovely dock whenever you arrive from the sea or go fishing in a relaxing place? Then this build is for you! The exquisite design of this dock is perfect, with detailed decorations! The perfect contrast for different biomes. It features two cottages and multiple boats to dock. It's a basic and easy build, so try it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Medieval Fishing Dock

Y-Shaped Fishing Dock

Simple fishing dock with a Y-shaped fishing platform! A feature that enables multiple boats to dock. The area is also well-lit, so you won't need to worry about night mobs when you're out fishing! This dock is built mainly with the usage of spruce and oak logs. You can further customize the build however you like so that it'll be more detailed than before. Test it out now Watch Tutorial
More Details: Y-Shaped Fishing Dock

Small Fishing Dock

Do you enjoy fishing and boating? Then this build is a must-have in your survival world! The primary material used in this build is dark oak wood, with highlights using stones and different cuts of dark oak wood for the details. It is small but complete with utilities. Fishing platform, a boat dock, and a house! Following the tutorial, you can capture the tiniest of details in this intricate fishing dock! Test it now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Small Fishing Dock

Chill Fishing Dock

Do you care more about your builds' aesthetics than their efficiency? Then why don't you try this fishing dock build? This build has many neat features and details, mainly because it was created for aesthetics! There's a lot of room for the parking lot of boats, a relaxing fishing platform, and a bedroom for you to rest. So what are you waiting for? Check this build now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Chill Fishing Dock

Cozy Fisherman’s House

Do you also love fishing in the world of Minecraft? Why not make it more comfortable and exciting with this fishing dock build? It features a cozy house for you and your boats! Either you want to fish in the center of the sea, or you could be in the fishing area of this house. Try it out now and start to relax with this brand-new home! Watch Tutorial

Medieval Docks Lighthouse

Perhaps you're playing into a server, or you want to build an expansion in your survival world in the waters. This next build will be for you. It features a lighthouse and a fantastic medieval dock that can house boats. You'll never be lost in the night when you're at sea because of this beautiful lighthouse. So why not try it now? Watch Tutorial

Basic Fishing Hut

Do not rush to ignore this idea if you are still looking for a way to build a Minecraft dock house. Variants of spruce such as spruce logs, and spruce plank are used to make pillars, walls, and foundations for the house, detailed in the video tutorial below.

The roof is made of spruce stairs with a border made of polished andesite to help the roof stand out. There is also a small window made from a glass pane, and a chimney made from cobblestone, above is a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor.

The dock directly in front of the house's entrance, made from the fire-extinguished campfire, is covered by a railing made from the spruce fence, spruce fence gate, and stone brick wall. In addition, the building is decorated with lanterns placed on the stone brick wall and hung on a chain.

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More Details: Basic Fishing Hut

Small Fishing Hut

From the inspiration of the combination of a small house and a dock, this is a Minecraft small fishing hut for most Minecraft players. With house's pillars are made from oak logs, and decorated with spruce fence blocks. For the dock's pillars, you can decorate the oak slab above.

The floor and walls are made from oak plank, the dock base is from the spruce slab. The roof and porch are made from spruce stairs. There's a chimney made from cobblestone, and on top is a campfire extinguished and covered by a spruce trapdoor. Window made of glass panes to bring in sunlight. And don't forget to rail from the oak fence!

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More Details: Small Fishing Hut

Small Fisherman House

This is a typical Minecraft dock house! If you're having a hard time getting started, check out the blueprints in the video tutorial below!

You can use oak logs for pillars and use a variety of cobblestones, moss cobblestones, stone bricks, and a mixture of oak planks and stripped oak for the walls. The roof is made of campfire and spruce slabs, and the house's front porch is made of spruce slabs. The window is made of a spruce fence.

Use oak slabs for the dock floor. The dock pillars are a mix of oak and barrels, with the dark oak under the water making the pier look wet. Use oak fence gates, flower pots, and fire-extinguishing campfires are extinguished to decorate the dock.

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More Details: Small Fisherman House

The Best Fisherman House

This is not only a Minecraft dockyard house, but it is also a medieval-style construction in Minecraft. The pillar and frame are both made from a spruce log, with a railing made from a spruce fence.

The floor is made from spruce planks and the wall with white from white concrete adds some diorite blocks. The high roof is made of gray concrete with a spacious attic is typical of medieval architecture. The border of the roof is made from wood planks and spruce stairs. In front of the house is a porch made from the extinguished campfire.

The door is made from a spruce door combined with a window from a glass pane. Decorate using the composter as a pot to plant acacia leaves. Besides, there is also a lantern that is hung onto the grindstone by the chain.

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Two-Floor Dock House

Let's start building a 2-floor dock house is easy to make the house blueprints in Minecraft. You can make the pillar of the house from log types, such as oak logs. In addition, you can also use variations of oak like a stripped oak log and oak plank for the wall.

The floor of the dock is a spruce plank, and surrounding it is a railing from an oak fence and an oak fence gate. In front of the house, there is a porch and also a balcony on the 2nd floor made of oak plank, for safety, use a spruce trapdoor for the railing.

The roof is a combination of spruce plank and spruce slab and the window is made of glass panes. Decoration by leave, flower pot lantern to make your home look full of life.

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More Details: Two-Floor Dock House

Fishing Dock House

The Minecraft dock house with a spacious area is a perfect option for professional fishermen. A simple house with pillars made of spruce logs, the wall is oak plank block and the roof is an oak slab with a border of the roof is made of the stone brick stair.

The corridor surrounding the house is an oak slab, with a railing that is a combination of an oak fence and an oak fence gate. The dock has a darker color from the spruce slab block, above the spruce log pillars is a stone brick slab.

If you want a more beautiful lamp post, use a stone brick wall and lantern. A skilled fisherman is indispensable for a fishing cage, made from trapdoors.

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More Details: Fishing Dock House

Aesthetic Minecraft Fishing Dock

This is an idea of ​​an extremely eye-catching construction in Minecraft that we would like to suggest to you. A wood bridge from the ground leading to the porch and dock is made from the oak slab, covered with the extinguished campfire. The two sides of the bridge are railings made from spruce fences, in addition, decorated with flower pots.

A small porch is located on the water, white floor from birch plank with an oak log border, the roof is made from the spruce slab, with hanging lanterns for decoration. Besides, you can put the smoker in the fishing dock to cook right away. On the ground is a small house, with a cobblestone floor, oak log pillars, and a spruce stair roof.

The wall is birch plank decorated with a row of crimson trapdoors. The main door is a spruce door and the window is made from a brown stained glass pane. Decorated in front of the house is a flower bed covered with birch slab, oak leaves, vines on the roof, and lanterns.

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Medieval Dock House

This is a Minecraft large-capacity dock house in medieval style. The pillars are made from oak logs and the wall of the 1st floor is made of cobblestone, and the rest of the wall is made of bone block.

The large roof is made from variations of stone bricks such as stairs and slabs, and borders from spruce stairs and spruce slabs. The small roof is made of the spruce stair, with the attic wall being bone block.

Doors are made from the spruce trapdoor and the big window is a block of white stained glass and a white stained glass pane. Decorate with chest, punk, melon, and pumpkin blocks piled up outside the yard and inside the house.

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More Details: Medieval Dock House

Beginner Fishing Hut

Have you chosen a lake or a river to live in Minecraft but still don't know where to start? Here is a simple yet great dock design for you.

The pillars are made of stripped spruce log, adorned with a spruce trapdoor and oak button. By using cobblestone in combination with stone brick, and oak plank stripped oak logs, you can create more variety for the wall.

Window glass pane to see the beautiful landscape from inside your house. The simple roof is made of spruce stairs with small rectangular windows. For the dock, you can use many types of wood but a spruce slab for the platform and an oak fence for the railing are the best!

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More Details: Beginner Fishing Hut

Spruce Dock House

This is one of the best Minecraft dock ideas that is made mainly of spruce blocks. The border of the pier is made from a stripped spruce log and inside is an oak slab.

The four pillars supporting the roof are made of deep polished walls, with the roof being a combination of spruce slabs and spruce planks. You can make railing out of spruce fences and decorate your house with lanterns. Remember to add a Minecraft boat dock!

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More Details: Spruce Dock House


Minecraft dock houses are a perfect idea if you want to survive near the water, or want to have interesting experiences from fishing and boating. We hope these top 10 Minecraft dock house ideas can make it easy for you to build the house you like!

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